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He is so proud of you

12 December 2019

Looking back at the year, I hear my Abba saying, "I am so proud of you!"

This is what He is saying to you and me.  You want to say, "but Retah, I messed up, or I missed the mark, I still did not sort out my life. Everything is not perfect in my life?"

Living a daily life of caring 24/7 for Aldo, we do get tired at times. Because even if we want him not to stand up alone and walk alone – because we know he cannot walk alone, he does every time when we turn our backs. And yes, then he falls very hard!

He needs caring and everything needs to be done for him. He cannot be alone for one minute of the day.  Looking at him as he stood up silently and starts walking without asking for help, trying his best but still falls down.

"How many times do I need to tell him not to do that!"

I hear the silent voice of Holy Spirit – "Tell him how proud I am of him. He never quits trying!"

Silently I reach out to him on the floor to help him up again. I sat down with him, looking him in the eyes and said, "Aldo, Abba Father wants you to know that He is very proud of you – that you live out of your heart, believing that you can walk. And you know – you can, we just need to hold your arm, that is also walking. And we are all very proud of you."

”You know Retah, believing in him, telling him how proud you are of him, is shaping his life and his identity. Children look into their parent’s eyes to find acceptance.

I am not proud of Aldo because of any great achievement or accomplishment, no, I am proud of him because of who he is, not for what he did.”

The same with you and me. Abba Father is proud of us not about what we bring to the table, but just because we are His children.  Not what we do right or how diligent we are. Our Abba Father wants us to know today – we are loved and He is so so proud of us.

So many times, I hear people say, "I just want to make my loved ones proud".

Yes, we make people proud through our achievements, but my life changed when I realized that God loves me for who I am, not because of my performance.

"You make me proud when you simply believe what I say about you, I love you and you are My beloved child – period!  I look at you with Fatherly eyes of affection and love. I am proud of you whether you succeed or not succeed.  Look at Aldo, overtime he gets up to walk, even if he can't – it makes me so proud because he never quits.  I am just proud of him because he is mine."

I am so thankful that His love is not measured by my achievements. Even if I fail – He still loves me!

Songs of Songs 6:3 "I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine."

Believe it today, believe that Abba Father is looking at you with Fatherly eyes of affection and love.

In South Africa, December is our summer holiday season and our office close the 10th of December until the 6th of January 2020. I am very thankful for the time of rest.  We spend the time together as a family at a little coastal town, Yzerfontein, in the West coast of South Africa.

It is a small house and we all are in each other’s space. And with ‘load shedding - no electricity’ (the whole country without electricity most nights), it is amazing family time.

Just sitting in the dark with a candle, or a little light talking and hearing each other’s hearts. Listening how Josh speaks to Aldo and making conversation with him. I just heard Josh laughing as he helped Aldo to the bathroom and they both ended up on the floor. Bathing Aldo in the dark, and sitting outside staring at the sea, making food outside on the fire and walking far at night on the beach. That is actually gold to me. Just me and my family alone.

I will be in the USA from the 30th of December for the whole of January and hope to see you there. Please look at my schedule when and where, also for private appointments. I look forward to the trip, and just want to bring what I carry in my heart – "Reaching the impossible through Christ within you."

THANK YOU – thank you so very much to all of you that supported us this year and helped us to take the Kingdom all over the world.

THANK YOU – for your love for me and my family and for all the seeds of love in our lives.

THANK YOU – for walking this journey with us, and thank you that we can learn together.

THANK YOU – to all our friends around the globe that cheer us on with love and prayers. I so love you all, and I am forever so thankful to Abba that I can call you friend.

You enrich my life, and I learn so much from you all.

I would love to look you in the eyes and say THANK YOU!!!

THANK YOU – above all to our Abba Father who held us close, and never let us down.

THANK YOU – to Jesus Christ that He gave His Blood, so that we can be set free and walk in freedom.

THANK YOU – to Holy Spirit for His counsel and Wisdom and Revelation that guides me every step of the way.

This is what God is saying to you and me today.

”You are My beloved child, and I am very proud of you.”

Remember – any impossible reality for us to love become possible through the blood of the Lamb.

I bless you with a wonderful time together with your loved ones.


Retah and family

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