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Rest - the access point for reality.

13 May 2016

Rest - the access point for reality.

Life is real – we all face reality! The world is filled with pain and sorrow because we all have dark foundations in us. This darkness wants to access our lives and hurt us, taking over our emotions and our lives. The pain manipulates and influences the condition of our hearts. Some people become hard and others run away from confronting the pain and the dark foundations – never able to settle down.

What is the plan that our Abba Father has for us?

“Come my dear child, I want you to enter into My Rest. Out of this place of ‘Rest’ a powerful calm, stillness will cover your heart.” From ‘Rest’ you will access your Abba’s heart. This is the place of peace and the only place where you will see yourself through His eyes. Only from this ‘Rest’ can you grow into His identity, taking up your responsibility to get the darkness out of your foundation, becoming all He designed you to be. Only out of this ‘Rest’ will you become the real ‘you’.

As we enter into His ‘Rest’, we allow our spirits to govern the rest of our beings. We all understand the concept of physical rest. But when I speak about emotional rest, we all struggle. Our physical bodies line up with whatever our emotions tell us. Sickness, wrong thoughts and behaviours become the fruit thereof. Our lives take a wrong direction and we wonder why and how we ended up this way.

You will only enter emotional rest when you allow your spirit to govern your life. It means you have to allow Yeshua, Jesus our King, to sit on the throne of your heart and to direct your life from there. It means your spiritual senses are tuned to and fixed on Him and is directed by Him. This place of government is called the seat of ‘Rest’ and only when He is on that seat will you experience peace. From here you will make the right decisions. Only when you surrender this seat to Him, no longer leaning on ‘self’ - will He invite you to sit with Him, so that you can rule and reign with Him.

Meekness begins with ‘Rest’. Matthew 5:5 Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.

We will only be able to inherit the Earth when we learn to operate from His Rest, because ‘Rest’ is the beginning of meekness. In our own journey we have tasted and seen this numerous times with our own eyes. So many struggles and pain we went through and all the years we tried to figure it out with our own strength. This just made us weaker. As time passed and we grew closer to our Abba and eventually gave over this seat – He took it all and we entered immediately into a new place – a place of ‘Rest’ in our Abba’s heart. I am in Him and He is in me. The best gift on earth!

‘Rest’ is the place where you find out the true strength in you, where you take full responsibility for your life. Whatever you face, you face with Him. The strength you have is His strength. It is a supernatural strength and ability to stand in the midst of the most difficult times you face. It gives you the ability to help others, even if you are in times of need. All is not about you and self-pity when He is on your throne.

As you die in self, you enter into His ‘Rest’. A new gate opens that you have never entered before. Maybe you thought you did – it’s called ‘Love’. You can only enter through the Love gate when you come from ‘Rest’. In the ‘Love’ gate, you will always find ‘Hope’. Hope means, ‘I will never give up,’ not because I am so good - no - because my Faith is in Him alone. With my head on His shoulder, I hear all His instructions. “Retah, stay in My ‘Rest’. I will teach you how to get all the dirt out of your foundation; I will show you where you operated out of this dirt. I will lead you through your difficult times, and I will give you strength for this journey. Never, never, never depart from My rest. Many years you made decisions without all the information. You need to see the unseen through My eyes. Even when you feel your journey is tough, I teach you and strengthen you to be a giver. Not to think life is only about yourself, no, your life started when you learned to give of yourself.”

It is time to stop and enter into His rest so that we can see it all through His perspective. We all want the easy way out, but He has the perfect way out. His way is transforming us into His likeness. Whenever you feel your impulsive decisions are ruling you, you need to surrender your heart to the ’Seat of Rest’.

Matthew 11:28 Come to Me all you who labour and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls.

Allow your heart to continue from His ‘Rest’. If you are not in ‘Rest’ – you are being impulsive. If you are not in ‘Rest’, you made your decision out of ‘self’. Any decision made out of impulsiveness is made in yourself, for yourself.

This beautiful lesson changed my life. I began to surrender my decisions as best I could. “Retah, remember, whatever you access out of rest, is available to you. There is so much more that I want to give you, but you cannot receive it, if you are not in My Rest.”

Every day we get up and handle whatever comes our way. Some days are easy and some days are hard. But because of love, nothing is too hard, or too difficult. Without fear, without unbelief, we just help Aldo in peace and love – out of a place called ‘Rest’.

By watching this video, you will see how life functions and are impacted by entering through the love gate.

To all my friends in America, I thank you for always being there for me. I feel so loved and welcome. Thank you that we can take hands and learn together. I had a wonderful time in the USA. God bless you all!

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