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Five months after the accident and my child was still not talking, but we kept on proclaiming that he would talk.

On our way to the speech therapist I am very anxious. We were supposed to be able to make the ‘oe’ and ‘ou’ sounds but Aldo was still making only unintelligible noises. We start with proclaiming that in the Spirit Aldo is talking perfectly. The therapist is waiting for the ‘oe’ and ‘ou’ sounds. For an icebreaker I tell Aldo to forget about the sounds and say caterpillar. My miracle child starts and says CA-TE-PIL-LAR. I DON’T KNOW WHICH ONE OF US WAS THE MOST SURPRISED!!.

The rest follows easily! Aldo speaks again!! Daddy, mommy, Josh, blue, love, ouch and all the rest! I know God is present, His Spirit is with us! Aldo falls asleep with thank you Jesus still on his lips.

The muscles in Aldo’s mouth are still a bit weakened and the spittle runs freely out of his mouth, but my very talkative child is back in full force. He talks in his sleep, words and short sentences and once again I’m crying with joy!

God lives and He is a reality! He wants to do it for each of us. He wants to give you your heart’s desires, but first seek the Kingdom of God and the rest will be added on to you! Praise God, you can have what you believe! He paid the perfect price on the cross, Jesus didn’t stop halfway, and He paid the full price for you and me. Do we really trust Him? When God takes His time according to us, we try to make our own plans. God wants to know if you trust Him unconditionally.

He has got a life of abundance waiting for us, but are you chasing after wind or are you seeking God wholeheartedly? Do you meet Him in the Throne Room, where He is waiting for you, the curtain torn and the price paid. What do we do with it? You will never get what you want unless you put God first in your life! He gave me back my child from death and one day Aldo will stand perfect in front of the world and proclaim that Jesus lives and He paid the price so that he can live and have life in abundance.

The Word of God is full of promises for you and me, but we don’t take them. Sometimes we only trust God for our earthly needs, we don’t understand that this is only a temporary life. Unless you have a personal meeting with God, you will keep on running after worldly things forever and it will keep on eluding you! You ask where is God? He is here with you, waiting for you to go on your knees and offer yourself to Him, offer your life to Him. Once you have done that, all the rest will follow.

Trust God, learn to know Him, He is waiting for you! Mark 10:50 “And Jesus said to him, go, your faith has healed you. And instantly he saw again, and followed Jesus along the road.” “What do you want me to do for you?” I want my child back, 110%.” Are you willing to offer him to me?” Yes God!” “You can go now, your faith has saved you!”

Today, 5 months later, I can eat the fruit of my obedience. Offer your life to God! Father, Tonight I honour you with everything in me. Thank You that You are the same God of Abraham. My God = Abraham’s God. Yesterday, today and tomorrow always the same!Our cup is overflowing; this is only the beginning. Aldo is going to be healed completely, 110%. All the honour to God!

Aldo starts writing exams on Monday and we are all studying together. Josh keeps on reminding Aldo to keep his head up, swallow his spittle and put back his cup.

Honour God.

Love Retha

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