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Out of control

1Ki 17:21 “And he stretched himself on the child three times, and called to God and said, O Lord my God, I pray, let the soul of this boy return to him”.

We are spirit, soul and body and I know that Aldo’s will be renewed spirit, soul and body. While he was still in Alberton hospital, I sat with him very late one night. A cold wind blew over his face and the sheet moved. It gave me a huge fright. “I am ministering to his spirit Retha, be still and know that I am God.” For almost half an hour I sat like a statue and experienced the reality of God. Our Jesus lives, everything we require to live a victorious life, He already did on the cross. It is you and me that have to decide if we are going to take it or not.

Susan (long-breath Susan) who send us lots of e-mails, came to meet us and is actually an angel. She taught Tinus today to give Aldo Purity through a syringe. After lots of patient coaxing, Aldo opened his mouth. It is very hard for Tinus, but to be with Aldo so much, certainly helps to ease the pain. But, it doesn’t change the fact that Tinus misses him tremendously. Aldo used to call him 4 to 5 times in the afternoon to give his expert opinion on possible property investments Tinus wanted to make. He often asked how we could make a decision without consulting him, “I am your child you know.”

My dear Aldo, I wish you knew how lost we feel without your expert advice. We cry over you, we miss you, we feel lost without you. We even miss your monthly budget that always keep on changing. Nothing seems to be able to ease our pain. You know how much daddy loves you, I can not seem to comfort him.

Jesus, please be merciful to us. We want another chance with Aldo, we want it with our whole beings. We were the happiest family alive, I am sure of it! May God be merciful to us and give us another chance with our child!

I am in Nelspruit and will be with Aldo again tomorrow. It is very difficult for me to work again, especially with my child still in hospital. God gives supernatural power to get me through each day. Tinus and me cry together over the phone about our child and long to have him back again. We both experience that we are no longer in control of our lives but that God is. It feels so out of control, but so safe. One of us is with Aldo all the time. Sometimes his one open eye seems so sad and it is breaking our hearts.

Susan teaches us a lot. Although Tinus cries a lot and yearns to hear Aldo’s voice again, he stays positive and believes with me that God will lift Aldo up and heal him completely. We hold onto this belief with everything we’ve got.

I experience flares of hope: “To the Glory of God”. Mat 11:6 “And blessed is the one, whoever shall not be offended in Me”.

I want to thank everybody who is praying for us. I don’t know if you realize how much it means to me when someone says I am praying for you. We experience the power of your prayers. From all over SA and the world (Jerusalem, America, New Zealand, Dubai, Botswana, Australia) we receive messages, thank you!!

Abraham was convinced that God was able to do what He promised him and so am I. I am only a woman who dares to take God not only on His Word, but also His character!

Thank You that I may call you Lord!


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