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Obedience glorifies Christ

25 April 2019

God is teaching all of us, every step of the way. He is teaching us to follow His instructions, His voice and as a result we will reap the harvest of obedience. This harvest is always a supernatural harvest.

God wants to be glorified through our lives; in everything we do.

Matthew 17:27 Nevertheless, lest we offend them, go to the sea, cast in a hook, and take the fish that comes up first. And when you have opened his mouth, you will find a piece of money, take that and give it to them for Me and you.

Jesus just explained to them that they were actually exempt from temple tax, but still he said to Peter, “Lest we offend them". 

He knew that people are constantly looking at Christians, always ready to throw stones – wherever they consider you to be in the wrong. 

This is why Jesus instructed Peter to go and catch the fish, find the money and supernaturally you will have enough to pay your taxes.

We all know that Jesus could just speak and the money would be there, but He was teaching Peter a lesson.

Peter, if you are willing to deal with the little things in your life, get your life in order and obey my voice, I will open the way of supernatural faith and provision to you. You will stand in awe and your testimony will bring God all the honour.

Next, we see Peter standing in line to pay the taxes and they ask him – “So where did you get the money all of a sudden?!”

And Peter testifies, “Well, God instructed me to catch a fish, because that fish had money in its mouth. Just enough to pay the taxes.”

What if Peter did not obey His voice? 

Holy Spirit still speaks to our hearts in the same way. Jesus wants to be our supernatural provision in all our needs.

Jesus and Peter spoke to each other in the temple (our hearts). Jesus never condemns us. He rather teaches, guides and helps us. 

The fear in your heart can be a little fox in your garden and will keep you from trusting God for all your needs. Give it all to Him and listen to what He is instructing you to do.

Just like Peter, I can say that He is a good Father, always. Each day He has new instructions for me, “Retah, go and be the least, go and forgive, go and sow what you have, go and love, go and deal with the little foxes in your life, go and dream big, go and work, and remember my child – do it all for My glory."

In obedience and faithfulness in the little, the small beginnings, do we start seeing visions of our future. Through walking with Him, we learn to trust God in a deeper way. We start knowing who we are in Christ and knowing that His instructions lead us to the way of the supernatural.

Every day, I make time to be still and spend time with Jesus Christ in my temple (heart). I can't wait to show Him all the dry places in my garden, all the places where nothing wants to grow.

Then and then alone, can He guide me where to go and cast my nets, so that the supernatural provision will appear.  We will never need to be ashamed – because we followed His instructions and they always lead to life! 

We all need God’s supply for the days ahead. That’s why we need to put our heads close to His heart to hear our instructions. Knowing whether to go left or right.

Just like you, I trust God for every little detail of my life. I cannot afford not to hear what side of the boat to throw my nets.  But I rejoice today because Jesus Christ is alive and He will never leave us, nor forsake us.

Let’s keep our garden alive and in order so that we will not offend others.

May you have a blessed week. And thank you so very much for your love.

Retah and family.

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