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Mind control – Satan’s secret weapon

6 April 2016

Mind control – Satan’s secret weapon

Rom 12:2 Do not be conformed to this world (this age), [fashioned after and adapted to its external, superficial customs], but be transformed (changed) by the [entire] renewal of your mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His sight for you].

Yes, evil mind control tactics do exist and not only in world politics, but in most households as well. Satan uses people to do his works. This skill has been used for thousands of years and he knows exactly what it takes. He needs a broken father to break his children and a broken mother to break her children and so the cycle continues. Because broken children become broken fathers or mothers and so the programming goes on and on. This cycle is already so advanced that Satan can sit back and use his mind control destruction programs on people to hurt them and use them for his agenda without lifting a finger. All he needs to do is - put the pressure on you!

Hitler was able to control the masses through his commanding and imposing speeches. Today, in the very same way many families are bewitched by fathers, mothers or spouses that scream on their children or spouses, verbally abusing them, only to return later, putting their arms around them saying “you know that I love you and care for you, you know that I provide for you” – now taking up the role of saviour. Sadly enough, people put their trust in the one who screams the loudest and appears to have all the answers. You just need to look at the politics today.

The ‘big hero’ will save his people from the very threat he created in the first place; becoming the rescuer. These false saviours have the demonic potential to create chaos in peoples’ lives and making it appear that they are at fault. They are anointed by Satan to belittle people, accuse and yell at people, calling them names, gossiping, hating and blaming people and pressing their opinion upon people. They want things their way, giving orders, manipulating people – some do it through crying other through shouting, giving false blessings and false forgiveness. They rule people with their manipulating skills. They will try to be your best friend to come as close as possible, but their agenda and assignment is to hurt and manipulate you. And they are not even aware that they are being used by Satan. It is all about destroying your will, so that he can destroy your destiny.

They will go on and on until they have done the will of Satan – and that is to break your will! This opens the door to the demonic! You start feeling depressed, and your will are bound to Satan’s will. You obey his voice in your head, and believe what you hear and feel.

Satan uses people - people whose minds are being controlled by Satan will be used. So there are a double portion of mind control at work; you being controlled to control others. It is like a co-dependency between a predator and a victim. Both only have a name and purpose because of the other. The predator learns the vulnerability of those they want to hurt. It will be done in a way where you don’t need to give permission for someone to enter into your life. No, that person will be openly invited and accepted by the target. Normally, it is very close family that are being mind controlled using demonic power to break the will of other people close to them – hurting them now and loving them again tomorrow. They don’t even need to be close to you. If the door is open, the enemy will use it! The enemy reveals your weakness, and that makes you vulnerable to attack. He then applies fear, stress and anxiety making you so afraid of the other person, or just people in general - only to eventually break your will – and then Satan can control the victims with fear. Fear is an open doorway to the demonic. It infiltrates into your mind and soul. Many people are victims today of mind control because of a father or someone in their life that abused them – either with words, physically or sexually.

Think of the scenario where a wife is afraid that her husband is going to be badly hurt in an accident or her child will fail at school. These wounds of unbelief and distrust in her trigger dark thoughts of fear, stress and anxiety. Her thoughts are like a net or trap that is cast over her loved ones creating a dark spiritual atmosphere, programming what they think and believe. Remember, as a man thinks, he is. Her brokenness and fear mind-set is now controlling her family’s destiny. What is your mind controlled by? (I am a looser, I am not going to make it, I cannot, I am rejected, I am fat?)

As told in the book of Revelation, this mind control programming is done for a future event. There is an end-time battle and people need to be demonically prepared to create followers of darkness. All these mind control fears are used to rewrite your genetic code (epigenetics) into the demonic code of Satan. You will be used by Satan to control others in the spirit. The strategy? Changing the mother or father’s behaviour will change the epigenetics in the children.

My prayer is that Yeshua will lift the veil off of people and that His truth will be revealed to us all. The truth about your abusive father that you are so afraid of, your manipulating pastor, your screaming husband or wife, your family member that is on drugs and in a state where his/her mind is passive and used by Satan, or even politicians. Please Lord reveals to us the snare of Satan’s mind control tactics. Help us all to get free, and not be moved by stress, or what is going on around us. Help us to be anchored in Yeshua!

What are we to do? You are to start praying, because while Satan has a grip of fear on you - he controls your will – your complete life. Not only are the people being used dangerous, but those who has an open door has the same problem because you are constantly under attack. We all need healing! We need to get our ‘will’ back and start living for God’s will in our lives.

I ask you today – are your children in fear of you? Are you aware that you are being used in the spirit to do Satan’s works if you manipulate your family with fear? Think about your life, most of the time it was the people we trusted that broke our will so that the forces of darkness could come in. They manipulate people to make the truth a lie and these evil lies become their truth.

Mass deception will hit us all worldwide. Many people will be bended to the will of darkness and hate. The Word of God will be mixed with demonic doctrines. False goodness from the controller will make you keep on trusting him. He will make you think he is the only one who can save you, accept you and help you. He will tell you that he will bring you back into your status, restoring that which was lost.

My friend, Jesus Christ – Yeshua the Messiah is the only one who can save us! Call upon Him. The economy of YHVH our God is the economy we live under, not the world’s system! Don’t be manipulated by fear, trust your Abba Father for all that you need!

There are consequences for those who refuse to seek the Truth. The truth will be kept from them and strong delusion will follow them. Make sure you stay in the Light and in Truth.

Love to you

Retah and family.

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