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I am a bit sick and don’t want to infect Aldo. At this stage I am the one with the mask on my face. It feels very safe and nice and I realize why people hide behind masks so easily. You feel protected. At this stage my smile is my mask. I had to do a speech this week and the moment I went onto the stage I felt so exposed. It felt like every body could see my pain and hurt. I put on a mask immediately and it became a bigger disaster. The person God made disappears behind a mask and a distorted picture of us emerges. “What do I do now Lord?” “Just be yourself, like God made you.” That’s how I learn, that’s how I have to walk the way and that is how I will reach the top.

Aldo gets better every day. All the glory to God. Some days he sleeps more and Other days a very little. The swelling on his left side is receding. His left eye also started to move under the eyelid and with my own eyes I watch this miracle from God happening!

Thank you God that I can call you Father!

Love Retha

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