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Lord, please check our core motivation

Ex 33;1-3

God gave them their hearts cry – but without His presence.”But I will not travel along with you – for you are stubborn, unruly people”.

For me Retah, that was a shock when I read those words. My heard cried out loud - Lord please, I cannot afford to go without You, not one step! I rather “stay” or,“not do” if it is without You.Then I read further and to my surprise that was nearly the same words that Moses spoke.

Ex 33;15 “If Your presence does not go with us, do not bring us from here.”

The Promised Land was the dream, but Moses said“ not without You my God”. In Moses's life ‘here' was the dessert. He said that he would rather stay in the desert than go without Gods presence. In our lives – “here" is where we are transformed into His image through the painful experiences of life. We cannot drink of the world and the world's methods anymore, we have to drink from THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE! Lord we will not go and drink of the worlds fountain anymore. The wilderness are where we surrender all our own plans and dreams, and start to trust rely and lean with our entire being on Him, His plans and His will alone. It is preparation time for the promise land. How it is sometimes so painful to wait, or to give a step of faith – to know when to move or not. Even when we have to surrender everything (OUR DREAMS AND PLANS) -  the big secret is to only move when His presence are with you, never, never in your own time. Moses and we are saying all together – “If You are not with us on this project, or go with us, we'd rather stay!

Are your heart's cry  -  Gods presence? Can you and I today say that we desire God's presence more than His promises? Do you love God more than you love His promises? It is a place of maturity in this walk of faith where you don’t seek God for what He can give, but for who He is to you.

Do you know that you can seek God for so much more than only His provision, His hand, promotion? – we can embrace Him and enjoy His love, His passion and peace, His ever presence in and around us.

In our journey of faith, we were so many times confronted with God's promises, but yet many a time it took time for these promises to become reality, but they always do came through! When I look back, most of the delays were God waiting for us to either make a step of faith, or to mature, or to just wait on His perfect timing!

About four years ago, a gentleman contacted me from Canada. God spoke to him about making a movie in Africa.  Even though he was busy with other projects. One night he watched the Sid Roth show, and saw our program on it. Only later he realized that we were from Africa. I said to him that he heard correctly, because God said to Aldo many years back that there would be a movie and this message would thouch many people’s lives. And God did say from the beginning that this message will go around the world and will testify that Jesus Christ is alive. But I did not think it was the right timing. Too many things was not in place yet. One was that God said to me that Aldo will have a beautiful wife and then Aldo was still in school struggling to go through life and with no one being interest in him.

Underneath a letter from Aldo when he was still in high school.

From God: A message of FAITH book page 72:

Wisdom shows me I will be married to a beautiful wife that is going to love me very much. He says He shows you how she is going to look. God knows what my life will be like, and my wife is going to go with me around the world. Do you know there will be lots of girls who like me? God says I cannot marry just any girl. God says she will be very special. I wish I could get to know her now already. God lets everything work together for our good. Thank you. Be patient... just be patient, Aldo.

And you all know the outcome of this particular promise. Today he and Chantel are engaged and so, so happy together. That is one of God's many promises for us as a family that came into fulfilment – but in His perfect timing.

So January 2012 we met Christopher Bessette in New York city after we visited the beautiful family from Orland Florida that invited us to the United States. Our whole family were there with Chantel and mam Patrys. We talked about the movie and by faith signed the contract and he started the writing. Such a movie costs a lot of money, so the very next step would be the financial assistance. And we all agreed and understood that only God in His sovereignity can make that happen. Even if people think that the economy is tough, God is the one that would open the Kingdom of heaven and give the finances. But He needs His children to obey His voice and invest in His Kingdom purposes. So we are trusting, relying and leaning on God for His provision and His perfect timing.

A letter from Wisdom about the movie last week.

Wisdom says the movie will happen – the heavenly boy also sees it. Hannah (he calls Retah that), you can be peaceful, you will see that it’s going to happen. Ruth (also Retah), you must know Christopher receives all his wisdom from Wisdom. That’s how he works, he asks Wisdom and keep on trusting in Wisdom. Thank you Uncle Christopher! Will Jeremiah (Aldo calls himself that) really experience the movie? Yes, he will! We must have faith. Humble Christopher will experience with us how many people were spiritually touched by our story.

This is Christopher’s latest movie

27 September 2012 Christopher and his wife were  at the premier of “Trade of the Innocents” In New York city.

Christopher’s response “The audience were dignitaries from the United Nations, US state departments, Hollywood movie stars and producers. And the thought crossed my mind a few times as I walked up to the stage and was on the stage to speak – you would think I would be thinking about what I was going to say to the audience, but I was thinking about you Aldo. Here is what flashed through my mind – If they think “Trade of the Innocents” is powerful. Wait till they see the movie “Aldo”. I told my wife this a few times throughout the night of the premier. Wait till they see the story of “Aldo”, it will rock the world (when the world realizes that Jesus Christ is truly alive - Retah). I still believe it will come to fruitition.” (As I am addressing the audience for the trade of the innocent premier I am thinking about the “Aldo movie”)

Yes, Christopher – it will. I know it will, because God our YHVH is faithful and He has chosen you to be part of His end time Kingdom plan. For His glory alone! All in God's PERFECT timing, I trust that whoever read this will know that you are a part of this Kingdom plan and that you will respond to God's call. This is how the body comes together and we take hands to fulfill God's purposes here on earth.

Whatever God said will become a reality. WHEN EVER God gives the vision He also gives the provision. We were all tested in the wilderness to make sure that we are not only seeking His promises, but today I can honestly say that we seek God and His presence more than anything else. I don’t care about anything else other that God's will for our lives. So if God our YHVE is not going with us in this movie – non of us are going! Thank You Abba Father, that we can just again surrender all our plans and dreams into Your hands. Let Your will be done, not ours! The Glory are Yours – not ours! You will do it Your way - not ours! We bless Christopher and his family for being willing to walk the walk of faith with us. God will provide a ram for this burnt offering – even though it is a lot of money needed for a movie like this. Nothing is impossible for God.

I think about all of this and realize that the works which God has planned for us to do, have been prepared ahead of time. These are the works of God not our works. The works prepared are directed toward our part in fulfilling God's purposes. They are not dead works but alive by Holy Spirit. God spend more time preparing us as the workers than He did in preparing the works for us to do! The preparation process is necessary because the natural man cannot do the works of God, which can only be done by the empowering of Holy Spirit. So the big process in all of this, is to learn how to yield ourselves to His preparation process in order to be able to do the works that He desires and has prepared for us.

Please Lord Yeshua, tabernacle over this movie, this project - so that lives around the world will be changed forever.

I greet you tonight  - out of a beautiful Cape Town. Hold on, God is in control!

Retah and family.

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