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Life of abundance

The day has arrived. We start unpacking his school case. I hope we didn’t forget a lunchbox inside. Luckily not! We start with Afrikaans and do a long poem with 15 questions. He has every question right. English follows and he does everything right again. With math we start with partitions and he has everything right again. I test his memory with his dad’s cell number, birthdays, our visit to New York and between everything he signs to me, mommy I love you.

We work hard and then we take a 5-minute break. I ask him what he wants to do this afternoon. He wants to go to Bella Fun Toys, his favorite shop in town. It makes me laugh and I know that Aldo was saved! I ask him if he wants to rest or keep on learning, he wants to learn, he knows he must catch up.

Many thoughts cross my mind; will he be able to write exams in three weeks time? By this time I have learned to offer everything to God in prayer. He will show the way, we are anyway going to start working through all the new modules from tomorrow. I know Aldo will make it, just like I knew he would live and live a life of abundance. Aldo is still very sharp, just like before, nothing less.

Aldo makes a sound and I ask him what he wants. He wants to write. He takes the pen in the correct way and writes; THANK YOU THAT YOU NEVER GAVE UP ON ME. Aldo, I will never give up on you. This is only the beginning.

We kneel together and offer up praises to God who gave up his only Son to pay the price in full. The price for Aldo’s life, life in abundance. Aldo is here with me with all his emotions and feelings and his wonderful brain that was spared. I know his speech will return and that he will be a miracle that shows Gods greatness forever.

Aldo’s friends came to visit and I chase them away teasingly to go and learn. They wouldn’t want Aldo to do better in the exams than they did. Aldo shows his thumb, ready as always to take on a challenge. We all laugh together and I know that I will never be able to live without God again. He is our Alpha and Omega. The bigger you open your arms to Him, the greater the measure of the blessings you will receive.

God, I honour you with my whole life, thank you that you spared Aldo’s brain. Thank you Lord that you paid the price for all of us! Thank you that we know without fear that Aldo will talk again and that he will proclaim Your name to the nations. Thank You that You love us so much, we love You too Lord!!!!

My prayer has been answered and the rest will follow. God is true, honour to Him alone!


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