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Let continued peace be your portion.

31 May 2018

Let continued peace be your portion.

Life is filled with challenges. Things are thrown towards us and we all have to make choices. Sometimes, we make the wrong choices, when we do it out of a place called ‘self’. Self always produces a fruit of fear.

I have found that peace within my heart is the fruit of oneness with God. Let’s stop looking around pointing our fingers at everyone else. Let us take a good look at what is happening in our own hearts, instead.

You don’t need to be a prophet to see what is happing in the world and to understand the times that we are in. More than ever we see, that what Daniel prophesied, is right here.

Daniel 11:32 Darkness will cover the earth, but there will be a peculiar kind of people who will know their God and great and mighty exploits God will do through them.

But, even so – as the storms arise and we face their blowing here in South Africa – as well as all over the world – I still feel His presence and the peace within. Because, I stand on His Word that He will do great exploits through those who trust in Him alone.

How do we maintain peace and spiritual balance when we are faced with trials?

There is only one answer – We need to know God intimately, abiding in a love relationship with Him. Out of this intimate place - He will warn you to look out for things that you cannot see. Your heart will warn you, and He will guide you in ways that you were not even aware of.

From this past December we went through a very, very difficult time with Aldo. After the delirium stage, he was not completely stabilized, but much better. In the following months I faced even more difficulties. Tinus struggled with his health and I knew in my heart that this is nothing other than all the years of trauma that has caught up with him. During Aldo’s time of regression, he slept maybe for one hour per night – just as he did all those years when we constantly had to monitor and watch his well-being. Aldo’s condition was such that he had to come home to help me with Aldo. What made matters even more complicated was that he still worked in Gauteng and had to fly back and forth between work and home.

We realized that we were faced with some tough decisions. The pressure kept on increasing and more and more people send me mails ‘Have you tried this prayer, or have you tried that prayer?’

‘Are you sure your heart is pure?’

‘Why is your son not healed yet, after you say you have so much faith in God? What is wrong?’ God always heal His children?

In this the momentum of the storm picked up and my heart was filled with pain

I fell on my face and heard the gentle voice of my Abba –

‘Turn your eyes upon Me – Retah – all the answers can be found in My heart. Put your head on My heart and be still and know that I Am God. Keep on doing what you do. I want Tinus home with you – remember, I AM your provider. Retah, you are body, soul and spirit. You worked so hard with the spirit, but my dear child you neglected the soul and the body. Tinus and Aldo now struggle in their bodies. The chemical imbalances in their blood are in desperate need of intervention. The trauma affected the balance of the blood and the fruit thereof is manifesting in their souls and bodies.’

I prayed and asked for guidance. We went for blood tests and saw that both of their blood chemicals are imbalanced. And the effect of this is devastating. The trauma is caught up in the blood.

I am a mom that has walked this journey now for 14 years. I cried, I prayed and begged God to send me the answer. I believed that it was spiritual, but I also asked Him for something in the natural that would help Aldo. After December’s delirium faze, the doctor put Aldo on certain chemically based medicines. But, he remained unstable. I did not want chemical medicines for Aldo but, had no choice. I prayed and prayed to God to help me to get something that I could give him whilst I slowly weaned him from the chemicals. I could see that these medicines made no difference and has a lot of side effects. I know today, that it needed to be a natural supplement, to restore balance to his body systems.

In hindsight, I know that when we deal with the deep painful trauma in our subconscious, we cannot do it without something that helps our soul and body. Many people are struggling with deep trauma and pain and they cannot get free. On more than one occasion I have seen that people’s lives and health fall apart when their pain and trauma are faced. The reason is that our bodies and souls cannot handle the amount of pain that is stored up in our spirit hearts. And we also cannot leave it right there and expect to get healed. So many symptoms like migraines, ADHD, auto-immune diseases, depressions, heart conditions, lack of concentration, skin diseases, blood pressure, digestive and so much more are the result of a physical and emotional reaction to our hidden pain and trauma. We all need to go to the root of the problem, but our body need to be able to handle it.

A wonderful day in my life:

Supernaturally, God SEND ME A NATURAL SUPLEMENT that I took to my Dr, and she said – Yes, he can use this with his chemical medicine whilst you wean him. It is going to take a year to wean him off – but at least I can start.

At this stage Aldo was at such a low point fighting the struggles of his pain in his spirit, soul and weakened body. Three days after he started using this natural product – he was calm, with a sound mind and we slept through for the first time in years. Now, we are in a position to stabilize his blood chemical levels. I realize that it will be a process, and we are not there yet, but we are now on the journey to healing. Knowing that man is body, soul and spirit.

I DO NOT MAKE ANY MEDICAL CLAIMS – I am just telling you “Jesus is alive! And He hears our cries.”

Tinus is doing much better also on the supplements, and I stand in awe.

No one, outside of God is equipped to handle our problems, or has the answers to our needs. Only God!

He never meant for us to be strong on our own. He waits for us to find courage, hope and strength in Him.

Many are wondering what they can do to change the feelings of anxiety that they feel! Remember, we are body, soul and spirit. God wants us to be in line with His word. Anxiety is the opposite of peace. Anxiety is the fan that flames the fires of doubt, pain and confusion. It has the ability to leave us helpless bundled up in worry and fear. As long as we carry the thoughts of trauma and pain deep in our hearts – we lose our spiritual focus and mindset. The key of overcoming anxiety is found only in the presence of God, YHVH, where He will fill us with Himself and teach us – that you are body, soul and spirit. He wants all three healed!

Phil 4:6,7 Paul says ‘Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and minds in Jesus Christ.’

‘Retah, life has a time table and there are limitations that I have placed on given situations. Nobody can go beyond the limits that I have placed to protect man. Allow Me now to help you and deal with healing the body, soul and spirit. Not only the spirit!’

When we accept life as a gift from God, we will keep on turning our eyes towards Jesus and look into His wonderful face. That is the only place where we will find mercy and grace, forgiveness, hope, peace and everlasting security and His provision for all our needs.

With this I am so aware of the pain and hurt that we all carry so, so deep in our hearts. I am not naïve. In all of this He wants to help us to get our body and soul into a balanced place where we can deal with the pain. If not – God will keep the barriers in place to protect us from getting hurt and being worse off.

If our blood chemicals are balanced our spirit man can lead us to deal with the pain and wounds of the soul and spirit.

What would you give to experience the peace of God?

Are you willing to lay down all your pain, anger and hurts that haunt your soul? Abba Father knows all our pain and hurts. He knows about all the trauma that is still stored in Aldo’s spirit, soul and body. He knows what we can handle and when. Will you trust Him in quietness, knowing that He has not forgotten you – but, is standing ready to heal your – body, soul and spirit?

This was really such a difficult time for me – but just as David, I found peace in God alone. He really came through for me!

David had a divine, unshakable peace in his heart that God would protect him and fulfill His promise to him when he wrote – “Be gracious to me, O God, be gracious to me, for my soul takes refuge in You, and in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge until destruction passes by. I will cry to God Most High, to God who accomplishes all things for me. He will send from heaven and save me, He reproaches him who tramples upon me. God will send forth His lovingkindness and His truth”

That is what God did for me!!!!

If you want to know more about this natural supplement – please contact

for more information.

You can give “Aldo” as a reference.

Please first pray about it, and God will show you Yes or No.

It is available around the world.

The safest place for us when trials come is in the loving arms of Jesus Christ.

Jesus said to His disciples “Peace be to you”

This peace He had paid for on the cross.

This is my prayer for you today – Tell Him everything, ask Him and don’t stop asking. He is the only solution. Our peace resides in our Savior who loves us unconditionally.

“Peace be to you my dear friend”

Retah and family.

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