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Jesus will provide

Sometimes he got frustrated and refused to study any further, we had to accept it although we knew he hadn’t studied enough. Later we had to take out his books and start again! Patiently he showed us the answers with his fingers 1 or 2. Later he started talking and could answer orally. Ten minutes at a time, sometimes a whole hour, but afterwards he slept the whole afternoon. Monday morning I awoke with stomach ache, what could it be? Then I remembered that Aldo had to write his 2nd Math paper at 11h00. This part of the syllabus he was in a coma. I looked at him with question marks in my eyes. He tells me not to be concerned because Jesus will provide supernaturally!

After two hours we walked out of the examination room covered with sweat. I struggled up the stairs with his wheelchair; I didn’t want Aldo to see how I struggled. Tears streamed down my cheeks, I was extremely tired from the tension. I felt so sorry for Aldo, I could see that he struggled to concentrate with his one eye, my heart was breaking for him. He did everything correctly and according to the rules.

While we were struggling up the stairs a group of boys passed us and enquired about the hole in Aldo's throat. I never watched how the wheelchair folded up and I didn't know how to put it in the car.

I put Aldo in the car, he was so tired, and wiped away the tears. I told him that he surprised me every time. He did very well in English and Afrikaans. He was going to pass for sure! If you asked him, he told you it was going real bad, but he was used to achieving much higher marks. He received supernatural grace, it is a miracle that he was able to write and pass that exam after being in hospital for 5 months of the school year.

This is just the beginning of his life of abundance that was awaiting him. “Abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness Romans 5:17 “and through His abundant grace….. all things are possible.”

In my quiet time that night I realise again that we must not fix our eyes on symptoms, conditions or circumstances around us. It doesn’t matter how bad it feels, we must keep our eyes on Jesus, only then will we be able to complete the race with distinction. While I sit and listen to the praise songs of the frogs, I experience the glory of God around me. Yes, Jesus is the same, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8).

We as a family experience God’s great peace and grace. We can never fully understand the wonders of this redemption until we are full of the Holy Spirit! Are you filled with the Holy Spirit? Or is that the reason why you can’t understand all the wonders in Aldo’s life? Is that the reason why you still question everything, and want to convince me that he will not get better?

I look at each member of my family and realise we are all different. When you move into God’s glory, nothing stays the same. Everything is better, more beautiful and the peace of God reigns over your senses and your life. Honour to God who sent His son, so that Aldo can live and live an abundant life.

This is only the beginning of great things in our family’s lives. The door is open and God invites us in to come and receive what he has got in store for us. I am so excited!!!!

What about you my friend, remember that He also invites you. Those who seek Him, will find Him!!

Grace is God’s blessings coming down to you. You open the door to God as an act of faith, and God does the rest. With God - all things are possible - Mat 19:26.

I am so excited! Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus! Thank You that I may call you Father!

Greetings Retha

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