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God can change any disaster into a beautiful melody

20 September 2019

Josh is turning 18 years old this week.

He was two years old when our accident happened 15 years ago.  Fearfully he looked at his broken brother, the first time he saw him after three months in ICU.  We put him on the very high hospital bed with his brother and he just stared at Aldo for a long time. Then he took his little cars and started playing and drove with his cars all over Aldo’s body and head.  Touching Aldo and making his little sounds, prompted Aldo to open his eyes!  That was an amazing day.  His touch of love brought life to Aldo.  This is what Jesus meant with - love unto life!  Ever since, Josh has been part of Aldo’s healing process.   

There is a ten-year age gap between them and we made sure that Josh never had to look after Aldo.  Not wanting him to carry the burden of false responsibility.  But he carries a built-in love to greet Aldo every morning before he leaves for school, greeting him again every afternoon after school.  Many nights he will put Aldo to bed and pray with him before leaving.

In summer time, Josh plays soccer and will tell Aldo, "Aldo, after soccer, at 5 pm, I will swim with you – it’s a date!"

At 4pm, looking out my door that walks onto the swimming pool, I would see Aldo already waiting for his brother, sitting by the pool.  He will just sit there for an hour - because that is his highlight of the day - spending time with Josh. Over the years we had to learn to give Josh the freedom of living a healthy, full life, and never to put guilt on him that Aldo cannot do what he can.

Today, I look back and remember the early years and many tough nights.  After spending the day with Aldo, battling for his life - I would walk into Josh’s room - a small young boy that did his own homework, helped himself with dinner, bathed and went to bed.

I remember the one night I fell down on my knees in front of his bed saying, "Abba Father, this is who I am.  I am not a good mother at all.  Look at Josh!  I did not even put him to bed, I did not even help him with homework?  Please help me!  The truth is I am struggling to keep it up.  Please take him today.  I surrender him into Your hands. Please help me with his upbringing.  Please, be where I cannot be!  I wrote the date in my Bible, thanked Abba, and went to bed in peace.

Now Josh is turning 18.  Wow Abba - You did an amazing job!

Thank you, thank You, thank You - all I can say is thank You that You know our weaknesses.  And whatever we give to You, You turn it around for Your glory.

It is also Paul Roos High School’s Matric farewell dance on Josh’s birthday.  On that day I have a Spirit School in Paarl and again I felt so bad that I would not be part of this event in his life.

Aldo looked at me and said "Mom, we will dress him and make sure he looks beautiful." Josh just smiled and gave him a big hug.  "Thanks Aldo!"  I am going to hurry home to make sure I will join the parent’s evening where we can watch them on a big screen.

Josh, I know Abba Father smiles over you.

We love You Abba - and thank You!

Give your children to the Father and know that He is faithful.

Retah and family

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