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Forgiveness is necessary for healing – it is an act of love.

7 June 2018

Forgiveness is necessary for healing – it is an act of love.

Mark 11:25 If you have a grievance against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you the wrongs you have done.

In my quietness I sit and ponder about the deep truths that Abba Father teaches us in His Word. All to help us – in every aspect of our being, for we are spirit, soul and body. These three parts work together. When we hold tightly onto pain and grudges, we will see the fruits and effects in our spirit, soul and body.

The problem is, that all our deep pain and hurts are buried in our subconscious minds. It is not on our lips. That is why David had to ask God to show him the secrets in his heart. He was not consciously aware of it, but could see the effect thereof on him and in his life.

From God’s Word, I learn that we must forgive everyone who has ever hurt us, if we want perfect health and happiness. This also includes forgiving ourselves by getting our thoughts in line with God’s Word. Forgiveness brings us back into harmony with God. This ‘harmony’ will then become evident in our health and state of well-being and happiness.

For years we struggled with Aldo’s health. This blocked him from dealing with his trauma and pain. After he was in a coma for such a long time, he could not speak for a year. When he did start speaking, it was just to communicate his basic needs.

Whenever we tried to get him to deal with the trauma, it would manifest in epilepsy or several different illnesses. We just could not break through. With time, I realized that he was caught up in his pain, anger and loss. No matter what we tried, we could not get him to deal with it. There was just too much trauma stuck in his body.

In the spirt I tried everything and prayed endlessly, repenting of everything I could.

This year, after his setback in December and January, I cried and begged God to show me the next step and to give me a strategy. He did!! He showed me how Aldo’s blood chemistry was in a toxic state because of all the trauma, stress and fear inside of him.

We started giving him capsules to balance his body’s blood chemistry (to know more about this natural supplement please mail –

I stand amazed! For the first time, Aldo has started to deal with his emotions. He got so angry with all his friends that left him 14 years ago. Because of his injuries, he cannot cry and has no tears. But he woke up at night crying with painful noises, “look I am not the same person anymore. People say I don’t have a brain. People look strangely at me, they say I am a cripple. People talk behind my back”. Through all of this I heard ‘self-hate’. From 2 am till the sun came up, he emptied out his heart. This was usually the time that he got epilepsy. But now, he could vent his anger, frustration, disappointment and hurt. We just helped him, praying with him and giving it all to Holy Spirit. What a change!

For us, it is an amazing miracle. The toxic stress that was buried in his blood is loosening and now he can express, face and deal with all the pain. It was as if the toxicity sealed up the emotions and trauma. Up until now it just made him ill.

You cannot forgive yourself completely until you have first forgiven others.

In the psychosomatic field of medicine researchers have found that resentment, condemnation of others, remorse, hostility, emotional pain as well as anger are behind a host of maladies from arthritis to cardiac disease. Negative emotions produce stress acids which directly effects the immune system of the body. The imbalance in your blood leave you open to flamed up infections and diseases. This stress and tension also often result in nerve damage like Peripheral neuropathy and different stress related illnesses. Don’t you find it interesting that people with these diagnoses are given chemically based medicines for their minds? No one is concerned with the blood chemical levels. These are the markers on our blood.

When you look at stress related disorders you will see that people who were hurt, mistreated, deceived, stressed or injured often react by filling themselves with resentment and hatred for those who hurt them.

The wounds in your subconscious can be clearly seen in your blood chemical levels and causes inflammation of the brain and ultimately the whole body.

There is only one remedy. We must deal with our hurts and the only way is through forgiving others and ourselves. Forgiving someone takes the sting out of the hurt and enables the wound to be healed. Forgiveness is not done with the lips, but the heart. It is not an emotion, it is a choice. – then healing follows.

Forgiveness is an act of love. To forgive someone does not mean that you want to be associated with that person. I believe that to ‘LOVE ONE ANOTHER’ means to be able to bless that person with health, peace, happiness and joy together with all the blessings in life. It does not necessarily mean that you become best friends.

You see what you bless another with, will become yours. Exactly what you sow you shall reap. When you bless someone else – you will receive blessings. But, when you curse someone else, you will receive curses. What you do to others, will be done to you.

The law of life – Proverbs 2:7 For as a man thinks in his heart, so he is.

‘Today, I choose to fully forgive you. I release you mentally and spiritually. I cut all our spiritual, time, place, wound and soul ties. I release everybody that has hurt me – and I bless you with happiness, health, peace and all the blessings in life from YHVH.’

Whenever this person comes into your mind again you bless them – ‘Peace be to you’.

We must get the roots out of our subconscious minds. But we could never manage to go there with Aldo. Now that his blood chemistry is being restored to balance – his deep subconscious wounds start to open-up. I know that it is still a process, but I am thanking Father that it has at least started.

The doctor that helps with Aldo said, “From the way Aldo reacts you could become upset, but it is wonderful that he now starts to deal with his deep, hidden pain”.

My dear friend, we all have dark pain, hidden deep within us. Please, let’s learn not to judge someone if we don’t walk in their shoes. A capsule is not the answer – Jesus Christ is. But, He helps us because we are body, soul and spirit. Please continue with the medication you are currently using – and allow Holy Spirit to guide you, alone. We can learn from each other, but should never judge one another!

I want to thank you today. Thank you, thank you. Thank you so much for walking this journey with us. It is only by faith, step by step. I cannot afford to get angry with some of the mails or things that people do or say in response to our walk. My path is just too narrow.

I thank Abba for you and pray that He will give you access to all the riches of God as you experience the revelation of Gods great mystery – Yeshua, Jesus Christ. I remind myself every day that our spiritual wealth is in Him, like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered – heaven’s wisdom and endless riches of revelation knowledge unto you and me.

From me and my family – thank you for your support.

To God all the glory.

Retah and family.

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