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Faith will always lead you into love

19 Mei 2016

Faith will always lead you into love

“Retah , I want you to lay down your whole life for Me. That includes your own will, your own pre- conceived ideas – and yes, above all - lay down your talents, your gifts and abilities. I want you to be completely dependent upon Me. I want people to be drawn to Me. Not to anything of you. For too long My body were driven by their own talents, and gifts – and not by and through Me.”

I did not think that this would be difficult for me, because I thought that I have done quite a lot of this dying to self already. But, as I went on my knees and started to fully surrender, every day laying down my will for His will – only by faith - a new world opened up to me. Where ever I speak now, tears come before words, because I know – this is not of me! It is the place of complete dependency on Him, all by faith – and it took me into a new dimension.

“Retah, ‘Faith’ will always lead you into love. I want ‘faith’ to take you into the spirit - there where your feet can’t take you. ‘Faith’ will show you My heart. Faith can never walk alone; it always walks with Holy Spirit. These two, Faith and Holy Spirit, will teach you and lead you into the mysteries of My Kingdom. When ‘Faith’ teaches – it will be through love, for love. ‘Faith’ will always help you to surrender completely to your Abba. You will always be safe in and with ‘faith’. It is only fear (darkness) that gives fear. You have a choice to freely open your heart to ‘Faith’. He will help you to see through your heart and not through your flesh. ‘Faith’ is the key to open your spiritual heart, so that you can see with your spirit eyes and hear with your spirit ears. ‘Faith’ will take your hand and help you to trade on the trading floor so as to trade all the dark spots (epigenetics) on your genes. Faith will take your hand and help you to take communion, but not here on earth – but through the veil in the spirit so that you will eat His flesh and drink His Blood. Retah, I have designed ‘faith’ - to lead you into the Father’s heart.”

To walk in the destiny of your life will give you the greatest fulfilment imaginable and it has been spoken over you before the foundations of the earth. “Yes , the enemy did harm My children and a part of their life’s scroll has been stolen. That is why people don’t walk in fullness – in life in abundance – but in the darkness that covers their spirit heart and their spirit mind. But by ‘Faith’ you can claim it back through the Blood of Yeshua.”

“Do you know how much I love you, do you? I love My children and that is why I have grafted your life into My heart. Yes, your forefathers did trade with the enemy, you did receive the dark spotted cursed epigenetic markers. But I knew that you would come after your life scroll. I designed you to come after Me. I knew that if you took ‘Faith’s’ hand, he would lead you in love, into My heart to find the original hand-crafted blue print for your life. Do you know, not many of My children come to find it. They say that ‘life happens’ and then they just live a defeated life. My heart cries, because I gave My Son, I gave you Holy Spirit, and I gave you Faith.

Yes, you can come to the heavenly Court and break the generational bargains and claim back your birthright, break the ungodly generational inheritances. I even want you to break the ungodly relationship bonds in the spirit. My child, I want you to claim your life back! All through My Blood - yes - all because I love you. I don’t want my children to live defeated lives. My Son paid a high price for you. I love You.”

The journey into the Father’s heart, will always lead you to a higher revelation of Himself. It will take you into a higher dimension and you will walk in Love, you will live to love, you will give love - all through His love!!

“The will of your Father, Retah, is more important to you as your own will, more than it should ever be. Find it – find it now while you have time! Why do you think Yeshua said on the cross – ‘Not my will – but Your will be done’?” Why do people think His will is not the best for them? Is it because they don’t know Him? Or is it because we have never truly taken Faith’s hand, but always depended on self?

“Lay down your words, your thoughts, ideas and deeds before your Abba Father. Because, you always have to remember - your words have the power to create spiritual and physical reality. Use your words only through ‘Faith’. Faith my child, is uncomplicated and easy, it is approachable. Come, Faith is waiting for you to take you higher, deeper into My heart. But, you have to make the choice. I gave you a free will.”

Will ‘Faith’ stay with me? Yes, but let me teach you a secret. ‘Faith’ walks with the humble of heart. And true humility is manifested in surrendering your life. This means knowing that the full extent of whom you are, are submitted to Him and this is how you do life. It is being completely dependent upon Him; where your desire is for Him, for His will, His Kingdom and not for self or the world.

Matt 5:3 Blessed, spiritual prosperous, happy, to be admired are the poor in spirit (those who regard themselves as insignificant, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven – both now and forever.

When you have a humble heart, you will not focus on what you don’t have, but you will focus on what you have. There will be thankfulness inside of you, a joy, a love and a contentment that comes only through Faith in YHVH.

“Always remember this Retah, I want you to embrace simplicity. To enter into the Father’s heart and to stay there, you need to come like a child.”

“Yes Abba, I have seen this over and over again with Aldo! He enters and stays and always gets first hand revelation. There are so many things that distract us. And most of it is the things that we want to be in control of; all that we did not surrender into Your hands.”

“My dear child, only Love will sustain you on this journey on earth. Stay in My love – that means stay in Me. Consider others before you consider yourself. I am not moved by a people that want to have a good life and live that life according to biblical principles. No, I want more – I want your whole life! Come and engage Me - face to face.

In your hard times, come! In your joyful times – come! I AM waiting for you. I will teach you all you need to know. Take Faith’s hand and come!”

Thank You My Abba. You are truly perfect in all Your ways!

Love to you all - Retah and Family.

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