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Faith is to believe without having the answers

11 September 2012

YHVH trains us to have faith in Him and Him alone.

I find it strange when people come up to me and ask, ”Retah, do you still believe that God will heal Aldo completely?”  Thinking of the Spirit realm - God’s Kingdom - I would have to answer you “Believing is seeing”. You cannot see what I see, if you do not believe what I believe. Because, you see, spiritual eyes of faith do not require visual proof in order to keep on believing. What do you believe Retah? “ I believe that YHVH God, will finish what He has started in Aldo”. His plan for us as His children are – complete wholeness! He wants to heal our broken hearts, transform us into His image and then bring us into his perfect will for our lives. And that is all I want – to be in His will, not in anything of myself.

Believing is seeing! It is faith that releases in us the capacity to see truth in the spirit realm which would otherwise be hidden. It is faith that opens the very heart of YHVH to us. Spiritual truths are spiritually discerned, and for this you need faith. When you want to run a race in the flesh you use your body, but when you want to run the race of faith, you need to use your spirit. With every step of faith we take, the light switches on to show us the way ahead.  And with every step of unbelief, darkness and fear appears in our hearts.

YHVH reserves the greatest blessing for those who believe without first requiring proof. It is like doubting Thomas, he refused to believe the words of the other disciples that Yeshua had risen from the dead. He said ”Unless I see and touch the print of the nails in His hands, and stick my hand into His side, I will not believe.” A week later Yeshua appeared to Thomas and invited him to do just that. Upon seeing Yeshua, Thomas declared his faith in Him, but Yeshua replied because you have seen Me, Thomas, do you now believe trust, have faith? Blessed and happy and to be envied are those who have never seen Me and yet have believed and adhered to and trusted and relied on Me Joh 20:29. 

From my own life I know that believing is seeing. You don’t need to fear, you just need to stand in faith and trust and rely on Him. Trusting in Yeshua’s perfect timing. Faith is not always easy. You need to have an intimate, passionate love relationship with Yeshua. If you do not know God, and trust Him completely your faith won’t endure.

In our modern age, especially in our Western culture, people are brainwashed daily with the spirits of doubt, unbelief and humanism. We must learn to turn our eyes towards Yeshua and not to focus on our situations. For Western Christians, to believe in the wondrous working of Holy Spirit, is the hardest aspect of faith. People sometimes say to me “Retah, miracles are not for today, today we have the Word of God.” People expect miracles and think they might happen in Africa or in India, but not in America. No, this is not true! Miracles happen where ever there is faith in the One True God - Father, Spirit and Son. It happens because the Word of God is in your heart, and because you know that you are one with the only God YHVH, and all your hope is in Him alone. You will be in love with the King with a gentle and quiet spirit which is of great value in the sight of the Lord.

How many of us are self-driven? That is why people don’t need God, and don’t live by faith but by sight. We are living in the hour were God is making every member of His royal priesthood in His image, so that they can bring His presence and His ways to mankind – and that is all through faith in YHVH the one true God.

In our home we are continuing on our journey of healing.  We are dealing with the healing of the heart with Aldo, and the healing of Tinus’ arm. We are learning so much about trauma and the processes of healing. It is a walk of faith trusting Yeshua through Holy Spirit to deal with all the pain step by step and then to bring wholeness in body, soul and spirit. But, we are doing well, all with patience and faith in God YHVH.

I came home after the weekend’s ministry and just wanted to work from home on Monday. It is just so peaceful there, and I realize that I need one day to have some me time. I still do some work, but not with people around me, like at the office. The house is so quiet. I went to make myself some coffee and what do I hear from Josh’s room? It can’t be? I hear chicks. I open the door and walk in where I am greeted not by one sound but by many. Where are they? I walk into his bathroom and there in the bath in a cage are the chicks nice and warm underneath a red light! No! It can’t be. After school I asked him, “Josh, how could you put them in the bath?

Mom, they are in a cage, and it is only for 2 weeks – please mom, please they cannot be outside yet, after 2 weeks I will take them to Dad’s small holding”. I looked at Tinus, and he said “that is what boys are all about. Welcome home Reeti”. And then Josh threw me the curve ball... “Mom, as everything is now in the light, look at my new pet, it is a baby tarantula!”  My oh my – boys are definitely boys!

Aldo and ma’m Patrys work at the office in the mornings doing his studies. Then in the afternoons after gym he prays for the people that come to the office for counselling. He said to me “Mom, when they walk in they look like a brand new car, the body is perfect, but when you open the bonnet you see the engine is completely broken.” I said “Yes Aldo, that is why Yeshua said He doesn’t judge people according to what He sees, but according to the heart of man”.1 Sam 16:7 …For the Lord sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart. Mom, unforgiveness are killing most of the people that walk into your office, why do they all have that? Can’t they see the key to healing is forgiveness?

Father, please search our hearts, and please switch on Your Glory light in our hearts. We ask you to show us the condition of our hearts, without Your help we will not receive healing and wholeness.

I greet you in Yeshua’s name.

Retah and family

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