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“Come see with your heart dear child”

Come see with your heart dear child

I do believe that our Abba Father is still longing for us to walk like Enoch walked - in a love relationship, intimately and close to His heart. He longs to share His treasures and hidden secrets with us. But, far more importantly – He wants to share His love and Truth with us. He wants to share His heart, His Kingdom in greater levels of intimacy with us. We can only experience this level of love through the Father, Yeshua – Jesus our Messiah and precious Holy Spirit. This is a place where you lay down your life – so that you can receive the fullness of His love! There is no place for preconceived ideas. I know this – because in the very beginning Aldo wrote one day – “Mom, you will never see with your heart if you don’t first let go of your own preconceived ideas”.

I look at Aldo’s life, how he sees through his spirit heart, being led by Holy Spirit and then records the messages from his Abba Father in a childlike manner. The messages are deep, sometimes direct, other times just pictures, giving glimpses of the message – but, Holy Spirit always ensures that I eventually get the whole picture! I knew from the beginning that these writings were used by Yeshua to reveal Himself through a broken vessel. Yes, He uses people, our experiences with Him to reveal Himself. He uses the Bible, Holy Spirit and yes, he can use anything to manifest Himself. He even uses Aldo in his brokenness to reveal the darkness within us (our DNA).

When Aldo writes, I can see where YHVH is going. It is always something that we battle, and eventually I realized that it all comes down to battling the demonic in our DNA. This message was not only for us, but also for the body of Christ. This darkness in our DNA, fights our true destiny and identity - His image and likeness in us. As I have previously explained these are the ‘epigenetic markers’ that paid out on our life; like a spiritual inheritance. I keep on seeing that He is preparing a ‘Remnant’. He wants us (our DNA) to be purified and sanctified through His blood. He will continue to make the darkness surface, giving us the opportunity to deal with it, because the Remnant needs to grow into maturity, having a pure bloodline (DNA) – ready to receive the anointing of the Remnant. The Remnant will be His hands and feet helping to bring Truth and restoration not only to their own hearts, but also for the captive and broken-hearted around the world. There are desolated cities inside all of us. There is a DNA inside of us that made covenants with the demonic and all in secret - ‘secret’ being the code word for the occult. Our DNA has parts in us that are still rooted in The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and all of this need to be redeemed through the Blood of Yeshua. Our ancestors made covenants with demons, with the cult and they bowed before fear and unbelief; and now we do exactly the same. In this way we continue to serve the Baal altar and every time we bow before fear we charge the altar with demonic power. From this the demons receive more power to hurt us and our children – and so this destructive cycle continues. Traumatic events, death, sicknesses, mind sicknesses, lust, poverty, hate, bitterness, addictions, cancer and even all kinds of sin are all passed down from this demonic family altar to the next generation. As we eat of this altar and empower it through sin – it becomes stronger and stronger.

Aldo wrote exactly what we fight and even the memories of the forefathers. You can get angry and rebel against this as long as you like. But, one day – by grace – your Abba Father will reveal the truth to you. And that is – that you have inherited the altar, that you eat from it, that you empower it by sin – and the only way to rid yourself and your bloodline from it, is through true repentance. You need to forgive your forefathers and yourself – because you have done exactly the same things as they have. Receive forgiveness from your Abba Father. Then break the demonic seals that keep it all in place and deal with the demonic that is hidden.

Psalm 18:28 For You cause my lamp to be lighted and to shine; the Lord my God illumines my darkness.

The epigenetic markers has ‘Maggots’ - demons, familiar spirits and ancient souls - in them, and live in darkness. They feed on the death in your heart. But the wonderful news is that Maggots die when they are exposed to light! So bring it all in the light. Surrender your pain to the light. Bring your anger into the light. John 1:4 In Him was Life and the Life was the Light of man. Allow your Abba Father to deal with the root (curse) – curse the curse – cleanse the temple and receive a new mind-set, a new belief system - based on the truth of His kingdom.

Maybe this not is not your reality, but my dear friend you have no idea how bad this is in the spirit. The battle is for a birthright. If Satan is in control of your birthright and the birthright of your DNA, your life will have the evidence thereof. All of these events and covenants are encoded in your DNA, and Yeshua gave His life so that we can be redeemed.

These nests of darkness and hidden strongholds must be removed, if not - another generation will eat the fruit thereof. I believe with all of my heart that YHVH has kept this for this particular end time generation. I do believe that we are that generation.

He is looking for a Remnant that will get up and fight. We need to get all the legality out of our DNA. He wants us to walk in the greatness of His calling upon our lives. He wants us to manifest His power and no more the power of the dark kingdom operating through us.

That is why Yeshua said in John 14:30 I will not speak much more with you, for the ruler of the world is coming, and he has nothing IN ME. Your battle is not your mother-in-law, or your family – no – it is the darkness in you!

Remember the power is in His Blood! Come just as a child and engage heaven, engage the Father’s heart with your spirit. Lift your spiritual senses up to Him. Be always willing to lay down your preconceived ideas. Bring your wounds, your darkness, bring your secrets – He is waiting for you on the trading floor! Maybe you traded your children’s birthrights on the dark kingdom’s trading floor when you bowed before lust, alcohol, drugs, hate or bitterness. Grace, Grace, Grace – bring it all - all these black spots (epigenetic markers that your children eat, which you see in their behaviour) bring your whole generation and repent with a sincere and humble heart – for the Kingdom is at hand!

Come and see with your heart My dear child, I want to show you the battle that you are facing all along. You got tired, frustrated and angry – but you could not see! You tried to analyse it with your flesh. But it is all within you. The wounds, the transgressions and all the demonic altars that you inherit carry the power, demonic anointing’s, gifts, orders, desires and callings. That is why you are drawn to these things. Yes, that is the reason your destiny are always battled for.

Come, come and see with your heart. Allow Me to show you. As you will engage heaven, always remember – just come like a child. I don’t need your degree, I NEED YOUR HEART – AN UNDIVIDED HEART. Are you ready to hear and to see the Truth? Because MY Truth will set you free. For a long time you saw, but did not see. You heard, but did not hear. Now is the time, I prepared your heart.

My Blood is enough – I want to bring healing to you spirit wounds – layer upon layer. I want to bring freedom to you – layer upon layer. Step by step we will walk, and I will be your teacher. I want to teach you how to enter into heaven and bring your petitions to My Courts. That is where the battle is.

Eph 6:12 For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood contending only with physical opponents. But against the despotisms, against the powers, against the master spirits who are the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly supernatural sphere.

My dear child – I want you to overcome the darkness in you! I want you to be a Remnant – a mature son of God!”

Love to you – Retah and family.

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