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Deliverance is not about fighting the darkness; it is about turning on the Light !

Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

We all are in need of help and deliverance – our only help is Yeshua the Messiah. His Blood is enough for all of us. He gives us Truth through Holy Spirit and that Truth – sets us free!

Abba Father wants all His children to be totally dependent upon Him. When we ask Him to put His Glory Light on our pain, His Spirit will reveal the root (markers) to us.

I want to tell you today, I don’t know where you are, or what you have done, or how deep your pain and destruction is – but I do know that God will make a way for you to get to the truth – and then to be set free. He did send His Son to give His life so that we can be set free! That is why I know that I know - this freedom is ours!! There is no super deliverer that you need to see immediately. No, not even those who claim successful results. No, we all just need utter, complete dependency on Holy Spirit. He is our source of revelation, guidance and dunamis power that delivers us. With that I do not say that you should not see someone to help you on your journey. But, please know that Yeshua is the healer – and not man!

We have to ask Holy Spirit to put on His Glory Light, so that we can find the marker (curse) with its root (pain).Then we can start dealing with the poison that has to come out as we open up the wounds. As His Light enters our wounds –Truth shall follow.

Inside of man, the enemy gained control of our human spirit, soul, imagination, conscience, memory, images, emotions, intellect, all so that you will feel like a victim. All these things lead people to try and be their own god, depending on self. Satan gains control over us through our inheritance. This inheritance is the epigenetic markers on our genes passed on to us at conception. We even inherit pain, trauma, hate, mental and physical curses, even the curse not to become pregnant.

Yes, there is a way to get healed, to get the marker off. We need to remove the octopus (cloud) of our minds that got there through the pain and remove the tentacles from our senses so that they will stop feeding us the curse. I will explain it in detail on the videos ‘how to deal with the wound’ (available on my website). But, before anything else, you need to agree that you need help, that you have that cloud on your mind; that you have a double mind, that you are struggling and that you are not living a full life in Christ. If not, you cannot be helped at all.

I see how people chase after demons, instead of putting on the light so that truth can follow. The light will show you the strongman – the legality (sin). Remember that in the markers (curses) you will find the strongman, the principalities, the rulers, the alien human spirits, human interjects and the demons. They are the ones that manifests through people and they are the ones that will speak to you, in your spiritual senses, planting lies. They are the captors holding you captive until light and truth comes.

John 8:32 And you will know the truth, and the Truth will set you free.

Deliverance is not a passive thing that someone can do for you. You need a repentant heart and attitude of complete surrender, humbly seeking YHVH’s face for the truth. I have not seen people get delivered if there is no humble heart seeking deliverance and seeking truth. So many times Holy Spirit has shown me things about myself through Aldo’s pen. It is often a shock to me, because even though I was aware of it, I chose to ignore it not wanting to seek help for it. These things were so embedded in my life – so much part of who I am that I could not see the darkness in it. I was blinded in the wound, sealed by the marker (curse) on me. Because of the darkness in my wound, my first reaction was always to defend myself. The darkness in my wounds deceived me. But as he wrote, ‘Mom, it is a marker on your genes and you are wounded and blinded by this marker (the curse that created the wound). Then I realized I could not see it! But the moment I started repenting, applying the Blood of the Lamb, taking off the marker (breaking the curse), and taking off the octopus with its feeding tubes that fed my senses – that is when the root died! As I did each of these things I could see more and more of the enemy’s strategies. I was no longer deceived. I then asked Holy Spirit to anchor me in His divine destiny, divine identity for me, in Christ. Healing followed!

We all have Holy Spirit. All we need to do is ask Him. I would be a fool if I depend solely on what Aldo writes. Just like you, I need to go on my face and seek YHVH for His light and truth. God sometimes uses man just to help us to get on the way, but we can never become dependent on man!

Surrendering is not the painful part – it is when you hold on to the anger or pain that the enemy can torment you, using many forms. The enemy does not want us to find the root. He wants us to believe the lies and to be bound by our vows and covenants; even though we cannot even remember making them. I have however, found that Holy Spirit is always faithful. Whenever we ask to know the truth, He will show it. Most of the time, the answer comes as a shock because you were busy pointing the finger at someone else, thinking they caused the wound, making you bitter, filling you with hate. But actually you are responsible. The plan of the enemy is to keep us in darkness, for us not to take responsibility. But, Yeshua is light!

Yeshua (Jesus Christ) has paid the price for our freedom and it is available to all that believes in Him. The battle has already been won and the enemy has already been defeated. As long as we have these markers (curses) on our lives; we will be blind and in darkness; slaves and prisoners to Satan.

How Retah? You have to step down of that throne in your heart and give it over to our Abba Father YHVH so that He can rule and reign in your heart. With pride (doing it my way) and denial inside of you, you will never experience the power of the Blood of the Lamb.

You may feel trapped, unwanted, unloved and abandoned. You may experience insanity, anger, rage, SRA, abuse, sexual abuse. And what about all those vows? What about those dark marks (curses) of the enemy upon families that betrayed Yeshua and the marker on the genes says, ‘You belong to Satan’?

I am here today to bring you the good news of the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus Christ).

There is just no demon in hell or earth, no marker (curse), no pain, no suffering that can separate us from the love of Yeshua!

His Blood is the answer. When we come with a humble, repented heart – He will put on the light and we will be able to see and hear the truth even in the darkest pit! He will make a way for us to repent, and He will set us free!

What a beautiful wonderful King we serve. All we need to do is come!

I bless you my friend that you and me can see and experience the mysteries of His Kingdom in these days.

Love to you, Retah and family.


1) Blessed are those who take out the darts of ‘suffering’ through forgiveness. Did you know mom that the ‘hurt’ markers cause people to live a life of hell? Yes, a massive dark cloud was paid out on me.(dark demonic generational estate marker)

2) Your spirit senses are cleansed from the markers of being a ‘hypocrite’ and living a ‘double life’. Truly, you do listen to Holy Spirit. Mom, you are so at peace because His gentle love is upon you.

3) You carry the anointing of light. Our wounds are gently healed. The curse (marker) became a stronghold in the spirit senses in the subconscious, and that needs to be broken. (The octopus through the familiar spirits– cloud is on the mind and feeds the senses imaginary ideas, fears, feelings, emotions and lies – and people believe them). Yeshua said we have to curse the root. Please don’t worry about what people say about me.

4) Gentle is His light upon you. My mom is really a help to me. Jesus Christ is in the anointed. Very, very painful ‘cry’ marker is delivered from me. I realize now how ugly self-centeredness is. Congratulations, (Praise the Lord) my destiny is saved, dark senses are out. Shepherd, do you know very rarely do people experience this kind of deliverance? The lessons Holy Spirit teach us brings very quickly light and help.

5) Strongholds are broken while you pray. He shows me ‘hell’ is out of my wound. ‘Suffering’ is out of my wound. Mom, will you take out every snake that is in the wound, it is been delivered now.

6) Truly the snake is the familiar spirit that wants to keep on feeding my soul with ‘suffering’. Do you know that those people that choose not to listen are those whose senses are not in the light. (but blinded with the epigenetic markers- curses) My cursed destiny has ended.

7) You can see that my ‘cry’ marker is off, it has ended. Octopus is off; its work has ended on my mind. Solei duo Gloria!

8) Congratulations, you did not stop fighting for Light and Truth. Are you ok mom? Please know that you serve a living God. I see He is ‘The Lion of Juda’. Our crying is over. You must never be ashamed of what we fought. The truth is that all people fight it, they just don’t want to believe it. Truly I am free from the painful, yes really painful ‘you will die’ marker (curse) that was on my life. The stronghold is ‘hell’ in the ‘madness’ (lose your mind) destiny in people. Then their minds become a stronghold of hell.

9) Where parents received the epigenetic marker (curse) of ‘suffering’, that marker has to be taken off quickly from your children.

10) Do you know that ‘the valley of death’ don’t want to let me go, and they don’t want to end the tar road (accident) Lilith stronghold. (As I read this line, I suddenly realize that is the reason I fought for so many years to get that broken part of Aldo out of the valley of death. They constantly took him back with epilepsy, because they had legal right! There they could torment him and kill body, soul and spirit. The epigenetic marker was, “You will die and live in the valley of death”. Thank You Yeshua, and I immediately curse the curse in the root and took off the markers of the mind in Yeshua’s Name!) Goodness you are quick, the curse of ‘valley of death’ has ended. I came out of the valley of death to love and life. I am truly so thankful. I saw how I fell out of the window on the accident; it was the Talisman that had a job to kill me. I see how Jesus Christ took the dart out of my mom’s womb – caesarean section. I see the dart in light, and how the octopus is taken off my head. The dart (curse - marker) was ’you have to die’. Aldo is delivered. I love you mom. Aldo the bruised reed is peaceful delivered from the painful ‘dart marker’ on his life. Your love mom – and the deliverer is all just His Blood.

11) Yes, yes, you are truly a very special mom that never gave up. Jesus Christ wants to shine His Glory Light on me, because my ‘tar road’ curse is out. All my anger is out of the wound, because I can see now. Time of suffering has ended. Truly, I was an imprisoner of the ‘valley of death’.

12) My mom was also a dart in me, I was very angry towards her. Now she is the one who helps me. Mom, your curse (marker – darkness) is also off you, now your light and transparency are a help to so many people. Jesus Christ sees all the ugly letters that you have received from people. He says, ”Give everything to Me, and don’t cry about them”. You are such a help for Chantel’s valley. I am free from the painful stronghold. Chantel’s depression curse has ended.

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