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A New Spirit

Can a mother ask anything more than a Spirit filled child? In our home it is always Heaven, God is omnipresent and my child teaches me lessons daily. “Mommy, will you please anoint me before you go to work today? Can I anoint you too?” With shivery fingers he smears my already made-up face. The rest of the make-up flows away with my tears. “Mommy, can we please pray now, Jesus is here at this moment?”

He writes: “HONOR TO GOD, WE WORSHIP YOU, YOU ARE OUR FATHER AND OUR DADDY.” The praise offers to God never stop. He writes pages and pages and everything is from the Spirit. When I came home this afternoon he showed me with his fingers that he wanted to write.

We talk for two hours and he shares with me about God’s Throne Room, where he was for 3 months. My life will never be the same again since I offered him in the Throne Room and that was just a glimpse. He was there for 3 months, my child given back from Heaven, with a new spirit.

The Word says far above what we can believe and pray for! That is what my God gave me. Aldo’s faith is steadfast and he believes that he will talk again. We all pray that it will be soon.

Aldo has been chosen as a leader for his school next year and he is very grateful for that. He praises God all the time for that. In 3 weeks time he will be writing his grade 6 exams and we are studying hard whenever there is time. He has a very busy schedule.

I bought him some strawberries and cream today, afterwards I asked him to unpack the shopping bags for me, and in return he could eat whatever he wanted. He couldn’t find the strawberries soon enough. He eats that you can see the juice splatter! “Aldo it looks like you are gorging yourself and not eating!” Mariena, our help chastised me: “I would have like to see you eating properly if you last ate three and a half months ago!” We cleaned the floor with grateful hearts and looked at him licking his fingers. He looks at us with a strange kind of smile, very satisfied. He writes to me: “I am sure the strawberries came from Eden.”

We went to a movie on Saturday and afterwards had a bite to eat. When we asked Aldo what he wanted he replied with “oysters please.” Aldo is back, for certain. His friends quickly asked if they could have something different. I know oysters don’t satisfy and they were hungry.

Honour to God, my God lives and I am the most grateful mom in the world. “MOMMY THANK YOU THAT YOU NEVER GAVE UP ON ME – I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YOU! THANK YOU THAT YOU BELIEVE IN GOD SO MUCH. MOMMY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Words I remember every night before I go to sleep. Nothing in life is bad anymore. God lives and He is with me all the time!

Love Retha

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