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You conquer a mountain - "Step by step"

Ps.143:10 "Teach me to do You will, for You are my God."

We are all on a journey where we have to conquer and overcome the brokenness and sin in our souls. Yeshua, has paid the full price, for us to become whole. But, we also have a responsibility.

How will I be set free from a soul characterized by spiritual death? Sin, living in my soul and imparted since the fall of man, brings spiritual death. The purpose of the sin is to separate us from this one thing....... an intimate love relationship with Yeshua.  Our greatest battle is the salvation of our souls.

Paul appeals for deliverance of his soul. He asks to be freed from the spiritual opposition working against the true desire of his heart. It is the same with all of us. We battle against our fallen nature – the parts of us still characterized by spiritual death. The key is in making the right choices. We are what we choose.Therefore, our choices are so very important.

Today, I want to say:"Thanks be to YHVH through Yeshua our King”. We can be free and experience victory in this battle as we surrender to the will of YHVH for our lives. And I know that we will be ‘overcomers’ in Christ. To be an overcomer you have to overcome something. This feels like a huge mountain – to high to even attempt climbing, but I truly have learned that it happens step by step. Day by day,second by second I have learned to trust in Him alone. Most of the rocks that we all have to overcome are unresolved issues, painful memories, hidden sin and the hidden painful emotions and feelings of anger and rejection.

Unresolved anger or pain leads to depression and infirmities - even confusion in people's lives.When unresolved issues or anger, known or unknown, resides in our hearts it makes us listen through demonic filters. These filters distort our perceptions. In all Yeshua’s love He told me that nothing will just disappear, no!  “Ask My Glory light in those painful memories and allow Me to show you the lies that you believed, the judgements that are still in your heart and then allow Me to show you the truth - because only My truth will set you free".

Even with Aldo and all the trauma that he went through .We have to go to every painful memory –step-by-step as Holy Spirit leads and guides. I keep on praying day and night:"Yeshua please show his memories the truth, please shine Your light in all his hidden memories and I bless his mind with a sound mind, the mind of Christ."

The awesome thing is that a blessing you speak over someone can never be removed or wiped out -it stands forever.  Not like a curse that can be broken. There is so much power in blessing. As I bless and bless his hidden painful memories, the Light of Christ starts to shine on them and he starts to open up. Many times we then discover and face the many lies and demonic structures around the memory. This is also where many of the infirmities hide.  I know that this is where epilepsy hides.

We're all on this mountain called "life". Many days the climb is very steep, and my tears flow unhindered. I am ministering in Cape Town this week and whenever I get a chance I speak to Holy Spirit about what came out of a wound of Aldo that just opened up after 9 years. This memory is filled with lies and anger. I have to do my best to keep the tears inside my heart as I continue with normal day today things.  I received an email saying,"just want to say you look very tired and need to rest." I reread the mail and thought to myself. “No! I don't need rest”. I am at place in my life where I pray and intercede for the body of Christ, because it is not only Aldo that struggle like this, it is all of us! But, we have so much pride that we do not want to face our pain and allow Holy Spirit to reveal and work with the pain and lies.

Aldo's App is one ofthe steps of faith on this mountain. I get mails from all over the world and I appreciate your love and help. But, I have to tell you, that this was not a quick overnight decision. It was much prayed over. I did not want to put Aldo's face or his name on the App. Some people say I am not allowed to do - for then he gets the glory...?  But, that is not what Holy Spirit said to me. He said "You will not be ashame for him, put on his face and don't be moved that he has only one open eye. I want My people to see that I Am the God who uses the foolish to teach the wise. I want you and him to be accountable so you will use your name as Paul and all My disciples used their names. Don’t be afraid or ashamed Retah, just do as I ask you to do". I have learned that we don’t all walk the same road up the mountain. So I cannot always say my road is the only road or even the best. No, we all have to hear from Holy Spirit and obey step-by-step.   We will all stand before the King and give account of what He asked of us.  When I read how people say "You want to make Aldo famous, and steal Gods glory"- I just fall on my face and cry and cry. If you just know how I want to protect my child, protect him of all the evil words being said over him. I am the last one that wants to try to steal YHVH’s glory - He is all we have. I just want to obey His voice with all that I am. I have made so many mistakes already and Aldo bore the consequences of them all. Believe me, I do pray and seek council from the most High God before I do anything. One thing I have learned from David is  - He always enquired from YHVH.

Please, I ask, let’s have mercy with one another as we climb the mountain of life.

Last weekend we climbed our mountain in Hartbeespoort were we stay. We took Aldo with, and Tinus and a friend of Aldo’s – Andre. Andre and Aldo walked step-by- step. I walked behind them and saw how Aldo would not be able to do this by himself,yet. But in front of him was Andre, his friend and personal trainer.  Aldo had to hold on to him all the time and behind him his dad - who did not let go of him for a second. As I looked at the picture I heard Holy Spirit say to me "That'show you conquer a mountain step-by-step. I will be in front and behind you leading and guiding your every step.” The Lord of angel armies - protecting us from all sides - never letting go. Many times Aldo fell, or slipped on a rock, but they held him so tightly that he always felt safe and secure.  As we got to the top - he sat down and started to pray "Abba, how I thank You that I know I can do all things through You who strengthen me". It was such a humbling moment, in spite of the difficulty. We looked over the dam and could see for miles. We did not even look at the rocks or steep climb we did. No, we rejoiced in the beauty that we saw - a much bigger picture than the difficulty to get there.

Thank you out of my heart for each one that contributed to the App. I believe that we will have all we need to cover the costs in 2 weeks time. This is just who YHVH is, He provides for all that He ask us to do. So give the step of faith and know that He is faithful!

I am still in Cape Town till Sunday. Once a month, I do a Spirit School in Paarl, for all that cannot afford to pay. And how we experience Holy Spirit!!!!! 

The night, after the Spirit School, we took food parcels to the people who sleep in the streets of Paarl. I just helped as this is one of my friends’ heart and they go often to minister to these people. We don't only give food - it was the ministering after that -that was the real food! As they all asked the same thing "will you please pray for me?”  - and they are covered with plastic bags. You pray and try to wipe your tears, later the tears just flow and flow. One lady sat in a handmade bed of plastic and asked me "will you please pray that I can see my children again?” Her dirty hands wiped away her tears and looked me in the eyes as I prayed, not blinking once. Afterwards I went back to the guest house were warm food and hot water were waiting for me, and in that moment I got onto my knees. No words came out -only tears. “Lord, please help me - it is the comfort of our lives that makes our hearts so hard.” I heard the love of God saying Retah, what you do for the least of these people you do for Me.

I realize that I don't know as much as many of you do - all I know is that Yeshua loves me so much and I love Him, and that He will never ever let go of us. And what He started in us- He will finish!!!!!!! I stand on that and live in that truth. The journey up the mountain is not a perfect one. It has a way of quieting you, making you focus on what you have to do and not to look around. It has a way of strengthening you and building you into something unique – His plan and purpose for you. It has a way of teaching you to see the beauty around you even in the little things even while it is tough. It has a way of making you thankful for every step of the way.

I have a men's retreat this weekend in Moreesburg. So I am only going back home Sunday afternoon. I am today in Yzerfontein and are going for a long run, now. Me and Tinus are training because we are going to climb Kilimanjaro in Feb 2014 if that is our Abba’s will.

Rejoice in the Lord for His mercy endures forever.

Love Retah and family

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