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Endure to the end

10 December 2013

We are running a race of faith - one in which we all need to ‘overcome’ to finish. We have not overcome until we have persevered to the end. Overcoming is the victory of finishing.

You are the best YHVH had to send to accomplish the purpose of your life. Only you can do and be what YHVH has sent you to be in this race. He is not even interested in you being the first to cross the line, or running with perfect form, He doesn’t eliminate you when you fall. The only way you can lose this race is to step off the track – to quit.  No matter how far you’ve come, or how many times you have fallen - you can always get up and keep on moving towards the finish line- to overcome. YHVH has a significant purpose for our lives that may not yet be revealed.  Who knows what multiplied results may come to the next generations because of your overcoming and finishing the course YHVH has set for you? 

These words “Well done, good and faithful servant” awaits the overcomer.

We are not in competition with one another.  The race is not against others. Yeshua just wants us all to become what we were destined to be. We are not here to please people or impress groups. We are here to finish the course as an overcomer.

Overcoming means to be delivered from and through certain challenges.  It means having victory in and during the fire. It means living in Him, in His peace, joy and love in the midst of every day’s trials and tribulations, slander attacks and accusations.

I look at Paul being an overcomer in prison, being stoned, mocked and falsely accused. Overcoming has to do with peace that surpasses all understanding irrespective of your situation. 

So how do I overcome?  - Through our covenant relationship with the Overcomer  Yeshua the Messiah.

Through an intimate relationship we become one with Him until His strengths become our strengths. We trade our weakness for His strengths to overcome and endure. We must continually relate to Him intimately if we are to overcome consistently.

2013 is nearly over and our office will close on 13 December. Many things happened this year – but I cannot say that it was a bad year. YHVH stretched me to be victorious over matters of my heart. Through His love and faithfulness I had to take responsibility of what I faced and overcome it by dying to self.  I know that we are entering a new season and with our eyes fixed on Him alone, I gear myself, to overcome. 

Without people around me that loves the King, and love me, I would never be able to walk this walk of faith. I want to thank each and every one that is part of YHVH’s Kingdom and that forms part of this ministry –Whether you were part of organising an event, or part of my personnel, were just a friend or the one that wrote that email that lifted my arms – I thank you! I remember the flowers you placed in my arms, the freshly baked goodies for my family, your smile that encouraged me, the warm bed you prepared and every hearty welcome. All these make me a very thankful person. All over the world I have “rooms”. When I see you after a long time, but, walk into my room, I feel right at home and welcome again. In Paarl I not only have a room but, it feels like my family home! Thank you Schoongezicht restaurant for all your love and the venue that you gave for Aldo and Chantelle’s wedding!!!

To all my overseas friends who invited me to come and speak, the mission schools, churches – you have become my friends! We love you all. So who ever you are in the body of Christ– thank you! I would never be able to run this race alone. This is what makes the body of Christ so unique.  It is not about us, but all about the King!! It is never about who is the greatest, because for Yeshua there is no difference between you and me. We just need to obey and do whatever He asks of us. There is anointing in obedience.

I am already in Yzerfontein with Aldo. The rest of the family arrives on Friday. We are just going to rest and rest and enjoy each other. The first week I just sat and stared over the sea. I did not realize that my body was so tired. But, now I have started to take out my recipes - so I feel much better! And now Aldo has to try everything I bake. Every night, I go for a lengthy walk with my new hiking shoes for Kilimanjaro in February. I had no time to walk them in, during the year, so me and Moya (our spaniel) has our walk cut out for us. I can’t wait for Tinus to join me. Our nightly walks together are so special to me! We walk or just sit and pray or talk all the way.

Now I bless you my friend as an overcomer in Christ Messiah.

Enjoy the journey and celebrate life, because life is beautiful.

Retah and Aldo (and the family whom I expect at the weekend)

Retah and her entire office staff, would like to thank you for your constant love and encouragement throughout 2013. We would not have been able to walk this path, without your prayers and envolvement. We also want to thank each and everyone of you who have made a financial contribution for the expansion of the Kingdom on earth. Without your contributions we will not be able to do what God is asking from us. Above all, we want to give our Heavanly Father all the thanks, praise and honor for all the blessings throughout 2013! Have a blessed holiday period and may you experience God's love even more in 2014!

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