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We are co-workers with YHVH to build our own lives

Our Abba has planned a perfect life for each one of us. I hear people’s cry; “But why is my life in such a mess then? What is His plan?”

He knows the plans He has for us.

    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.

We will never be able to find this plan by ourselves. It will always take His help, Wisdom and guidance to make the right decisions in our lives. When we surrender and allow Holy Spirit into our choices and pain, then will He add His Wisdom to our knowledge and reveal to us greater things than we have ever dreamt of.

In the walk of faith we ‘grow’ into maturity. On this pathway of faith there are many road signs that are called discipline, trust, obedience, unconditional love, dying to self, acknowledging your double life, dealing with your pain, helping those in pain and many more. On this road we sow as we go along and we always reap in our own lives what we have sown. If we want blessed lives we have to plant the right seeds to harvest blessings. We reap what we sow in life.  I have found that only weeds and wild tares grow without effort. In the darkness of our lives the tares grow wild and are unstoppable.

How many of us have sown the wrong seed in the springtime of our lives, not realizing that unless good seed and good choices are made we cannot possibly expect good results. Evil seeds can be dark thoughts, evil deeds, a life filled with lies, a double secret life and even painful memories of past hurts.

People’s lives are falling apart. Brokenness surface more than ever and all the evil seed are evident in marriages and our children; and the fruit is really unpleasant and very bitter for the whole family to eat.  

The good news is – it is never too late to plough our fields and to root out the weeds. Our Abba wants our lives to be prepared for what He has planned. We have to invite Him into our wounds, even if it is in our darkest weeds. The thoughts we think, the lessons we have learned, the words we speak, the deeds we do, everything we look at, are all building blocks that we built into our own lives. Think of it – every thought and deed, good or bad, comes back to all of us; multiplied.  What we eat today is what has been sown into our lives previously through iniquity, trauma, fear, hate, or by the wrong choices we have made. All of these are the seeds that have been sown in some way. This is how we as parents sow into our children’s lives in the spirit.  I see in my own life how my previous double life broke my children and those deeds became the spear in their wounds. Therefore I cannot point a finger at them if I see dark tares. No, I am the first to take responsibility and say to them, “Please forgive me, I am the reason for this wound in your life. Now I see you do exactly what I did. You hide in a double life. And I am not going to allow Satan to steal your life like he stole mine. Give me your hand, come in the light (in now conscious) and take responsibility for what is manifesting in your life. Let’s invite Holy Spirit in.”

We confess and repent of all the dark tares. Then we ask Yeshua to wash us clean with His blood and to heal our wounds. What a joy to see how the Glory light of YHVH brings healing when the dark seals are opened over our wounds. All the ugly comes out when the seal is lifted and then we can deal with the hidden demonic spirits. Not many people are willing to go there.  After this you can ask Abba to send His Holy angels to come and remove all the dead human spirits, familiar spirits and ancient spirits that wants to take over your life. These spirits normally hide in the wounds of (all) broken people.   

YHVH offers everything we need to build this life in the light, but He will not force you to accept it. He will wait for you to come to Him, the architect, and to receive the perfect plan. He will guide us with His Word and Holy Spirit, but we still have to do the work. This is where people miss YHVH’s plan, they think Yeshua did it all, and now they can sit back and look for results. More than ever we have to start seeing our brokenness and deal with it. Many adults today did not deal with their childhood pain and as a result the whole family eats the fruit. That is why I am so eager to help my children that they can walk in the fullness that Yeshua had planned for them.

We are still busy building our house here in Stellenbosch. Yes, it takes time! We have a wonderful architect. He drew up the plans, and then we had to start building. If not – there would not be a house today. And believe me; I have learned to follow his plans. He knows better. Every night I still clean after the builders left. I am so thankful for everything, now more than ever! I found that it is the things you work for in life that means the most to you. It is not a quick fix or an overnight success story.  It is the same with building your own life in Yeshua with His plan for you. It is a journey, but we have to build and clean up till the end.

To be born again costs you nothing, because Yeshua died for you. But to build your life in His perfect plan is going to cost you everything!

But praise His Holy name; He gave us His Holy Spirit and His Blood. With that you will be able to build your life, with Him guiding and leading step by step. He teaches, He loves, He speaks, He encourages and He will finish the work that He started in us.

How I thank Yeshua today that He saved me from my double life (and still continues doing so, daily). Now, I can have mercy on those who still walk in their dark double life, covered with tears and tares. (Experience has taught me that where there are hidden tears, there are also hidden tares).

“Retah, I want you to reach out with a hand that wants to help and not a pointed finger that can only judge.”

Josh and I had a long, fruitful evening where we looked through Yeshua’s eyes at his pain. For many years he just had to survive; now Holy Spirit is so faithful that I can be with him and help him to get the tares out of his wounds. He covered his wounds for so long because we were always busy with Aldo. But, faithful is the architect of our lives. He draws the perfect plan and together with Holy Spirit he wants us as parents to take our children’s hands and help them into the full plan for their lives. Believe me it is not always a pleasant story, some days involves more dust than others. But, just wait till you see the end result! I will not stop helping you (Aldo, Chantel and Josh), because Yeshua did not give up on me! If He could save me from my pain and double life, He can save you!

It is not bad when ‘things’ surface, it is what you do with them when they are exposed that matters? I call it such a blessing when the light comes on!  Stop feeling sorry for yourself, rather thank your Abba for revealing all the tares and then deal with the pain.

See the end result – a free, whole heart living according to His plan!

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.

Love to you all

Retah and family

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