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Transparency – a sign of maturity.

This year the Lord really worked in our hearts to be totally transparent. I do believe that Yeshua can only do with our lives as much as we trust Him, and as much as we are transparent – taking full responsibility for our lives.

When someone walks in the fear of the Lord, he has made a decision to walk in YHVH’s Spirit, His love and in His Truth. Your words and deeds will match. There will not be any hidden agendas. No hypocrisy and no masks! Meaning – I don’t say one thing, but my heart carries so much anger and hate towards you.

We have to deal with our inner thoughts, words and motives. But just because we don’t realize that we are so double-minded, we keep on living a double life.  People hide their true feelings and thoughts, and they raise the facades and masks just higher and higher. The doses of medicine increase. The enemy love to use us when we have a double mind, because we are real hypocrites and a breading place for the demonic.

In my journey I found that no person chooses to be a hypocrite. I believe that there is a treasure in every person.   Most of the time it is the damage in the soul that creates in man a ‘dark flipside’ – a double mind. That means that one part of my soul is dark (cut in two) divided with a thick wall. Think of a ball that represents your soul (mind, will and emotions). A wall-like membrane separates the halves. The other side is the light side. The dark side is hidden and always at the background. It carries those hidden thoughts and motives. This dark side was inherited, and all the iniquity of previous generations is in the dark side.

Even scientists have found that the memories of our forefathers are passed down through generations in our genes. They call it epigenetics - dark marks on the genes. On that dark marks are the generational curses and even the memories. I know what I write here today is absolutely correct – because we tasted the battles in Aldo’s trauma recovery years.

Letter Translation:

"Mom, epigenetic are the marks that fights in the mind."

In those years Aldo kept on writing to me, “Mom, Wisdom says – He will not break a bruised reed”. I did not know what he meant, but today I have a fully understanding of the battle that we fought.  

The Hebrew word ‘avah’ translated ‘iniquity’ means to bend, twist or discord – to turn upside down. That is what the bruised reed curse is all about. Part of your soul is flipside – upside down. The dark side are like velcro – and all the wool can latch unto it forever. Until the day that you realize, “I am living a double life”, and “I struggle to get breakthrough”. Even on the brink of success there is failure. Alcohol or the memories and ways of abusive parents become your ways. You scream on your children just like your mom or dad did to you. On the ‘flipside - dark side’ is an ancestral spirit that has a job, and that is to pass one curse after another down the generation and keep on doing it. The curse can be sickness, death, pain, mind sickness, fear, tormenting, abuse etc. The Word says that the enemy came to kill, steal and destroy. This dark part of your mind controls your life. It could be dormant, but one day it is switched on like a light after you experience stress or trauma. Its mission then is to take control of the steering wheel of your life. While the dark side is there, all addictions will stay to do the demonic job. All destruction will stay, until the job is done! You will see that this is not your child, not your husband, not your wife – this is something else! That is why we need to wake up church!!!!

James 1:8 speaks of a double-minded man that is unstable in all his ways. Double-minded in Greek is translated as “split soul or two souled. You will carry these thoughts; “I am no one, nobody, unwanted, unloved, shame, always a failure.  You will feel stubborn or rebellious, feel rejected, always gossiping and saying bad things about others, never take responsibility for your life etc. The demons in the dark side, and the ancestral human spirits that you inherited (broken demonic soul parts of ancestors – their spirits are in heaven), or even human spirits (interjects) of people that are still alive but practicing witchcraft on you, influence your behaviour. True hate or bitterness comes to the front to harm you and to follow their demonic calling through your mind. You begin to get their minds and live the same sin as they did.  People get frustrated, landing in hospitals, mind sickness, sickness, overweight, underweight, cancers, unknown sickness, marriage failures, finance failures and all along it is the demonic dark flipside in their minds that are set to rule their lives.

The ‘mindset’ is what you believe. And the Word of YHVH says – as you believe, so it will be unto you! It is so easy – just tell me what you really believe!

Mindset – is like a swimming cap you pull over your head. You start having those demonic beliefs, and you live them. Even if it is in total secrecy. But not many people believe they have a problem. They always have a finger pointing at someone else. That is called a ‘mind program of denial’. The enemy need you to focus on others, rather than to choose a transparent life.  YHVH wants us to put our hand in our own heart, and see what comes out.          

As we grow in our faith, understanding that everything is not about us, the transformation process can start. While you are in denial, you will always blame others. YHVH is waiting to bring healing to your mind and your life. Nothing is impossible for Him to heal; the question is are you willing? It will take prayer and guidance of Holy Spirit in the journey of inner healing.

Father, please start with me! Search me and know my heart, my spirit mind.

Allow Yeshua to show you your subconscious (hidden), start dealing with it by taking full responsibility for it and repent – the Kingdom is at hand!!

My heart goes out to so many people that live a life of distress. But today I say to you – speak to your dry bones. Ezekiel 37:5 Thus says the Lord God to these bones: Behold I will cause My breath and My spirit to enter you, and you shall live.

It is the end of the year – and summer holidays are at hand. I rejoice, because it was a year of breakthrough, a year of recovery, a year of restoration, and a year of love! Yeshua taught me this year -   Retah love until life! I could see how my children blossomed with their mom being at home in the week. The love I could pour on them helped so much in the healing process. Love them, just love until life – I said that every day to myself.

We worked through a lot of healing and pain. And all I can say is we are serving a faithful God. But if your heart is hardened like Pharaoh, I want to tell you today ….. the clock is ticking! Use today – because you do not know if you will have tomorrow!

We had a wonderful time in Israel, and to everyone that came along – thank you! No man can be the same after visiting Israel with Holy Spirit. We had such wonderful encounters with Him at all the high places. Shiloh keeps on being a highlight for me – where Hanna cried out to YHVH and He answered her prayer!

To all of you – my friends around the world, I want to thank you for all your prayers, your friendship, and your love for us. Thank you so very much! I think of a woman named “Peggy” who sends a blessing every month to Aldo and Chantel in the post. Mam, you will never know how much that blessing means to my children. I teach Aldo that YHVH will provide in all of his and Chantel’s needs. So when an envelope like that comes, he falls on his knees and thanks YHVH. I teach them that they have to work, so they handle all the post in our office and I pay them every month. It makes them feel worthy. Thank you for everyone that contributes to us and the work we do for the Kingdom. Even in South Africa there are so many people that get their cd’s monthly and mp3, and that is also a way of contributing. Then there are people that will just bless and sow seeds in our grounds with a monthly pay pal contribution. I so want to thank you, because without you I would never been able to send the books around the world to missionaries for free. Your seed are growing and your harvest will be seen in heaven. Together we will rejoice! It is end of the year and I prayed that I can pay my people bonuses, and then someone donated an amount with the words “use as the Lord leads you”. Thank you so very very much Abba that I can also be a blessing through this to my personnel!!

Then there are people that still amazes me. An elderly lady in a meeting came up to me and put some money in my hand. “My dear, go and buy yourself something beautiful”. The tears still fall if I just think of her. You see – little things like this change my life! The fact that someone will pay a ticket for Josh to join me to America, bank money in my personal account - “buy yourself a dress for Aldo’s wedding”. “Take this money and buy shoes for the wedding.” Someone gave me an envelope – “take the money and buy yourself oil in Israel.” Someone gave me an envelope in America, and the amount fits our need to print the new books in Thailand. Someone blessed some of their first fruit to Aldo and Chantel – thank you!  I call you my friends. Thank you Abba, thank you for people that care for us, and that loves us!

I have learned so much from you!!

May you have a blessed time of rest, and please know that all you need to do is pray – He is near.

Retah and family.   

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