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To love and know YHVH

30 August 2020

To love and know YHVH intimately is the key to overcome and be strong.

Daniel11:32 The people who know their God will be strong

YHVH wants us to know him personally, not only having second-hand knowledge through someone else, but by your own intimate love relationship with Him. Yeshua defined eternal life as knowing YHVH and Yeshua personally. Joh 17:3  And this is eternal life: [it means] to know (to perceive,recognize, become acquainted with, and understand) You, the only true and real God, and [likewise] to know Him, Jesus [as the] Christ (the Anointed One, the Messiah), Whom You have sent.

If you want to have such a relationship with Him, you have to surrender everything to Him - and listen to Holy Spirit’s voice in your life. To stay alive, our spirits need to drink from the Living water – listening to and heeding every Word that proceeded from YHVH’s mouth (Math 4:4). His disciples all asked how?- and He answered  “to sit at My feet and listen are the most important things you can do in your life”.

Knowing and loving YHVH in every situation of our lives will make us overcomers. He alone can lead you and guide your next step - only He has all the answers.  We still need to listen to Him and as we ask Him to shine His Glory light on the darkness in our lives. By this His truth will be revealed and it is only the Truth that will set us free. Too many times we run to man instead of to Yeshua. He is waiting for you, what He does for one He wants to do for all. But you don’t have, because you don’t ask.

Let your spirit be filled with Holy Spirit – then you will thirst only after Him, your desire will be Him. Money will not mean more to you than Yeshua. You will not crave comfort more than Him. You will become content. To hear His voice and to be one with Him will be greater to you than anything else in the world. Those who worship money, ease and convenience will always find something to complain about. You will get to a place where you see YHVH’s hand in every situation, knowing and experiencing His mighty hand in all your life. And He takes even the bad and turns it around for His glory.

You see, to find the tree of life (YHVH Himself) will get you to that place where you no longer find interest in the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  The more you look unto Him, the more you become like Him.

‘Abba, thank You, that we can even exchange our DNA for Your DNA.’ We are not going to hold on to our old lives – as a friend’s e-mail to me read: ‘Retah, The Lord showed me - What you hold on to, you will pass on to others’. Do you really want to pass on that double life to your children, those secrets, those lies? –I don’t think so. The greatest thing that you can leave your family is a clean DNA washed by the Blood of Yeshua. By doing so, your lifestyle becomes one of  taking up your cross and following Yeshua. You will constantly ask Holy Spirit to search your heart, and to die to self. You will have no problem with humbling yourself, because your life will be of one who is humbled having the nature of Yeshua. You will ask forgiveness without being stretched, because you know the power thereof. And you will know that your prayers and deeds will not be accepted by YHVH, if you have hurt even just one in any way – your brother, husband, child, worker, friend anyone! So,as soon as Holy Spirit reminds you thereof, You leave your gift at the alter and go and settle the matter with that person first, and then return to offer your gifts to YHVH (Math 12:24). Your life will become a blessing to others, because that is why Yeshua blessed you.

Remember to look upward, inward and outward. Because, if you only look upward, you would be unrealistic and of no use in bringing His Kingdom to earth. If you only look inward, you can become discouraged at times, and if you only look outwards you would stay in the shallow water. But a son of YHVH looks in three directions at all times, because we are body, soul and spirit.

This week at the office we had “Image consulting training” where people are taught to become Godly woman in all areas of life – body, soul and spirit. From here,they go out and reach so many broken women that are torn apart by pain or rejection, and start to find themselves and their purposes again. They are being taught how to dress, how to do makeup and then we go deeper and deeper. Yes, you are a man or a woman and you are allowed to look beautiful. But, with a beauty that comes from within - you will end up with an outward appearance of self-confidence and love and appreciation for what He has made you to be.  It doesn’t matter what shape, size, colour or look I have...Yeshua loves me and I am so special and unique. Often they find their true selves for the first time and can go out and be Yeshua’s hands and feet to all the many broken people out there. We don’t need to all be the same, we just need to obey His voice and love and live life to the full!

I bless you with joy, peace and love. Love God, love yourself and love all around you!

Love you! Retah and family

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