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The Word became Flesh

So, the Word became flesh and He made His home amongst us, in fact within us. Because, He wanted me to know that He would never, never leave me nor forsake me. How can love ever be known, unless it makes its home within us?  Have you ever felt this love? It is a gentle love that covers the greatest pain. You can just close your eyes and drink of this perfect love. Be still and know that this love is there for you as well.

How can this true love grow, unless it is willing to sow with tears? 

This is how I know that this is really true love – YHVH did not withhold His only Son.

How do you know that this is real love? - When you are willing to let go of all ‘that you loved first’ just for His love. This is how I know His grace, He demonstrated His love in such a way that we would never be able to say ‘I could not see it’.

He wanted us to feel His love; He wanted us to see it, for us to believe in it, to touch it and to breathe it. This Love needs to be real in your life.  It is all that will sustain you in and through all.  This is the only thing that I hold on to – His perfect love. When you show REAL love, your heart is totally exposed. That is what He did on the cross with arms wide open and a heart totally exposed – He showed us the greatest love. He showed us how.   

YHVH has displayed the greatest love – His perfect love for you and me.  This love has overtaken my soul and all my fears disappear in His love. So by faith in His perfect love for me, I walk even if I don’t see. I climb even if I don’t know how I will be able to breathe at that altitude. I trust even though it doesn’t even make sense, I hold on even though my hands are dead and I don’t even feel the robe between my fingers. Yes, I hold on to my faith in Him, even if my eyes are closed with overwhelming emotions.  His love for me, His breath in me, is all that keeps me moving forward.

So, the Word became flesh and made His home within me… ‘So, the Word became flesh and made His home within me.’ I can say it over and over all day long. I feel Him so close, just because I know that He has made His home within me! Here I am in the USA ‘alone’, but I am never, never alone!

This is the sweetest thing; there is nothing that this great love can’t fix! You just need to give your all to Him. I gave my heart – and He holds it tightly and securely. I can feel His warm love flowing through my brokenness, mending and restoring it as He whispers to my heart – ‘I will never leave you, nor forsake you  Retah – I love you , that is why I gave My life for you. Just hold on; just hold on to your faith in me!’

I’m on the plane flying back to South Africa. The time in the USA was amazing. It was so humbling to serve at the Shiloh drug rehab for men. I saw there a young man Aldo’s age. Oh, how the enemy wanted to steal his life, but today he is in the year program at Shiloh were they are washed by the Word of YHVH, daily. Thank you Abba! What an anointed place, all the men that go there can testify, that the moment they put their feet on Shiloh’s grounds, there are no more demonic manifestations. It is all because of His Blood and His love.

Seattle and Texas were divine appointments from YHVH. Holy Spirit taught us and fed us of the hidden manna and we all realized that the bride of Yeshua needs to feed on meat now, no more milk. Everyone accepted the Word and I could see how Yeshua is teaching HIS BRIDE to be ready and keeps on filling the lamps with oil.

The spirit of fear hanging over America is so tangible in the spirit and this also needs to be overcome.   People’s feelings and emotions are running high. As I speak to people I can hear that they feel out of control. The News confronts us all every day with increasing evidence that the world is out of control. Families are out of control, lawlessness is out of control and divorces have outnumbered marriages. When you are overwhelmed by your situations, people retreat into something that appears to be safe, a place of hiding or escaping. How do your children cope with all this fear and chaos? It is sad to see that not only children, but everyone is struggling with these feelings. I see people slipping and escaping into their inner worlds where it is dark and filled with lies. One just has to look at the worldwide increase of depression to know this is true. They start doing drugs or alcohol to numb the pain. Because of all this chaos and stress, people end up trapped in the subconscious with lies that they will never be able to be set free. That is the greatest lie of Satan, because Yeshua has come to set you free and heal your broken heart.

I will not stop proclaiming the Good News to those who have an ear to hear.

We are still giving out Aldo’s journal, so if your children are in a school where you want that journals to be given out for free, please contact  and arrange your delivery(Please note high postage fees for international shipment from South-Africa). I am so blessed that we can give out the books as we operate under McPherson publications now. My heart is to write all these books and give it out to people whose lives will be changed forever.

I want to thank everyone that still contributes to the work we are doing. Please see that our banking details have change from Mc Pherson ministries to Mc Pherson house. Without your help we would not be able to go around the world and teach the body the deep hidden things of the Spirit, or give those books away. I can see how the enemy hates that people hear the things that Aldo writes through Wisdom, because they are set free from the lies and darkness through Yeshua’s Spirit. That is why I want to give the Teens Journal out for free to the youth, because there are so many truths in that book from Wisdom.                

If you want to go on our Israel trip, please pray and make your booking. I am considering making the group smaller than the previous years, and I am not even sure if I will keep on taking groups after this. It became really difficult with the rand dollar situation. And I do not want to compromise the excellence of staying at top class hotels. This is a trip were Holy Spirit guides us as we wait on Him daily where ever we go in Israel. Your life will never be the same after meeting the King in Jerusalem.        

I bless you my friend to open your heart to Yeshua’s love.

Without His love – we are dead and full of fear. 

To all my friend in america, I just want to thank you for this amazing trip I had, and that you made it possible for me to bring the truth (Good News) of Yeshua our Messiah. I call you friends. 

Love you, Retah        

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