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A promise keeping God

2 Corinthians 1:20 “For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us”.

The Israel tour was so blessed. I found myself very vulnerable after $ 50 000 ticket money was not paid by the travel agent to EL AL Airlines, and we had to pay it ourselves to assure that the tour could go on. But what a wonderful place is the place of ‘total dependency on YHVH’. Every night after we went to our rooms, I was on my face crying out to Abba.  “How will I pay my personnel’s salaries, how will I….., how will I get over this anger in my heart?” The one night I took communion and went to heaven’s courtroom to take the whole case to our Judge, the King of the universe. “Father, please open the Judgement book and if anyone in my bloodline has stolen money from people, like it was done to me now, please reveal it to me so that I can repent.” I saw a sticker on my face and I realized that I had to ask forgiveness for generations that stole from people without any regret or repentance in their hearts. “Is that why it could be done to me? Yeshua please take all the labels off of me, my seed, my children and my whole bloodline. Please replace it with a new label of truth, a label of light.” I felt in my spirit that many generational blessings were stolen and in captivity, and more are now stolen from us! Then I said “Abba, can I please come and trade on the trading floor with the blood of Yeshua. All that was stolen I repent of, and now I ask You to open up the storehouse of our generational blessings over me”. By faith I took the keys of the Kingdom and open up what was stolen from us.” All because of the Blood of Yeshua.

One day as I was walking with the tour group, someone put money in my hand and said, “please buy yourself a coffee.” It was so difficult for me to accept. Why - I wonder? Is that pride that I cannot accept a blessing from someone who is at that moment Yeshua’s hands and feet? How I felt the burning of Yeshua’s spotlight, His fire on me. Yes, even on the condition of my heart. Do I trust Him wholeheartedly that we will get the money back, doesn’t matter how? I received the message that the woman has no regret and do not have the money to pay me back. My heart was tested and tested. Again on my face in the night, “Lord I choose to forgive her, what a bad place that she finds herself to be in such denial.  2 Tim 2:26 I pray that You will grant us all repentance so that we can come to our senses…  “Keep on praying for her Retah”, was all that I heard in my spirit.    

I kept on praying throughout the tour in Israel,  “ Yeshua I choose to forgive her 70 times 7. Please restore my heart as well. I choose to trust people again. I choose to rejoice in who You are. I choose to gaze upon You and not on my situation. Because by now I know that you become what you gaze upon. I choose to enjoy the tour, to laugh, to trust and to obey Your voice.” Every day I declared it and spoke it out loud, “We will receive all the money back, and even more than what was taken from us in Yeshua’s Name, I thank You Abba.”

This is faith – just to trust, rely and lean completely on You – to gaze upon You and You alone.

Then I had a dream. “I saw a lift opening up. I heard a soft gentle voice - get in with me. There was a light in the lift and I was asking, “Where are we going?” “I have a mission to show you something very unique. I could feel how we went up, and up, and then the door opened up. I did not get out; I could see everything from within the lift. “It is a library!” I said.  I looked carefully, and saw it was filled with notes of money. “Yes, heavens storehouse is open to you.” Wow, I woke up and sit up straight in my bed. The next morning in the bus I could not wait to tell them about the vision/dream I had.

Today I can stand before you once again and testify about a God that is truly alive. A God that is truly faithful. Humbly I look in your eyes today and testify that ALL the money is back in our account. How can I ever thank Him enough? How can I ever not trust Him, how can I ever worry again? He is just faithful in every way. But we need to trust, trust, trust in Him! And what if we do not obey His voice? This is the body of Christ taking hands. I can just say thank you so much! For my children this is a great great great testimony. Josh said, ”Mom, how wonderful to know He is our Abba!”

Back at home Aldo wrote to me, “Mom, the enemy fired you with darts of fire out of hell. Darts of fear, darts of worry, darts of tears.  But as you stood on the Word of YHVH, as you spoke words of faith, as you trusted and gazed upon Yeshua, the fire became weaker and weaker, and then you started laughing again. When you went to the courtroom and repented for your generation, the label of the enemy was taken off of you, and the store house was opened up to you”.      

I find myself awake many nights thinking, “Am I really His hands and feet?” Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, for being his hands and feet!  

The scripture came up to me: In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:6  

Josh’s school is closing tomorrow for summer vacation, and a lot of school functions are on at the moment. So I am with Josh and Tinus at Hartbeespoort.  On saturday we will be driving to Cape Town the 16 hours trip where Aldo and Chantel are already at our Yzerfontein little beach house with Moya our dog. Our house in Stellenbosch is not ready to move in till 19 December. Just a little step of faith again for me!  Tinus will be working till 16 December when all the factories and builders shut down in South Africa and everyone takes their summer holiday. The children and I are looking forward to a good time together till our furniture arrives the 19th of December in Stellenbosch. Then we will all be together for December.

It is a new season, and we are very excited about it.

The post office strike of many months is eventually over!  Hallelujah!  So those who receive our monthly cd’s, can expect in the post 6 cd’s in a package. Please look out for it. Your package will have all your cd’s till the end of January 2015. You can phone our office to receive your tracking number if you did not receive it by the end of December.

Next week will be our last web letter for 2014 as our office closes the 12th of December.

God bless you my friend, and stay in His rest.

Love you , Retah and family

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