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The resurrection life within me

John 11:25-26 Yeshua said to her, “I AM the Resurrection, and the Life: the one who believes in Me, even if he would die, he will live, and everyone who lives and believes in Me would not ever die. Do you believe this?”

 What a profound statement. Yeshua said that resurrection is not just an event in the future – something that will take place and we all wait and wait for that day. No, He said, that HE IS the Resurrection and the Life. Not that He would become it, someday in the future, but that it is already accomplished.  Yeshua made this prophetic revelation before his death and resurrection.

Because He lived by the Father (John 6:57) He was aware that the life and power of His resurrection was already in Him, and that He WAS what was in Him. Although He had not yet experienced his glorious change from mortally to immortally. He knew that “He could call the things which are not seen, as though they already were.”

Resurrection – is the life of YHVH in man, and is a present reality. Yeshua, who is the resurrection, is already working within us and making us alive from the inside by Holy Spirit (John 14:19-20).

We are changing from glory to glory (2 Cor. 3:17-18). Resurrection is not something that should happen to us – it should be happening in us. It is in our spirit and should be working through our souls and ultimately change our mortal bodies and way of living. It is a renewing process day by day (2 Cor. 4:16) and although we must apply it, it comes out of a life of our own regenerated spirit.

The life of Yeshua in us, is the embodiment of all YHVH’s promises. All the treasures, all the Wisdom, are hidden in Him. His life within us, is our hope of glory.

Phil 3:10-11 “To know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship with His sufferings, when I have been rendered like Him in His death, if somehow I should attain to the resurrection from the dead.”

The prize and the goal Paul was pressing into, was to know the power of Christ’ resurrection in his life right here and now. He knew the manifestation of Christ’ life in him would qualify him for a first resurrection and cause him to be truly born of YHVH. Having known YHVH’s reign in his own life, he could be confident of obtaining a last resurrection with those who “shall be priest of YHVH and Yeshua, and shall reign with Him a thousand years.”( Rev 20;6)

So let’s make a choice today to allow Holy Spirit to work in our lives and change us, taking out of us all the double seed, so that we can be conformed into His image.

If we truly believe the provision of our atonement, we would never again look anywhere other than to Yeshua in us for the fulfilment of our needs. Spiritually, emotionally, or physically – we are complete in Him!

 He is the Way, the Truth and the Life!

Thank you for all your love and prayers. I am so much better. I know it is a time of rest, and I will be obedient and allow my body to rest.  But I also see how His resurrection power within us, helps us to be restored, made new in all areas of our lives. We don’t need to sit and feel sorry for ourselves, but stand up and rejoice because of His resurrection power within us! Turn your eyes to Him, and not to your own ability. Be dependent on Yeshua, not on your own strength. Go to Him, allow Him to lift your head, and to restore your joy.

For Yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever! Amen.

Love you, and I pray for you, that we will take hands and run this race of faith.

Retah and family 

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