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The process of healing

8 April 2013

It is late night in Cape Town, my family left for home (Hartbeespoortdam) this afternoon. After dropping them at the airport I returned to our beach house and just sat and watched the waves. They are busy - they come and go and never stop. It is the same with our sanctification process - it never stops. The deeper you allow Holy Spirit to go - the more He will reveal to you. But you have to be willing for his Glory Light to shine in your heart and expose your pain.

Healing and sanctification does not automatically and completely take place when we receive Yeshua as our Savior and Lord. However, the potential for healing and the process of healing begins at that point. I have seen that inner healing occurs gradually and continues over a period of time. The greatest keys for healing are unconditional love, acceptance, mercy, grace and forgiveness. Healing of the heart must and can only occur in an atmosphere of acceptance - one that is free of any form of condemnation. Appropriating the ministry of Yeshua - to heal the brokenhearted  - is one of the most powerful and effective experiences in preparing you to fully enter into the Kingdom of God .

James 5:16 Confess your trespasses (faults) to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed.....

YHVH wants to heal the areas of painful memories in our hearts! But first we have to recognize and release them to Yeshua for healing. Holding on to past, negative  memories can hinder your future. Ask Yeshua to show you the lies in the memories which has become your reality and your truth. Then ask that He replaces these lies with His truth.  Attaining the resurrection life in Christ involves forgetting the things of the past, forgiving all and reaching forward to those things and His promises, which lie ahead (Phil 3:11,14).

Let’s ask Yeshua to heal our hurting memories, now. Let’s ask Holy Spirit to bring into your mind the hurting memories that needs to be healed. Some memories may be very obvious to you and others you may have buried. Do not ignore any memory that Holy Spirit brings to your mind – consider it. When you recognize negative memories, pray.... Abba Father, in the name of Yeshua, I release to You for healing all the wounded, hurting, negative memories of my life. Please shine Your Glory light on these situations and the pain in my heart. Reveal Your truth in my conscious and subconscious mind, from my conception through to my birth, the first years of my life, my childhood, my adult life up to this moment. I ask You to enter into these memories and to expose the lies and to bring the Truth so that I can be healed. Help me to deal with these and to forgive where I need to forgive and to accept that which I need to accept.

Having a healed heart that is free of need driven desires and fears is Yeshua’s plan for us. A pure and unadulterated heart will seek only to serve YHVH with the knowledge of the mysteries of his Kingdom.

Josh and I had an amazing time together in the USA. It was a time of healing, restoration and love. We travelled far and the flights were long. He did well and was so patient with me even when I ministered all the time. The nights in the hotel were very special. We talked, prayed and allowed Holy Spirit’s Glory light to shine on our pain. I knew that in love, compassion and gentleness we would be able to face our pain. There’s been times and situations where I wasn't always therefor him. Gently Holy Spirit did what we asked and one night I said "Josh, your suitcase is a mess. You did not fold one of your shirts, you made them little balls?"

“Mom, I do not know how to do it any other way. You have never showed me.” I realized the gaps that were in his wall - all the times that we were so busy with Aldo, Josh just grew up, and little things like (folding his shirts) were never taught. We sat down together and I started to show him how. He folded the shirts, but then I saw the tears. Come and sit on my lap Josh. As his head was on my heart, we prayed "Holy Spirit please show us the pain - the lies and also the truth".

“Josh, I am so sorry for the times that I was an absent mom - sorry for the little things that I did not teach you, will you please forgive me? I want to fill the gaps that are missing in your life with Holy Spirit’s guidance and love.” 

“Yes Mom, I forgive you, and you know what? Holy Spirit just showed me the lies and the truth. The lie was ‘you are too busy to ask’ and the truth is ‘I am very special to Yeshua and you’, otherwise I would not be here with you in the States. You chose to be alone with me even when you are busy working."

“Josh, you are so very important in my life, I love you and thank Abba so much for showing us our pain and healing our hearts.”  We snuggled together at night in bed, and whispered till late night. Some nights we just had a good laugh. Yeshua spoiled him so, he even had a tennis lesson with a pro! He was very excited. He even got a new Rafael Nadal tennis shirt.

It was such a goodtime with Josh and Holy Spirit. The ministering time was as always filled with His presence. And all the people in America that were so very  good to us - they are like friends - I don't know how to ever thank them enough for all their love and kindness. They spoiled Josh so much and were good to us beyond measure.

We returned from America and had a week’s holiday with the family in Cape Town. I arrived sick and went directly to bed. I could not swallow and had a bad throat infection. But ‘having a good rest’ was the best medicine for a tired body. Josh came to my room "Mom, it was one of the best times of my life - it was so good to get to know you better - you are the best mom- and thank you for loving Yeshua so much. I learned so much from you when you ministered His love to people. We are so privileged to live in that love at home every day". “Yes Josh, there should be no difference between ministering and home life - serving with His heart -your family or strangers.”

They went back today and I stayed for an extra week’s work in Cape Town. We have a Woman of Faith conference this week. Josh waved at the airport with a new smile, he ran back for an extra hug, yes -something did happen - healing took place in both our hearts! Step by step were build the walls of our souls. Thank you Yeshua for helping us. Life is filled with joy, peace and love. We just need to live day by day - enjoying and celebrating life - even if it is not perfect!

I hear a loud "Mom"-it is Aldo. He sits in his wheelchair, waves and sends me a kiss - love you Mom! I smiled and walked away with tears in my eyes. Yes, we are not perfect but really, really happy and in the process of healing and restoration.

My you find peace in your heart, by allowing Holy Spirit to show you your pain and the courage to deal with it.

I bless you my friend from a cold Cape Town, still fighting the flu - but much better.

I love you all

Retah and family

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