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The Harlot Bride

3 May 2013

1 John 5:21 Little children, keep yourselves from idols (false gods)--[from anything and everything that would occupy the place in your heart due to God, from any sort of substitute for Him that would take first place in your life]. Amen (so let it be).

Baal means master or lord and has also been translated as "husband”. The harlot bride lives by serving idols and being dedicated and married to Baal.  How do you know that you are serving idols? - You will know something to be an idol in your life when you put up a big fight when it is taken away from you. Many of the things we fight over are the idols in our lives. We get angry when something we adore is taken from us or when we fear that it might be taken from us. These are all the things we cherish above our consecration and being set apart to YHVH. We "burn incense" to the work of our hands and the imaginations of our minds when we take self-exalted pride in our accomplishments. Normal things like the stock market, your company, job, diets, entertainment, your children, money, your body, sports, can work together and be for our good, but they become idolatrous when we put our trust and hope in them, rather than in Yeshua. By this we become our own gods. This was the lie in the Garden of Eden: if we could know what YHVH knows - we would become like Him. Do you realize that when you manipulate people, through the spirit of Jezebel in you, and have the attitude of "I will control them with my power and my tongue" that you are your own god?

We play God when we glory in our own will, thoughts and works. We exalt that which we think we know- above the knowledge of YHVH. Our ignorance, pride and hunger for acceptance make us focus on ourselves and keep and prevent us from entering into intimacy with Abba Father. So often I hear how people want to argue their will and point of view. But, I have learned that the moment I see puffed-up knowledge - it is the manifestation of arrogance and self. And self is that high mountain upon which we build our altars. “Yeshua, please have mercy on us - we are in the last hour. As in the days of Noah, people just don't realize what’s inside of them. Please Abba, switch on your Glory Light in the souls of man. Show us the truth, the lies and the judgments inside of us. Please allow the mixed seed to be exposed in us. We want to be Your pure spotless bride.”

Aldo keeps on writing about the harlot bride, and he keeps on saying to me "Mom, you have to put my letters on the web - the body of Christ is deceived!" Wisdom and Truth wants to save them from all the lies they believe.” Thank you for the blood of the Lamb.

Always remember - you have only today - tomorrow can be too late. I know Yeshua is speaking through Aldo about the harlot bride - please ask Holy Spirit to show you where there are mixed seed in your life.

I bless you with the Truth that sets us free


Retah and family

Letter 1

Wisdom says the harlot bride has Lucifer’s character. She says she is 777, but her character is of the harlot bride.

Deborah, will you teach the 777 remnant she cannot have Jezebel’s baby. Humbly Samuel sees all who serve Lucifer, her joy will soon disappear – because she thinks that nobody knows what she is doing or thinking.  Sadly Samuel sees how full of false fire the harlot bride is, she is bewitched.  666 is she, bewitched throne of Lucifer, because she does not want to leave her lying life behind.   So many are saying that they are the brid eof Christ, but the Bride of Yeshua is humble, purified through the fire of YHVH.  The Jezebel war is on NOW in people’s lives.  I see that all the harlot seed has to be burned out.  Mom, you also see that the harlot bride is the one who are having a mixture of seed in her.  You have to know that Yeshua wants a holy pure Bride!

Wisdom says – immediately – He will help you – just ask for His Glory Light of truth to shine in your heart.  The fight is for a pure spotless bride.  Truly mom, all who are the harlot bride cannot even see it in themselves (They are veiled).  Wisdom says, Ruth, Baal has to be divorced and then to leave it all behind! I just want to say thank you for a very expensive painful war, because I am so privileged to be called Bride of Christ.

Letter 2

“Truth” 777 says, those who fight through their war of false fire – are those who walk in truth and in His light.  Thick walls in your mind full of lies, bewitchment are the lies that Satan tells you. Ruth, he who believe all these lies are bewitched by Satan.  I see how Jezebel’s dung (iniquity, sin,rebellion, transgressions, ignorance) in people’s DNA are used in all the years of war in their lives.

Letter 3

Truth is asking you, are you living a double life?  Double life is very  very expensive and painful.  Double life is those who do not want to pickup his cross and follow Yeshua.  Your senses are thirsty for the rain of the world, pride, self-glory, self, self,self (self-pity / self-righteous / self-help / ignorance).  I see you who are saying:  “Sorry, the half-truth is enough for me.”  Your life is so shaking, shaking, shaking – it is only shaking for those who do not want to believe the“Truth”.  Samuel son also listened to Satan’s lies once.  But the moment YHVH puts on His light, Samuel could see all that is in darkness are lies.  You see the wounds are long long pain that were never brought to the light.  Deborah can see that the pain in my heart is healed. Your mind is the place were Satan lives – in the lies.  The mind of the harlot bride is full of self-righteousness.  Those who believeall the lies are so full of Lucifer’s dung. How does he make frank (bitterness) so frank (bitter) in people’s mouth.  Immediately I hear “Truth” said to me:  “Samuel, listen to My Word it is full of peace and love for you.

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