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The garden inside of you

17 September 2013

Song of Solomon 5:1 “I have comeinto my garden, my sister, my spouse”

Life is a journey. I look around me and see so many pain and suffering. But, so few understand, what is really going on in their lives. My family and I are fighting the good fight of faith. This fight forces you to leave all behind and to follow the King - no matter how painful it is. The other option is to continue running after your fleshly worldly dreams – to bring you comfort and status. I know exactly how it feels when all your dreams are shattered and when all you have left is to pick up the broken pieces of your life. You look at the pieces of these shattered dreams in your hand, and you have a choice. You can try to fix it and do all you can with your own sword(your tong) and your own abilities. Or you can surrender it all to Yeshua.

In that humble, totally dependent place I realized, many years ago, that there is a garden inside of every man. This garden is filled with Abba Father’s dreams for you. But, most of our gardens are filled with our own desires and dreams, our self-worship and extolment, all our fleshly desires creating our own kingdoms. It is out of that place where people live a hidden life, in their inner world. A life filled with secrets and fleshly desires build up out of everything that is not surrendered to Yeshua. This place is filled with self-desire, is always in darkness and brings no life! But, as we lay these down, He replaces them with His dreams of love and peace for you.

Mat 6:33 But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.

Ps 1:3 And he shall be like a tree firmly planted [and tended] by the streams

of water, ready to bring forth its fruit in its season; its leaf also shall not fade or

wither; and everything he does shall prosper [and come to maturity].

The heart of the believer is Yeshua’s garden. He bought it with His precious blood and then enters it and claims is as His own. How many areas of your heart belong to Him right now? And how many areas belong to you?  You have to get of your throne and allow Him to take control over all the areas of your life.

Your garden implies separation; it is not open for all. It is not a wilderness. It is enclosed so that the desires of our flesh and what is ok for the world will no longer be OK for you. I hear people say “there is no harm in this or that?” – This is a constant pull to get us as close as possible to the world and it’s ways. I see how I myself have to fight to keep my heart closed and not opened to my flesh. That is a price that we need to pay in order to have our hearts set apart for Yeshua.

Your garden is a place of beauty; it far surpasses wild uncultivated lands. Yeshua’s garden produces the best flowers, with the loveliest fragrance – all because of the time and pruning that went into each flower. I have seen that after the most painful pruning season the rarest, richest, white lilies and roses bloom in the place which Yeshua now calls His own – that which is no longer shared with the world.

Your garden is a place of growth. With Him as the gardener, you will not stay undeveloped, but will always bear buds and blossoms. We grow in grace, in love and knowledge of YHVH. Your garden is a place of rest and peace. It is the place where Yeshua can manifest Himself. So often we worry and trouble ourselves, like Martha, with much work. And then like Mary, we have no room for Christ. It is at His feet, where He grants us the sweet showers of His love watering His garden daily.

So many people ask me ”How do I get into this peace and love relationship with YHVH were He controls my life, I have tried everything?” Did you really? You need to become hands-off and allow Holy Spirit to take full control of your life. Are you willing to do that? If not, are you willing to surrender everything to Him giving Him permission to move you out of the way and help you? Are you willing to die to self?  If not, are you willing to give Him full permition to kill your fleshly desires and all of self? To humble you that nothing will ever be more important to you than Him alone? How badly do you want this love relationship? How desperate are you for this life where His Son died for you so that you can have life in abundance even here on earth in all areas of your life?

That my friend - is Yeshua’s dream for you – do you really want this?

We rejoice in the goodness of YHVH. Aldo and Chantele wants to get married next year, but the money was still something that they trusted YHVH for. I heard them praying many times about the full provision for the marriage, and I knew that His time will be perfect. I can see how my children even Josh know that YHVH is their provider and how they trust in Him alone for everything. Last week I was ministering in Cape Town and before I left Aldo said to me “ Mom, we are going to get married next year, and you don’t need to worry about anything, Yeshua  said that He is my provider.”  “Yes Aldo, I know.” But deep in my heart I thought: “I wonder if he really realizes the cost of a wedding?”  I ministered at a beautiful venue and the couple of the venue came up to me and said said “Retah, Abba spoke to me to give this venue and do Aldo and Chantele’s wedding for them.” With tears we all jumped with joy.  You are truly faithful Yeshua!!!

It is Josh’s birthday on 19 September. He came and asked for new tennis tekkies(shoes). The shoes cost R1 600 and that is a lot of money! He so love shoes. I asked him once with a smile “Josh , don’t you think this love for shoes is a (bloodline curse) that needs to be cut off?”  

“Please don’t mom!”  We just laughed.  His old tennis shoes, which were a blessing from Orlando Florida, is really played through. I looked at it, and saw yes, he needs new tennis shoes. Well – if Raphael Nadal goes for red/pink shoes, then Josh thinks the red/ pink tennis shoes are the best. “Josh, that is a lot of money. Let’s pray about it and see what Abba says.” He went on his knees and prayed. “Yeshua you have said, they that ask shall receive, and they that seek shall find and to them that knock the door shall be opened – and I have faith enough to believe it! After a while he came out of his room and said “ Dad, I have saved R600. Holy Spirit said He will give the rest to me, and that He loves me that’s why He will always provide for me”. Me and Tinus looked at each other and thought we will give the rest of the money, but we did not say anything. The doorbell rang, Tinus opened the door and there Aldo’s gym instructor stood. “Can I please see Josh?” he asked.  It was strange for all of us that he wanted to see Josh and not Aldo? They talked and Josh walked passed all of us strait into his room where I found him on his knees. This young man gave him an envelope with R1 000 in it. Just, what he needed for his shoes. He felt to sow in Josh’s life, and Abba said to him –“go right now and give this amount to him.”  Can you see who YHVH is – He is faithful, you can trust Him with all your life!!

I have this weekend off and will have the joy of playing tennis with Josh in new shoes!

Love to all of you

Retah and family.   

Wisdom says – son Samuel see “love is peace”  to all in whom God has a pleasure. Samuel sees those who have wounds, the dew love of God heals them.

Samuel works with “Truth”,and that is to live in the will of wisdom for your life. My long wound is busy to get healed. In tears are also laughter.

Ruth (Mom) fight our family web. She Retah experience that those who live in “Truth”-live. In Debora is remnant , she so loves Yeshua 

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