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The condition of my heart

1 November 2013

I am on the plane from Orlando to Atlanta Georgia. It is Halloween today and in the spirit the evil is so tangible. I am looking around me and see the same ignorance we are all in.

If we can only see!!! For so many years I was so ignorant - I would have even confronted you about finding and looking for evil in everything. But, today, I am sad to say that I look back at my life and regret those days of denial. In the realm of the spirit "Denial" is like thick walls around your spiritual senses that block you completely from seeing the Truth and the Light. Denial and pride walks hand in hand. Why is it that when we are in denial that everyone else is wrong - only you are right?

I will attach some information about Halloween - just so that you can see what you have traded as you have opened the spiritual window above you and your family by choosing to be part of the celebrations of Satan’s birthday. Everything is about trading in the spirit.  When I trade with rebellion,with words of death, with hate, with judging - that is what I will receive. As I trade with these words or deeds, I open the demonic window over me and my family and just like Esau I trade "his birthright " for the lusts of flesh.

But, the great news is that when I go on my knees and start worshipping The King of Glory - Then I trade my tears for joy, my fears for faith, my pain for healing and judgmental cursing for blessing.  Let's go and take the Blood of Yeshua and bring it to the trading floors. The sins of man are blocking the blessings of YHVH! Let's start repenting with a pure humble hearts for the condition of our hearts, for our ignorance, denial and all our pride!

I have included a fewlinks for you about Halloween and the truth behind it:




Holiness is not the absence of sin, but the presence of YHVH in our lives. In His presence you would not want to serve Satan and Yeshua. With His fire in us, it is not a case of sinning, or not sinning, about doing this or not doing it. No, it becomes away of living because the fire of YHVH devours the desires of the flesh and self. It burns away the impurities until we are living for YHVH alone. Holiness - is walking the journey of sanctification.The more we repent with a real broken heart - not just merely saying the words because you have to please someone, but being washed by the Blood of Yeshua through true repentance - the more pure and blameless lives we will start to live. And if this is too hard for you and does not come from a humble heart,then you have to go and search who's character you have - your father Satan’s,or your Abba Father’s? Humbleness can not be bought, it cannot be claimed, or faked, no it is a beautiful fragrance that will linger over you, because that is the fragrance that is around the throne room of YHVH. You get many other smells, but there is only one original fragrance - and that comes from a broken contrite spirit, being one with your Abba.

Abba Father, in Yeshua’s Name I come before Your Throne, for myself, my DNA, my parts and my ancestors. I want to repent of my ignorance and denial concerning Halloween.  Father, for so long I did not understand the spiritual significance of this date but, I thank You for opening my eyes.  I repent of my judgment of others who spoke out against this practice. I come today and I ask Your forgiveness for serving two kings, for the mixed seed in me – for serving both You, Abba Father, and Satan. I repent for celebrating Satan’s birthday knowingly or unknowingly in past and present time. I repent of lusting after the things of darkness and being drawn towards it. Your Word says ’My people perish because of a lack of knowledge’ – and this is me,Father. I repent of opening up myself, my family and children to the kingdom of darkness.  Today, I acknowledge the result of this in my life- the perishing of my heart, life and relationships because of this sin. Father, in Your mercy and grace, I ask that the judgments concerning this sin be removed from me and mine and that it will be blotted out in all time, space and dimension. I ask that the spiritual window of darkness over me and my family will be closed and covered by Your Blood.  I ask that everything associated with the kingdom of darkness attached to this be removed in the spirit. Today, I choose and declare that me and my house will serve the One True King – YHVH Ellohim. I thank You, Amen.

 I am still in the USA - flying back Monday morning early. It was a long time away from home, and I realy do miss my family in these times. But, I thank Holy Spirit for inspiring me in this time to finish my book on trauma. Everywhere I see people’s ignorance and they really not knowing or understanding what’s going on around them in the spirit realm.We, our children and families are in pieces, ripped apart by the enemy’s claws –but, still most people do not know the reality of what is going on. It was such an eye opener for the people at the conferences to experience the spirit realm and the reality there of. So many people want to see the super-natural, but they do not realize that they are living in it everyday. We are so, so, so in the last days, as in the days of Noah.

Praise YHVH for His love for us, His mercy on us, and His goodness upon our lives.

Ps 119:105  Your word is a lamp to my feet,and a light to my path- let's stay in the light!

I am traveling with a tennis bag and racket for Josh that he was blessed with on this trip. I can't wait to go home and see his little face when he sees this great gift from his Abba! Things like this make me so so humble before YHVH. Josh asked for a tennis bag, and we said no, not now. But His Abba, looked at his heart - whispered into someone's ear, and said yes, Josh can have that tennis bag and racket! Thank you Abba, You are such a good, good, farther!

I love You!!! - thank You for taking care of my family back home, and myself here in America.

The morning I left for Orlando from Arizona I prayed and heard Holy Spirit say

"always remember that I will take care of you". As I was dropped at the terminal, I found that this was the wrong terminal, and the other one was 5 min away from here.  What now Lord? Just to find out that the people that dropped me did not leave, they were waiting outside and could take me to the next terminal. For you reading this – this might be insignificant,but to me, to see and experience how He takes care of me - is something…something very big - to know I will never be alone, and He is always there for me.

To all the wonderful people (friends) in the USA, I just want to say thank you!

Thank you for loving me and my family, thank you for taking my hand to share the truth. Thank you for inviting me, and being Yeshua’s hands and feet. I so love you all.

Thank you Abba,

Love you all


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