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The bread of His presence

John 6:35  Yeshua said to them, “ I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.”

This is the message for the hour that we live in. We need to carefully receive the “full revelation” of Jesus Christ our Messiah, as revealed by Holy Spirit through the Word of YHVH.

I see how we all try to get to that fullness. People are hungry and thirsty more than ever for YHVH’s presence. But many a time they try to find His presence in a manmade way. There is only one way, and that is to eat of Him. Yeshua has delegated “manna” for each generation of His greatness and truth. He alone is the foundation of all wisdom and all truth.

We must consume His revelation to be moulded into His image and bear His attributes. The fire that you find yourself in right now, that is the fire of the moulding process. Yeshua is the Word incarnated in flesh. You have to partake of Him to share in the revelation of YHVH.

Much has been written and spoken about the soon-emerging government of YHVH. Yes, this is the governmental design in its purest form. This is what it is going to look like “Christ in us – the hope of glory”. We will share in the mind of Christ, providing an expression of His divine attributes, power and His authority.

It is our time for healing of the broken heart, so that we can receive the whole counsel in order to be presented to Yeshua and enter into the Promised land. It was sin that kept the children of Israel from entering the Promised land after their deliverance from Egypt.  It is the double mind of man, the double values, the double life, the double seed in us, and the harlot in us that keeps us away from the fullness in Christ!

It is so easy to come into the presence of YHVH. You see, in Him is the bread of life that He freely imparts to those who come to Him unbridled and so hungry for His presence.  However, just as the children of Israel could not enter, many people don’t enter in because they are not willing to go through the fire to be purified , or they refuse to lay down the old ways. You will not enter into His presence if you hold on to your old patterns, but in His fear which manifested in your spirit through the fruit of meekness and humbleness. Meekness is primarily being teachable and willing to change when we are confronted with issues contrary to the nature of YHVH in you. 

I am asking you today:  “Are you willing to be moulded into the image of Christ?” It will cost you transparency and truth. Your hardened heart need to break before it will ever be teachable. Only then can your spirit open up end receive the fullness of YHVH. Before that everything in your life happened out of your soul. Yes, even your relationship with Yeshua. As you surrender all unto Him, your heart will become soft, vulnerable, teachable, transparent, and gentle and healing will be the result of that. Pure living water will flow daily over your broken heart as you kneel before the Throne of grace, His liquid love will flow over all your wounds and you will be transformed from brokenness into wholeness.  

Our Abba Father wants us to be yoked with Yeshua in nature and in purpose so that we can come before the Father in the same manner as Yeshua… in gentleness, meekness and humility. Soon we will start to experience the manifest presence of YHVH wherever we go.

Math 11:29 “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

Thank you Abba, that is such a gift, “rest for our souls.”

I just returned from the USA. What an amazing experience I had. I could see how Abba taught me not to fall into the tendency to do something, but merely remain still and stay in His presence. In that place – the heart of the Father – is where we see Him at work!

To everyone that was so amazing good to us, thank you so very very much for your love and kindness. You have all taken so wonderful care of us. Thank you , thank you so so much. I love you all as my brothers and my sisters. Doesn’t matter how far away in the flesh, but in spirit we are very close.

All is well at home, Abba was faithful like always taken good care of everything.

Love you

Retah and family  

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