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Stay in the Light

Stay in the light – YHVH delights in honest people

1 John 1:9 “If we walk in the light as He is the light, we have fellowship with one another.”

One of the greatest things we have learned is the power of the Glory Light of Yeshua. Whenever I pray the Glory Light, I can see things are happening because, where there was darkness before – it becomes light and truth, Yeshua enters in the dark areas of your soul. The lies of the enemy are exposed and the truth alone sets us free.

To walk in the light means, that we hide nothing from YHVH. We tell Him everything in our hearts even our emotions and invite Him in our pain. The first step towards a love relationship is honesty. Yeshua spoke against hypocrites more than He spoke about anything else. Yeshua does not ask us to be perfect, but to be transparent, take responsibility and be honest. The first thing is to confess my sin immediately to YHVH, be honest and call them by the name. I Retah, have learned to cleanse my DNA while busy repenting “Lord, I also repent for the iniquity, transgressions and rebellion of the same sin in my DNA, I cut myself lose from any curses that we have or words been spoken over us (bewitchment) in Yeshua’s Name.” Don’t always make excuses for your actions, take up your position in Christ, repent, and apply the blood of the Lamb and be set free. Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. The more we walk in darkness in our hearts (hidden sin, anger, un-forgiveness) the less we hear His voice. Don’t always say“God knows my heart” – No, take responsibility and leave your old ways behind!

Prov 28:13 “He who covers his sin will never prosper”

There is something specific that Yeshua is looking for in His Bride, and that is ”the beauty of holiness”.

Holiness is the antitheses of sin, and the beauty of holiness is in direct contrast from the ugliness of sin. Sin is unfaithful towards YHVH. There is no big sin or small sin – it is all the condition of our hearts.  The beauty of holiness is real and genuine, and it differs radically from the beauty of the world. Even when physical beauty is natural, how rarely is it accompanied by the inner beauty of the love of Yeshua that flows out of the heart.

This week someone that participates in the Mrs South Africa pageant came to see me. She had some questions. And one thing she said made me think. “People would do anything to get that crown",she said. I just looked at her and said ”You know, I can only tell you about my life. My heart was so empty, so dark, and so full of rejection when I entered Mrs South Africa 10 years ago. I also thought that this crown would fill some of those holes of darkness in me... But as I walked that night after I won into the hotel room with the crown on my head – nothing changed in my heart – even with the crown on my head! I sat down for a while and started to weep, and then I went on my knees, and did a strange thing. I took the crown off and handed it over to Yeshua and said “Lord, nothing changed in my heart, can You please take this crown and change it to a crown of life (the crown of the over comer). I wiped my tears and got up, not knowing of the journey that waited for me…

John 8:12 “I AM the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness, but he will have the light of life”.

Today I run the race of life – in the light of Yeshua. And I run it to receive the crown of life and no man can ever take that crown away. It is a crown for all who overcome. So let’s not run after fame and riches, and all the things that this world can offer – but stay in the light in His love.

This beauty of holiness is abiding, satisfying, and it differs radically from the beauty of the things of time and sense. Man is more than A MATERIAL CREATURE, AND THEREFORE IT REQUIRES SOMETHING ELSE THAN MATERIAL THINGS TO MEET OUR NEEDS (NO MATTER HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS!). It requires the things of Holy Spirit which alone brings satisfaction. 1 Timothy 6:6 “Godliness with contentment is great gain”. We need to have a thirst for righteousness more than a thirst for self-satisfaction.

The true beauty of Holiness is to glorify YHVH in all we do. O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. This is the only kind of beauty Yeshua cares for in our devotions. Godliness is to the soul, as the light is to the world.

We are leaving for America this weekend. We are always looking forward to what Holy Spirit wants to do. We just abide in Him so that He can do the work. We are taking some ministering tools to the mission school in Laredo Mexico –

Aldo just finish his day and was so eager to get out of the office because it is Friday to go and gym – he ran out and fell (because of his balance we still need to help him when he walks) and he hit his head against the corner of a table. It was just blood all-over. But Yeshua always protects him, and it wasn't as bad as we thought... Ai, what can I say,step by step we will overcome.  

With a still quite peaceful heart, I greet you today in love.

Let’s stay in the light.

Retah and family 

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