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Satan wants to change your DNA

7 June 1013

We are a normal family with a child that is used by YHVH to reveal end time truths. This calling on our lives came at a great cost – but what a privilege to pay this price. We need to walk and stay in the Light, being transparent at all times. Just as Aldo said the people look at the sea of glass where everything which is not transparent are exposed and revealed.

As children of YHVH we will not be able to have mixed seed in us, because all the plagues will fall upon us Rev 9:19-20 a third of mankind was killed by these three plagues – by the fire and smoke and the sulphur that poured from the mouths of the horses  and the rest of humanity who were not killed by these plagues even then did not repent of the worship of the works of their own hands, so as to cease paying homage to the demons and idols of gold and silver and bronze and stone and wood, which can neither see not hear nor move.

Even in our lives we are fighting a mixed seed.  I can see, more than ever, how the enemy has for years blinded our eyes pursuing his goal for us to keep on living in Babylon. Right before our eyes we are watching as things unfold in Abba’s grace. Wisdom reveals and explains through Aldo and then we see and experience them. The problem with all of us is that we want to know "are you talking about flesh or spirit Retah?" Adam and Eve were covered in the Glory of God making them "transparent" - then sin came and we became flesh - "dark". But, the sons of YHVH will die in self, the flesh, and not only their spirits but their souls will also be saturated with Holy Spirit. Yeshua will live in their souls and that is the sanctification process – once again becoming transparent according to His image and likeness. Yeshua’s character will become your character, you will see what He sees, love what He loves and hate what He hates. You will be so sensitive for what is going on in the spirit. For years Aldo said the fight is in our DNA. In the beginning, I could not understand, but you know our journey - we had to fight the DNA. All DNA has memory - it holds the good, the bad and the ugly, the DNA also has senses, and all needs to be sanctified. Every day, Aldo tells us about the fight in the DNA. It is the satanic evil genetic, and superimposed DNA manipulations that create all the sicknesses and tormenting in people’s lives. (if you have missed this teaching you can buy the mp3 - Save my DNA on my website).

Why do we need to fight all the time? - someone asked me. Because, for as long as we are here in this earthly kingdom in Satan’s domain, we have to fight in this unseen battle between good and evil. Most people in church have a hard time even understanding that such a battles exist although they are not living life in abundance (John 10:10). They are under the influences of a satanic mindset –bewitched and programmed. Here it is still all about ‘self’ and my own happiness and pleasures here on earth. Satan has successfully spun a foggy web– blinding and making them unable to see the Truth. This web’s name is SELF, filled with New Age believe systems – operating even in churches – seeking and going after my own happiness, my children, my life – it is all about me, me,me, me- me, myself and idolatory. You know that you are under this web if these are still part of your life - false teachings – seeking events rather than the One True God, people pleasing, being worried about what people will say and their opinion of me more than what Yeshua will say. This dark web is far from the light of Yeshua where we live in transparency, acknowledging our struggles and just being honest in love. We, as God’s children, are in training for the end time battle. We are called to be the warrior bride – pure and selfless.

Satan copies everything – also preparing himself a warrior bride – a harlot bride. That is why we need to get the evil seed out of us, why our seed needs to be sanctified.  For this plan Satan needs man’s seed and yes woman already carry these babies. They are born and are even being snatched out of the womb. This is why we need to know about and become aware of and divorce the spirit husbands and wives attached to our time lines and DNA structures. They impact our lives in so many areas. To learn more go and watch this teaching from Dr Stella Immanuel of

Are the babies flesh or spirit? The Nephilim are already amongst us, they are super beings – a mixture of evil spirit and humanity – Satan once again copying YHVH’s plan for man (His spirit in us against Satan’s spirit in us). I see how everything in the shops are super human – Superman, Super woman, Super powers, - children growing up in this mindset.  Everywhere we see the changing of DNA, Dragulas, Zombies, (do you know how many children / people are already programmed as zombies!!!!!), Vampires, wherewolves, beasts, monsters, aliens. Yes, Satan has sex slaves who willingly give their seed but, even using your tongue to gossip builds his empire on earth. We must always remember there are only two kingdom’s – Light and darkness – which do you serve? 

There are modern-day Nephilim, looking just like us – you will not even know other than that there are so much "super" in them. For years we have been introduced to them and their super natural looks in TV programs and movies. Will you be able to see, what is going on around you? Or do you run after everything "super"– even in the spirit - or do you run after the only living God El Shadai?

1 John 4:4 Little children, you are of God you belong to Him and have already defeated and overcome the agents of the anti-christ, because He Who lives in you is greater (mightier)than he who is in the world.

Yeshua was victorious and He paid the price so that we can be free, and He wants us to fight out of that place of victory! But, you will only be able to fight this battle when you have died and started seeing through the schemes and devices of the enemy. The final battle is NOW, that is why Satan is continuing to destroy human DNA - he wants an army of self-lovers a harlot bride - from all populations with a genetic code that would be under his control. Then he can control you, program you with mind control so that you will be under his control not submitting to Yeshua’s will. How will this work? - we are in that hour! You have to ask yourself who controls your thoughts, your desires, your lusts, that cold heart of yours? Have you died and come under submission to Holy Spirit - where you die to self-lust? For many of God’s children this is not a clear-cut answer. In some areas you may stand in victory but in other areas still struggle and exalt yourself and your own desires.  We call this genetic manipulation - so part of you can love Yeshua but, that mixed seed in you will be programmed to serve your own god and just living for self. Since Satan can’t create like YHVH, he will seek to take YHVH’s creation and twist it, changing it into his likeness, and to be used for his army in the end times. He will give you such a desire for sex that you have to help yourself, then he comes in, helps you out (masturbate) and claim the seed! He doesn't leave it there - no "the Word of YHVH says  - self-control- but he says, " You have needs, so help yourself I need your seed"!

As the second coming of the Messiah is coming soon, Satan is working hard to keep people from the Truth. But, he is succeeding, even with children of YHVH, because we are so much still in the flesh. We still want to work it all out in the flesh. For instance - are there going to be a rapture or not, are we going to have imperishable bodies -how is it all going to work? Ask Holy Spirit to guide and lead you in these things. But, my friend, sometimes I wonder why do you fight or worry about these things - get your life ready, you are still in the flesh, we need to become transparent as sons of God – He is coming for a pure bride. You cannot argue out of flesh – these things are in the spirit and we need to become like Him, please don' t be consumed and side tracked by these. I am not even sure we have the ability to fully understand YHVH’s ways. I know it will not be like we think, expect or even were taught. Aldo keeps on saying He is on His way to come and fetch us - two will sleep and one will be gone, make sure you are living in the spirit and die to flesh!

But I look at Aldo and I see how YHVH uses the foolish to teach the wise. How He always uses the loser and not the winner, how he says loose your life and then you shall win it again.

The fight is for your seed. The fight is to keep us in denial, to keep us in a mixed seed - your heart being occupied by self and YHVH. And remember that ‘self’ can be programmed to serve Satan and self desires.  That is how it was before Noah was saved and populations around him destroyed. Math 24:37-39 As it were in the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. For just as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, men marrying and women being given in marriage, until the very day when Noah went into the ark. And they did not know or understand until the flood came and swept them all away – so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

Come let's help prepare a road of holiness for our King to Come.

We are doing well - walking a journey of trusting YHVH and not looking around. I know that I just need to obey His voice and sound the alarm!!!!!!!

Every morning Aldo takes the ram’s horn and sound the alarm, I said to him, you are waking the neighbors, I don't think this is such a good idea? He looks at me and asks me, ”Why do you always think flesh mommy, the fight is in the spirit.

Thank you that we can learn together. This road is so challenging to me because I have the same battles as you. Wisdom through Aldo keeps on showing us what are hiding in our seed, in our door posts. That is really humbling, but I know I will not be able to fight this end time battle if there are still parts of Satan's seed in me. So now, is the time for preparation, lets prepare and learn how to fight out of victory. That is what Debora had to teach the army.

The enemy has been defeated by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony.

Love you and thank you for hearing without throwing stones at me.

I am in George having a "Woman of faith" conference this weekend.

Lord, when I am weak -You are strong in me.


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