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Return to Me says the Lord

10 May 2013 Much of the body of Christ is sick today – because the plan of the enemy is to cause strong selfish needs or desires within individuals. To accomplish his plan, he must prevent us from being in contact with the real love of YHVH. He uses negative life experiences and deceiving spirits in you and the people around you to blind you from Yeshua’s unconditional love and power. The more you are blinded by Satan, the needier you become for your own fleshly desires and selfish needs to be satisfied. Later, you convince yourself that only you can fulfill those needs in you. You accuse everyone around you for your pain and rejection and your unhappiness in your marriage. The next step will be masturbation, self-satisfaction, adultery, lust with the eyes becoming self-focused, self-centered and self-righteous - fighting the truth of YHVH’s Word just to stay in darkness and believing that you are right. Selfish thoughts and actions lead to self-satisfying. Through this the enemy comes with spiritual mantels of shame, guilt and fear and if you don’t deal with them, the next step is self-defending, pride, greed, lust and ultimately disobedience to Yeshua’s voice. In n my life I was there where I could not see the devices of the enemy. I was so blinded by the veils and deception. It took Wisdom and Holy Spirit to write through Aldo’s pen telling me one day: “ Mom, you are my gatekeeper, but you sit with pride and anger. All those deceiving spirits are in your gates. How can you not see them?” If they are in our gates we are blinded for the truth and our minds are filled with rubbish, we become deceived for the schemes of the enemy. On my face I repented for all those layers of lies and self. I asked Yeshua to put on His Glory light so that I could see the truth, the blood of the Lamb is the only way for you and me to beset free. But, the enemy does everything in his power to keep us blind for what we are really busy doing. Once a disobedient lifestyle is established, the enemy can bring much inner turmoil and outer conflict, thereby causing increased emotional wounds and spiritual deception. Spiritual darkness, deception and dilution opens the door for demonic influences and desires. These inner turmoil will eventually produce negative behavior patterns such as aggression, lust, sexual dreams, pride, the Jezebel spirit operating through you as you manipulate people to follow your believes, withdrawal into fantasy worlds and self-satisfying. Any of these ways are the enemy’s schemes for keeping us “from facing our pain”, but rather running to and satisfying all kinds of fleshly needs. These are all ways of escaping and coping with your inner turmoil and stress. What we don’t understand is whatever I do on earth is connected with the kingdom of darkness or the Kingdom of Light. Satan doesn’t want you out of church, he only wants you to stay in the mixed seed, living a double life! If you can say “Yeshua loves me”, that’s all that count – I don’t need to worry about my deliberate sin, then Satan has you in his claws. He needs people to stay in sin, stay in adultery, masturbation, lust to produce seed for the Nephilim! How blind, just how blind was the bride of Christ all this time? Satan is rising up an army and he needs your seed! But when we really see and understand the true abundant love of our King, that He and He alone can save us through His Blood, then we become so thankful and in love with Him that we move towards ultimate closeness with Him, and we choose Holiness, and the road of sanctification. There in Him we experience the reality of His peace, protection, provision, joy and love in His presence. As we repent of our double lives we enter intimately into His glorious presence and His Glory light stays in us to expose the devices and schemes of Satan. Thecross, personal salvation, baptism of Holy Spirit and the indwelling Spirit of Christ in us are the foundational building blocks of the overcomer's life. The reality of YHVH’s Kingdom “now” – His kingdom patterns and exposing of the truth from the lies - allow us to see where we are and what changes we need to make. Yeshua the Anointed One is our source of power for change in our lives. I do get a lot of people that do not like these truths, but I am so sorry I am not called to tell you the things that tickle your ears – but only what Yeshua is revealing through His Spirit to Aldo now in this hour. I know it is only YHVH, because I would not choose to talk about the Nephilim but Yeshua keeps on speaking to Aldo about teaching His Bride the truth. Yeshua did not send Aldo back for me, but for the body of Christ so that we all can learn together. Let’sall focus on Yeshua and ask Him to reveal all truth to you. I am really at aplace where I say please Abba –search my heart dear Lord! Ibless you. Tinus and I are leaving for Europe and with quietness in my spirit Iknow we are moving into the hour were we need the Truth – because only thetruth shall set us free. Love you Retah and family 

Rubbish in people’s minds are fighting them, preventing them to hear the truth.  The Ram is Baal.  His thoughts in their minds defile them.  Repent Mam. Bitter fear is the root of their captivity.  Mam, repent that the words people spoke about you, hurt you.  You are in Jesus Christ,in thankfulness.  Samuel says, we live in truth, peace and love. Ruth, those who do not want to hear the truth cannot understand that Jesus Christ is on His way. The lie says:  Stay with us, lukewarm, you don’t need to know anything more. Ruth, they are going to get such a fright when they realize Lucifer became their god without them realizing it Deborah (Retah).  See that hell needs the seed of people for the Nephilum. Those who satisfy themselves carry the fruit of Lucifer’s personal handiwork.  Yeshua will You please help us, we are blind.  Ruth helps the bride because You reveal the truth to her. Prayer helps the veil to lift.  People captured in Babylon are laughing at you Ruth, but keep on He will stay with you.

Love Aldo

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