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Our expectation - or the God-kind of expectation?

We all expect many things in and from life, but our expectations don’t always turn out the way we hoped and planned. If our expectations are based on events, circumstances or things we are heading for great disappointment.

What about when what I face is not so favourable?

If we really want to see YHVH’s work in our lives, we have to raise our level of expectation to having complete faith in YHVH and not being dependant on our own abilities and ways.

Life is so much more than just getting what you want. Getting up and going to work every day, having the best car or home, or even going on a great vacation. Life is so much more than our constant focus of accumulating more and more stuff - having all that your eyes see and desire!

Have you found real life yet?

The God-kind of expectation goes far beyond events, or the perfect circumstances. It is not rooted in things that we have control over. It is rooted in a supernatural force that only comes by having faith in YHVH and His Word. It is from the inside out. It comes when you are anchored in Him, having complete faith in Him and His abilities.

Because the God-kind of expectation is not based on natural things, you can never become discouraged. You keep on expecting the best that Yeshua has in store for you, whilst you do your best. You know that delays and disappointments are not there to discourage you, because your eyes are on Yeshua and not on the situation or circumstances.  You are rooted and grounded in Christ and you are anchored in His love and joy.

You will keep on trusting and expecting the best that Yeshua has in store for you, even when the situation looks impossible – because He is the God who rules over the impossible. El Shaddai – the God who are All Mighty!

Romans 4:18 speaks of Abraham that had this kind of expectation. We refer to this as ‘The God-kind of expectation’.  Whether you see, or don’t see – you keep on trusting that YHVH will make a way! Maybe not the way you planned, but His plans for us are always the best!

In the natural realm, Abraham didn’t have any reason to have hope. His situation truly looked impossible. But his expectation were not based on the natural realm, it was based on YHVH’s promises. And that is why he kept his hope and his faith in YHVH. He kept his hope regardless of what he saw.

We all face these situations daily. But, I have learned to start living my life in another realm – the realm of the supernatural. We need to be anchored in Christ to live there. There we are anchored in ‘hope, faith and love’. This ‘hope’ means that you are anchored and understand the fact that YHVH is true to His word. This means that you are holding on to the God that has the power to overrule everything. Doing things His way!  That is the God- kind of expectation.

This is such an incredible walk – because I always see, and taste far more than I have hoped for. He is just no man that He could lie. 

When we have our expectations anchored in Christ, we will not be moved by how we feel, or what things look like. You have to move to another realm – the realm of faith in Christ our King. His ways are far better than ours. All He asks of us is to surrender all into His hands, trusting Him and using our words to create life and not to kill, obeying His voice and living life to the full.

Life is not about us, it is all about Him!

Hebrews 10:23 Let us hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.

We celebrate Chantel’s birthday today. We are taking her to the most beautiful place just outside of Stellenbosch - Postcard Café. Tinus, myself, Josh and Semone were there last weekend after we went for a run in the mountains. I said to Josh, “No pressure on you Josh, but one day you can get married here”. He just laughed, “Yes, right Mom, no pressure!”

Life is beautiful – let’s celebrate life!

Retah and family

Letter Translation: 

"Mom, your blessings helps me a lot."

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