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Love the Lord your God with all your heart

I ask you today – do you love Yeshua with all your heart, soul and strength and with everything in you – I mean everything? This means my heart is yielded towards the divine will of my Abba Father for my life. Willingly I surrender to the purification and refinement process in each area of my life – all from a place of love and not because I have to!

Deut 6:5 You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and all your strength.

The foundation of this truth is based on His abundant love for us and our love and appreciation for His great work of redemption in our lives. But, at this moment there is a great war raging in the souls of those who are being prepared to be used as vessels of honour to the King. This is the battle of light versus darkness within man’s soul.

Rom7:23-25 I see a different law in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin which is in my members. Wretch man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death? Thanks be to God through Yeshua our Lord!

Darkness’ hidden agenda in my soul is to bring the fruits of ‘death in the spirit’ out in me. I will not be able to hear Yeshua’s voice. I will not thirst for rightness but, will seek the rankings of the world. I will run after acceptance of man, live a double life and hide behind a mask of pretence. I will do everything out of brokenness and will treat other people out of this place - killing, stealing and destroying people’s lives. I will bring in false fire were I go, I will lie, be full of pride and will always see what I can gain from others.

Sin living in our members was imparted with the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. We are therefore born out of a ‘double’ DNA and seed - one of fallen man and one of righteousness. The fallen DNA brings death to my (body, soul and spirit) and separates me from the strongest desire… and that is - intimacy with Yeshua. Because of this  ‘double’ in me, I serve both fear and faith and have both light and darkness in my members -  a double mind, a double heart, a double believe system a double calling. You will find that your personal strength is insufficient to win this war. You are not going to win this war with a set of rules, no – you will overcome only by the Blood of Yeshua and love for your King.  The healing comes through true repentance and a heart opened up for truth, because only the truth shall set us free! What a devastating thought when you realise through Holy Spirit that the double in you also has a double calling. You are called by darkness to bring death and destruction into people’s lives. You are called to break up a family or to destroy a ministry. This double calling will work through your pain and generational inheritance until it is acknowledged and brought to the Light.   Not many people get to this place. The ‘double’ will be quite obvious in your life, your family and your children. But, when you are in that ‘double’ you always point a finger at other people – making you unwilling and unaware of the darkness raging in you and its devastating effect on your life.  This ‘double’ in you will only be exposed if you truly have a yearning for Yeshua, calling out to Him: ‘I am struggling within, please help me fight this inward fight.  Please Yeshua put on your Glory Light in all my body, soul, spirit and show me the darkness in me, show me the double in me, show me the brokenness in me through which I live my life.’  

Only then – with a broken heart, yielding towards true love for the Messiah – will your spirit open up to His truth! By coming out of denial through the help of Holy Spirit can I start taking responsibility for my actions, repent with a broken heart, bring my broken emotions to Him and trade my darkness for His Light. And so my healing will start transforming me into His image and likeness – living an abundant life!

Jas 1:8 [For being as he is] a man of two minds (hesitating, dubious, irresolute), [he is] unstable and unreliable and uncertain about everything [he thinks, feels, decides].

It was the best day of my life when Yeshua started showing me the real condition of my heart. Yes, it was a devastating picture, but I love Him so, so much and was so grateful that He allowed Aldo through Wisdom to write to me: ‘Mom, you are a gate keeper in my life and all your ‘double’ darkness that you hold onto through your pain, DNA and seed was passed on to me. This is what is hidden in you Mom, and I got it all from you! The enemy fights me and wants to kill me because you opened the window and traded.’

Husbands pass their darkness on to their wives, wives there darkness on to their husbands, parents to children and so the cycle repeats. Broken fathers break their children - same with mothers. How can we say we love our children but, choose to stay in denial and in darkness? This was such a turning point in my life, because he revealed to me how people impart darkness into each other through covenants and ties - sexual, emotional, friendship, spiritual and business. Even Chantelle is a gate to Aldo and Aldo to her. So, if she has hidden darkness in her, that is exactly what will fight him and try to keep him out of his calling in Yeshua, and the same with him. I know what I am talking about, because we walk the walk - out of brokenness into wholeness, out of darkness into the light. And I cannot let Aldo and Chantelle get married before they deal with the darkness and brokenness in them. Abba was so faithful that he allowed us to go to their pain in detail. Not easy, but a wonderful walk of humbleness - the price of getting free and healed are so great! They take hands and work through it daily. I learn so much from what Wisdom reveals about both of them and believe me, the enemy hates that! He just wants to keep the ‘double’ in all of us. He wants to steal Yeshua’s anointing of Truth and Light in us and keep the ‘double’ hidden in us. It is beautiful to see how they both receive healing. Aldo writes: ‘I see how Yeshua’s light shines into our wounds and we receive healing by acknowledging, repenting and taking responsibility for our darkness and ‘double’. And as they pray for His light He reveals so many things that are going on in the spirit. YHVH will not allow His bride to be a harlot double hearted bride. We need to choose life or death! Blessing or cursing, light or darkness!  We have no other choice than to completely break with darkness, break with gossip, with hate and the jealousy in our lives. Pray for those who hate you. Aldo writes to me that hate and anger in people looks like a mountain that explode into fiery lava. And this fiery lava of hate, anger, jealousy, gossip etc. are Satan’s secret weapons used to destroy the person you hate so much. You see the fight is in the spirit. These thoughts and emotions are like witchcraft and curses. In this hatred you operate out of Satan’s ‘double calling’ in your life to kill, steal and destroy people!!!!! And only the love of YHVH can get you to a place where you are willing to say ‘I will lay it all down - husbands for wives, wives for husbands and parents for children.’  What does it mean? I need to acknowledge the darkness and ‘double’ within me, and I need to acknowledge that I live a double life. How would I know? Typically, I will struggle to hear his voice, I will not be living an abundant live in Christ and I will not have an intimate love relationship with Yeshua.

We need to get into the Light; we need to face the truth about ourselves. Go on your knees, call unto Him, invite Him into your darkness and pain and see how He restores life and light onto you. I see so many marriages breaking up because of the ‘double’ in people. Aldo and Chantelle are walking this walk of purification - which we all should’ve walked before we got married. You can say, ‘I did not choose the pain, the brokenness through which Satan works in me.’  That might be true but that why Yeshua died for you and me, He knew of this and wanted to set your free.  

I look at Paul and how he appealed for the deliverance of his soul from the spiritual opposition working contrary to the true desire of his heart. So today I say ‘Thanks be to YHVH through Yeshua my King, we can all be free and experience victory in this battle as we surrender to the fortifying work of YHVH.’

If you choose Light, you will be called an ‘overcomer’. Yeshua will have His overcoming victorious army who inherit the great promises reserved specifically for those who choose life. Our grace is the impartation of His heart - our desire to be fully submitted to the will of our Father.

‘Abba Father, thank you that You train us to be part of Your army.  The fights are often for life and death. The enemy will use people very close to us, to fight, kill, steal and destroy the calling and the anointing on our lives. The price is high because the fights are real in the spirit, and the enemy will try anything to steal what You have called us for. We know that he will use our brokenness and pain - anything that is not surrendered into Yeshua’s hands.  Thank you Yeshua that I know today that You care about each one of us, everyone reading this letter. You want us in light and out of darkness. You want us in Your heart and not hiding in a dark inner world.  Thank you that You take all of our brokenness and heal us so that we can be vessels of honour - all for Your Glory!

This is a journey – walked day by day and as I surrender - Yeshua can work. We love You Yeshua – all for Your love!

Please - Look at your life through Yeshua’s eyes.

I bless you my friend, run the race of faith!

Retah and family. 

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