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Little foxes always have a big impact

24 May 2013

Ps 20:1-3 May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble!  May the name of the God of Jacob set you up on high and defend you; send you help from the sanctuary and support, refresh, and strengthen you from Zion.  Remember all your offerings and accept your burnt sacrifice.

     Many times we become disappointed in people, situations and with ourselves, but don’t give up! Some issues are simply beyond your control and Yeshua is waiting for you to give it over to Him. We become so frustrated – but I have seen that most pain in life is because of unmet needs, unresolved issues and hurts that have not healed yet. These are the wounds in people’s lives.  And when you don’t invite the Glory Light of YHVH to expose them – it will manifest and will come out through your pain. The Light shows us the lies in our wounds, the judgments, that keep these lies in place, and most of all, the Truth – because only the Truth shall set us free. Yeshua is saying to me “ Retah, be on guard all the time, make sure your walls are built – because the enemy is out there to send all the little foxes to destroy the land of my children. Don’t move My child – stand and be guarded with the armor of light. The enemy hates that I reveal the truth in the hearts of my people. But I don’t want My bride to be part of the Harlot bride. Stand my child I will protect you.”

Rom_13:12  The night is far gone and the day is almost here.  Let us then drop (fling away) the works and deeds of darkness and put on the full armor of light.

Disappointment that people speak over you is a deceiving little fox, sneaking in before you know it. The plan is to distract you from Me, the enemy even bewitches my children with words and they cannot even see it.  So many people believe anything they hear.  Demons also speak,so we need to know Yeshua’s voice.  It is the little foxes that ruin the vineyard. Those voices just want to distract and disappoint you, the simplest irritation or unfulfilled expectation can then turn into a mountain of frustration.  All this just to open the door in your heart and once that door is open the enemy weigh you down with robbing your faith in Yeshua, your hope and all your joy. Look at yourself today. Did you open that door – or did you give all your frustrations and your questions to Him? This open door will lead to frustration, assumption and it will steel your hope in Yeshua. Take time to stop and take all your thoughts captive, communicate with Holy Spirit and He will lead you back into peace. We, as the body, need to get to a place where we start living a mature life in Christ. You cannot forever look towards man for acceptance.  So many people have pain from being rejected and I see it in all of our lives, it is because you are not rooted and grounded in Christ that you are seeking acceptance from people.  No – Yeshua is enough! It is in front of Him that you are going to stand, so be transparent to Him and man, love Him and live so that life can flow through you to others around you.  Don’t let your thoughts run away from you.  Remember, trouble is stealing your faith and peace in YHVH.

Let’s get to a place where we rejoice when we can be confronted with our mistakes. It is a time to repent of it, turn your back on it, put your hand in His hand and keep on walking with your eyes fixed on Him alone.  This is a journey – just stay in His Light and He will always protect you. He will never cover your pride! Stay in the place of humbleness and communion thereby avoiding the schemes of the devil, which leads to discouragement.

“ My child, I am always ready to help. Put all your pain and frustrations in My hands. Give all your disappointments to Me this very moment and see My glory manifest in your life. Stay in Me - Adonai.  The joy, faith, hope and love that is in you is a precious gift, don’t be robbed of it. Stay walking in the Spirit, I am a high tower – run to Me. People want to hurt you, but I will protect you – just stay in Me”

O Lord, I love You and deeply yearn for You, thank You that You are my dearest friend. I accept these words of instruction and encouragement today. I submit to You in humility and obedience.My faith is in You and You alone.  Holy Spirit, fill me to overcome and let Your mercy overflow in me.

The remnant will be an overcomer.

Love you all

Retah and family

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