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In the Shelter of the Most High

When we walk in the shelter of and the abiding presence of YHVH, we will choose against a life of compromise. Time and again I see how the evil that hides in brokenness, the lust of the world and even our selfish love destroy people’s lives. You will either destroy your strongholds through the Blood of Yeshua or the strongholds will destroy you. We have to take up our responsibility for the condition of our lives and for those of our children. This means that I cannot continue living in denial. In the shelter of the Most High you will be confronted with your darkness. Holy Spirit will show you all your denial and you will learn to face the truth about yourself. People always want an easy way out of their problems. But, there is none, you have to deal with all the darkness and face the pain. It is done layer by layer. Yes, you need to be patient, just as Yeshua is patient with us. If you can only see the condition of so many children’s lives, then you as a parent will take up your responsibility! This condition cannot be fixed by money. I read the mails and my heart cries out – let us make a choice today to choose life!

We need to take up our seats in heavenly places; no longer living a divided life by also living in the valley of death and hell. People love to proclaim Ephesians 2:6 ‘We are seated with Christ in heavenly places’, but the proof of this is not evident in their lives.  I hear how they say; “All hell is loose!” What they don’t realise is yes, the seal came off, because you were triggered and whatever was in you came out.

Our whole spirit needs to function out of this place – ‘The shelter of the Most High’.  This is where we live our lives covered by His divine protection and peace. Holy Spirit never just instructs us into truth, no, He always teaches us, and ‘leads’ us into truth. Even if it is through the dark storms of life and sometimes even through the darkness in us that stands up against His light.

After Yeshua was baptized by John, His sonship was affirmed. Then He was ‘led’ into the wilderness. Yeshua often speaks to us through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 4:1 Then Yeshua was led up by The Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.

When we hear the words –‘being led by Holy Spirit’, we never think of being led by Holy Spirit to face our giants or being ‘led’ to get the darkness out of us. Before Yeshua was ‘led’ into doing miracles, He was ‘led’ by Holy Spirit into battle; and this war was over the purity of His heart. His character was proven through conflict.

The word ‘tempted’ means to be tested or proven. These words are so deep to me. Yeshua was always without sin, yet He learned obedience through the things He suffered! As the Son of YHVH He had to suffer! Yes, and likewise we have to go through difficulties. Abba Father is never afraid that we won’t make it. He knows that - as long as we call out unto Him and stay in the shelter of His abiding presence – that He will cover us. He knows that after a certain amount of brokenness we are so much more useable as a vessel of honour. When you come out of your denial, it feels like brokenness. But, it is only the thick walls of denial that is breaking. Only then can Holy Spirit go to the real brokenness and the root of your pain.

To find shelter from someone, you need to stand close to that person. Yeshua asks of us to be one with Him. I am the vine and you are the branches – being one with Him grants me divine protection. We need to stand against sin and a life of compromise. We need to choose truth and light. If not, we live a double life and not every part of us will be under His divine protection. How many times have we deceived ourselves in the midst of our Christian walk?

Our whole lives are made up of learning lessons and then passing those tests; or even writing and rewriting tests - as often as are deemed necessary. These tests are never about mere knowledge, but focuses on the proof of passing the test. This is a heart that is changed into the likeness of YHVH. It produces a content heart, a heart filled with love and peace in the midst of the most difficult situations.

Don’t ever fear the fires of life. Yeshua will always be with us even in our trials. Just keep on calling out to Him. We need to become whole and one with Him. We need to come under the divine protection of the Most High God – El Elyon.

Then will we see how the Living waters will start flowing out from our innermost beings. People will be able to drink from these waters and not from our doctrines. Children look at our lives, more than they listen to our words.

I can see how all these tests in life ‘lead’ us into maturity. We are all like a well and whatever is in us will come out of us. We can only feed people with that which come out of us. And that my friend, is what our children taste every day.  

Yeshua, please help us to keep our hearts turned towards You. Please strip away our self-deception. Take away our veils of denial, expel all our excuses. I humble myself before You, please take control of my life and always lead me by Your Spirit into the shelter of Your love.’

I want to encourage you today to run the race of faith –don’t stop! It is a race, and He will help us till the very end.

Aldo said to me; “Mom, thank you that you always help and pray for me, please don’t stop Mom!”  I just smiled and saw him writing some more.

 – ‘Joy comes in the morning’.

Psalm 30:5 For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.  

It is not difficult to do Aldo, it is what I believe Abba wants all of us to be – a well of living water - one from which everyone can drink  – ‘Christ in us, the hope of Glory’.

I want to thank you all for running the race of faith with us, learning with us. And thank you so much for loving us. 

Retah and family.

Letter Translation: I want to thank Hanna, gently she keeps on fighting for me. 

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