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If there is no mind change, there is no life change

There is a battle in the mind of man. The enemy wants to keep our minds captive and as long as it is captive, we can try as we want, renewal is impossible. You can read prayers, you can repeat things over and over again, you can read scriptures – no matter how hard and what we try, nothing will change. The truth is that unless we have a change of mind, our problems and failures will keep on coming back.

Our problem is that our minds are trapped in a place of darkness where we are constantly being programmed with lies. We need to look the pain or lies in the eyes and deal with them together with Holy Spirit. I like to call it ‘coming into now consciousness and dealing with the evil fruits of our lives’.

You simply have to deal with your hurts, your unbelieving heart, your pride, insecurities and all the other nagging things you daily choose to ignore. To deal with it, you have to acknowledge them and invite Holy Spirit into each situation and/or thought. We have to allow YHVH to expose the roots of our pain. Only then can we see the truth and start to acknowledge our hatred, bitterness, or pride… Then we have to repent and choose to come into the truth. And only the Truth shall set us free.

We have to ask Holy Spirit daily to help us discern the truth from the lies. In doing this I renew my mind into a divine mind - the mind of Christ.

The mind of Christ not only renews our thinking and sets us free from ourselves, other people’s opinions of us, or from our circumstances, but it also gives us the Godly Wisdom we need to be aware of and discern the deceptions of the enemy.

How can we know if our feelings are true or false? The key is His mind in us. YHVH is able to penetrate deep into the dark painful areas of our souls. He exposes and allows us to see the truth so that we can take responsibility, repent, and come to the truth through Holy Spirit. Many a time these truths can only be seen in the storms of our lives.  Healing comes and we are set free from ourselves and our ungodly thoughts. He roots out the deep hidden secrets of doubt and fear and exposes the strongholds of the enemy.

Our Abba Father wants us to know the truth in our innermost parts. He wants us free.

Jeremiah 1:10  See, I have this day set thee over nations and over kingdoms, to root out, to pull down, to destroy and to throw down, (but then) to build and plant again.

I believe that YHVH allows us to be broken through the trials and the storms we face in life so that we will be confronted with and face the dark hidden condition of our minds. Only then will we realize that we need a renewing of the mind. I learn from Job that YHVH uses storms in our lives to correct us, teach us and then always extends mercy towards us. He said in Job that the storms come from the ‘south’. And ‘south’ is the Hebrew word cheder; which the Bible also uses to describe the ‘hidden chambers’, or the ‘innermost part of our minds’. Or in today’s terms you can call it the hidden pain in our unconscious and subconscious minds.

You see, it is the deep, dark pain that carries the evil fruit in our lives. And that is what brings the tormenting and storms into our lives. It will remain until we start inviting Holy Spirit in, so as to bring it all to the ‘now conscious’. Through this we can start taking responsibility for our lives.  As I then apply the Blood of Yeshua to my dark pain and sin, I will start to taste the mercy that Job spoke of.

Yes, we all have storms, but these storms come from our deep inward chambers. He allows and uses this out of His love for us, to set us free from Satan’s grip over our minds, to disciple us like a Father and to force us to deal with our sin.  I thank YHVH for His mercy that He started the process of renewing our minds and dealing with our wounds; exposing the storms, cleansing us and expelling the works of the enemy in us.

I just love these beautiful words from the scripture – ‘YHVH accepted Job’ - that is what He wants to say to you and me.  It is all about love – and as we renew our minds, we begin to bear fruit that brings life.

Remember – YHVH uses our storms to expose the true condition, the self life, in our hidden chambers. But, by inviting Holy Spirit in, we fully surrender ourselves and allow Him to bring healing to all our pain.

I can only thank Yeshua today for allowing me to confront my dark hidden pain, because that sets me free from ‘self’.

I am so excited, I am off this weekend, and we are going to the beach! This year I allowed myself to have some off weekends, and I feel so spoiled and blessed.

We used to go only three times a year because it was so far away from home.  Now we live only one hour away from Yzerfontein. Tinus and my mom is flying in, so we are all dressed up and ready to go.

I bless you my friend with knowing – all is well. Abba is in control of your life. Just keep on surrendering your dark hidden pain. YHVH will finish what He has started in all of us.

Love you.                                                                                                                                   

Retah and family.

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