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I Build with my Words

19 October 2013

Psalm 20:7-8 “ Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the Name of the Lord our God. They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm”.

Yes, the darts of the enemy wants to make us fall, but we will stand up and rise again and stand firm! So many things are happening in the spirit in October. Our journey is not always easy but, today, I know what a privilege it is to walk this journey with Aldo. How he daily explains through Holy Spirit (Wisdom or Truth) as he calls Him – what is going on in the spirit. What is revealed is often a real challenge to me because not only does it reveal a 'battleground' but also prompts me to speak out - because if you know things – you cannot just leave it unsaid!

Victory comes by overcoming. And to be an overcomer –you need to overcome a challenge or war! I know Holy Spirit is raising up an army for Armageddon. So you as the Bride of Yeshua will be taught to fight. You will fight and pray, pray and fight for your family, just as Nehemiah taught us to do.

I sometimes receive very challenging emails that are throwing darts at me. These come from Christians who feel that they need to tell me how I bewitch the body of Christ, because people experience war in there lives. I also receive letters from Satanists who are very angry because I reveal Truth to the Body. Just to come home where Aldo would write “Mom, you need to cover yourself and take the darts out of your heart –because Jezebel in this person (….) is pouring acid on you with their words of accusation - they wants to paralyze you. Wash it off with the Blood of Yeshua and forgive them. Mom, now you have to go to the heavenly court and go and repent for you and your fore fathers that spoke the same kind of evil words over men and woman of YHVH."

I want to explain something to you today, and I believe Holy Spirit will teach you the fullness of this truth. We all need to build the walls around our souls to be saved from the fiery darts of the enemy.But, if there are still judgements (unrepented sin, harden hearts, judgement and many more ) against you and your fore fathers in the heavenly courts- the principalities and powers in the air will know and use this to curse you because they know it will have effect. We all know that a curse without a cause cannot land.

Unrepented sin in your DNA is like velcro – any loose ends will stick to it. But, as you repent and receive increased anointing of Holy Spirit (oil) and by applying of the Blood of the Lamb your velcro will become clean and nothing will be able to stick. But, this is a process of sanctification ,one which I believe is lifelong for all of us.

All the unsanctified areas of your life are the places where the familiar spirits of your family will still live in you. Their purpose is to keep you blind and deaf and to operate through you to harm the people around you - the body of Christ. You can be a Christian with the best intentions but, – Jezebel, Baal, Leviathan and all the principalities will use these dry areas of your life to work through you to hurt others.

So what is upsetting you so much? I see a war in people’s lives! My friend, the Kingdom of YHVH operates differently from the Kingdom of darkness in this wold.

Isa 55:8,9 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord.For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.”

What looks as war to you –Yeshua calls “healing”. Before all the demonic strongholds in you don’t get delivered and all brokenness gets healed there will be no fullness in you. Yeshua wants you to get out of your graves - those areas where you can't see anything, you are blinded, filled with denial and pride. He wants us to experience life in abundance. Aldo wrote the other day: 'It is time for Lazarus to get out of the grave!' For any big tree to be uprooted – it will take effort, some sweat (a battle) and time to get out. I have never seen a big tree being uprooted by just looking at it, or by simply hoping and trusting that it will disappear. Even Yeshua saw the fig tree did not had any fruit, and He cursed the root.  The body of Christ is so blinded by the demonic web over us. It blinds our eyes from seeing the truth. We think - I am in His will only when all is going well. I was so fast asleep all my life.  I did not understand or know what it means or looks like in the spirit to be sanctified or that it involves a process.

Do you really think that familiar spirits that stayed in your family for decades will just get out of you and your children if there are still legal ground or darkness in you? Do you believe that they are not going to make a fuss when you start bringing in the Light and Truth! Come on, we were so deceived and in denial for years. 

Now, why do Jezebel just love it when we do not pray for one another but rather point a finger in judgement at others? Because she wants to use you! You as a Christian have a lot of authority. You have Christ in you, you have power in your tongue.  That is why the enemy knows that where two or more gather together, there are power in their words. He uses you as the generator to generate evil power in the spirit that he can tap into. He knows that only he can use your evil words. Jezebel is using Christians against each other - this is helping her a lot! A house divided by itself combined with the power of the enemy is so strong because they are in unity.

So, what if we really think that you bewitch the body of Christ – are we not allowed to say it? If you understand the power of your words, and you understand that the Word of YHVH says “Love one another as you love yourself”- then you will do it differently. You will go on your knees and start interceding for Retah. And as you ask Holy Spirit ”how do You want us to handle this matter? We surrender it to You and now we ask You to open up a way for us to go and see her, maybe take an elder with,and go in love and pray with her and say to her what we think." This would be a wonderful time of intersession where the body of Christ can take hands.This would create an opportunity to listen to her side, to hear how she explains her journey, and gain an understanding of the call of Yeshua on her life to teach the body - the Nephilim,  the harlot bride, the mixed seed, spiritual husbands and wives, our part in all of this and how the enemy hates what she does. Maybe she can show us all the life threats on her life, and maybe then Holy Spirit can touch our hearts so that we can see more clearly the life in the spirit through His eyes? I can show you email upon email of how many people are being set free through the Light and Truth of Yeshua. Maybe there would even be an opportunity to meet Aldo. A humble brain injured young man, who willingly chose this road to walk the unknown to teach the body of Christ the deeper things of the Spirit through Holy Spirit. Maybe, you can even read his journals how he hears from Holy Spirit every day and just obeys His voice. How he is so sensitive to Holy Spirit that he explains to us every now and then what our voices echoed in the spirit today -  the times when we were angry and reacted out of our pain,and he wasn’t close - but still heard the anger echo out of our spirits and he saw our angry words like vomit over that person. "Come Mom, or Dad,you need to repent, you cannot leave that person with the vomit over him". Humbly, this taught me the power of my words - because he heard right. And when I started to pray and bless those who hurt me, he saw a beautiful light over them. You could even maybe stay one night to see how we have to war in the spirit because the enemy hates what Aldo through Holy Spirit reveals to the Body. Like last night how he fought for breath, become blue and only at 23:30 had breakthrough after much prayer, communion, using the immobilizer, steaming his chest.  Not to speak of the nights that we sit with him whilst being attacked with epilepsy. You can even stay to see how I lie flat before Christ and trade my tears for joy! Because I know nothing,  I am only a mom, caring and fighting for my children, my DNA and many others that suffer because of brokenness. Christ came so that we can be set free and can be made whole. But, we are fighting an invisible enemy (familiar spirits in our DNA) that come from one generation to the next to kill, steal and destroy. Why would you not take up this calling to be part of changing your generation out of a cursed generation, into a blessed generation?

I see the breakthrough in our life. I see how Yeshua restores the broken heart of Aldo and my family - from all that came through family curses in our DNA. How do you expect me to stop just because war broke out in people's lives after they found out what they are fighting?  My friend, this is not bewitchment – this is life, real life! Are you willing to fight for your marriage, for your addicted children? You have to take up your sward , repent, get it cleansed by the Blood - Yeshua is always there to help you. Yes, the spiritual husbands and wives are angry, because they are being revealed. But, for a marriage to be restored you both have to divorce the spirit husbands and wives all through the guidance of Holy Spirit. That kind of war is so worth wile. But, people are so afraid, why? It is Christ in you that teaches you what to do.

But – what  if Holy Spirit said “ Retah, you are wrong,” Then I will gladly be the first to bow down and repent,taking full responsibility for what I did, and would ask Yeshua to forgive me. Remember what the Word of YHVH says - It was in a discussion about another ministry and the outcome was this “Be very careful, because WHAT IF she IS from YHVH? And If she is not, then He said that HE HIMSELF WILL take me out – and if He doesn't - you just have to love me still. Even if you find this ministry very strange and it doesn't fit into your comfort zone. Just because someone minister things of the spirit that we do not understand, doesn’t say it is wrong. You have to look through Yeshua’s eyes.

The Body of Christ needs to cover one another in prayer, not with judgements. We need to always have the character of Yeshua and not that of your father Satan as the Word said. 

Words are curses. Words hurt people. It is all about the attitude behind the words and thoughts. The moment you open your mouth you release power. It has power to build up, or to break down - to bless or to curse. So our words are building blocks that send out power. This is like trading in the spirit. You trade with words, deeds, thoughts, judgements, opinions etc.  You know that in the spirit your thoughts are as loud as your words!  So even we as Christians can release our words to generate a path for the demonic to get to someone. And then we become slaves for Satan. Words bind people in the spirit, and withhold them to do what Yeshua asked them to do. As I agree with your opinion about another person in “gossip” – we take hands in the spirit and the trading becomes even stronger. Our actions (the good, the bad, and the ugly) become part of my DNA, of what I pass on to my children.

Let's lean unto YHVH, let's lean unto His strength,His Wisdom, His understanding – which is stronger than the wisdom of man. There are still so many things that we do not understand – please make peace with the fact that you do not know everything.

Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your parts.” 

Let’s trust in Yeshua and not in man.

I am leaving for the United States next week. I just want to be His hands and feet. I see the letter that Aldo writes about my trip and see how Abba wants the Body of Christ to stand up, and train our spirit in Godliness. It is because our spirits are so weak, that we cannot discern what is of Holy Spirit and what not. Our spirits cannot even discern the “sons of YHVH, or His ways”. YHVH said, you are so deceived, do not look at the flesh, but at the heart of man. Our spirits need to wake up!!!! Yeshua is coming.

How I love this journey, (even through fire) I will never choose it for another! It is in the fire that we learn and get purified. Let's love one another and pray for one another. Even when Holy Spirit allows me to know who you are who said all these things –I still love you!

Love Retah and family

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