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I Always cover you with my love

Habakkuk 2:14 For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters covers the sea.

In the mornings I have the privilege of running up the mountain and to become still in the glory and presence of YHVH. This morning I ran up to the top and sat down and looked over the beautiful mountains and the trees. The skies and the heavens were spread out like a canopy over the earth, and I heard my Abba say, “I cover you every day like the heavens cover the earth.”  The wind is blowing today and I know it is because of YHVH’s command.  Even the seas are held within their banks at His Word. It doesn’t matter how the seas roar and spray, all things are held together within their boundaries all through His power and majesty. This is how safe we are in Him, even if life sometimes roars around us.

Sitting on a rock I heard His soft gentle voice. “I AM the beginning and the end. Retah, nothing is hidden from Me, all is held in the palm of My hand. All the beauty surrounding you, all you can see, was made as a gift, a habitation in which to dwell and to experience My great love for you.”  How thankful I am to be in this new season of my life were I can enjoy this beauty.

Every circumstance we experience becomes but a drop in the ocean when we consider who YHVH is.

“I AM a mountain of strength in your day of need. I see how your problems are your mountains. But, by faith I want you to speak to your mountains. I want you to climb your mountain and overcome your fears.  Even your setbacks are a wonderful tool in My hands to teach and instruct you in the way you should go. But, will you let Me? Will you climb the mountain with Me? And the fitter you become; the more you will trust Me – until you will be able to run up the mountain. You will experience My grace, mercy and love. When you get lost and call to Me, I will put you back on the right path. As you see Me moving on your behalf our relationship will grow deeper and deeper. When you experience My grace on your life, it will deepen the knowledge of My love for you in your heart.”

I have two wonderful friends visiting me this week from Gauteng. So I just had to take them up the mountain with me. I said, “We can walk up, but you just have to come with me.” It was steep and difficult, and one of my dear friends said, “When I could not carry on – I just called unto YHVH and it felt like the wind helped me up.” So we reached the top. I have learned that YHVH uses everything in our lives, even the bad things He shapes and moulds to our advantage. It was so beautiful when we reached the top - and even if she wondered if she would make it, she did!  The process of climbing and being so tired, reaching the top made her confidence grow as she discovered that she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her. What a good team we make with Yeshua on our side!

Her foot had a blister, and now the downhill waited. I knew it would be painful, but sometimes you have to learn to focus on the end rather than the pain. In my life I had to walk through many blisters in the spirit. I just had to keep on walking – knowing I will be an overcomer with my eyes fixed on the King, and not on the pain! Many people make their pain their God and then they do not make it to the top.

Life taught me so much about enduring.  But, you have to have a vision, an expectation! You become what you gaze upon.

Look up and see the heavens. Look around you and absorb the beauty of the surroundings in your life. They are the declaration of YHVH’s love and capability. “As the sky covers the earth; that is how I cover you with My love, My child!”  

When I get home after running in the mountains, I take Aldo for a walk down our street and back. He spontaneously starts to worship and brings a song of love to His King. He has difficulty walking, and difficulty talking and it is difficult for me because he is so much stronger and bigger than I am, but what a joy to walk with him. On our way we pass a house where students live. Every day we see the same young people coming out of their house on their way to university. I do not feel sorry for myself anymore, I now rejoice in our situation.

Today, a young man, who always sees us walking, came up to Aldo and greeted him. “Morning, what is your name?” and he introduced himself. We had a little chat and off we went. Aldo said, “Mom, did you see the light in him? That is why he greeted me, it was the King that told him to greet me.”  That little ‘care’ this young man gave – made Aldo’s day. He smiled knowing that he is special to his Abba. We got home and he went down to their flat and started to pray and work on the computer. I went to see how he was doing; “I also study, just like them mom.” I smiled and started my day, knowing even if his life is limited in so many ways, he just loves every moment and he still looks up and sees the beauty.

My dear friends are hanging curtains, painting what they find to paint and helps me to bring some colour in my house here in Stellenbosch. What a privilege to have friends that know your weaknesses and then lift your arms and help you with their gifts and talents!

Last night we stayed up late, speaking into each other’s lives and praying together. We laughed, cried and blessed one another.  Together we enjoyed the blessing of being women and decorating a house. Our house’s name is – light!

That is what friends are for!

Love you and bless you.

Retah and family.

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