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Hold On!

Things get rough and tough when you want to get rid of the harlot in your DNA. We all are fighting the nature of the beast - even if you are born again. We all have a Lazarus that is hiding all the pain. And when you start to move the rock, opening the tomb, you get all the smells and find the real condition of Lazarus. Lazarus was tormented by fear, doubt, unbelief, rejection, self-pity; he was filled with sickness and in the end became content with this condition. Lazarus is happy being in this place because this is the only life he knows. So when the tomb is opened, we need to deal with every ‘smell’ of brokenness, pain and all covenants and curses that kept Lazarus shackled in the tomb. 

As I was packing for our move to Cape Town I found a book of Rebecca Brown. The book’s name is Unbroken curses. I could hear Holy Spirit say to me ‘have a look at the book’. 

No, I am so tired of curses, don’t want to read anything anymore!

‘Retah, look at the book!’ Yeshua had my attention. I sat down and opened the book on page 40 - the heading was Breaking dedications to Satan.

"Satan wants the children! Every parent or grandparent who served and worshipped Satan or a demon god of any sort (occult – sangomas, tarot cards, palm reading, racism, money, fame and pacts to ensure success) has dedicated their children and descendants to the service of Satan."

You have the beast - Satan’s nature or you have Yeshua’s nature. I have found that Lazarus has the beast’s nature in him, because he believed the lies; and he was or is in death and hell shackled with these kinds of curses. All these things happen to us, and we stay in the grave and have the Lazarus anointing and nature. That makes us the Harlot bride with the mixed seed in us. He, Lazarus; our wounds with the curses in it are sealed with covenants; and has to be redeemed and brought to the light all through the Blood of Yeshua.

"When a child, or even an unborn offspring is dedicated to the service of Satan (without you even knowing it) demon spirits are assigned the task of injuring that child, and that child remains in the service of Satan all his life. Such dedications may not be worded with these exact words. These dedications, and the implied bondage, are inherited from generation to generation."

Once a person who has been dedicated in such a way accepts Yeshua as his Lord and Saviour, he effectively breaks the dedication. To the demon spirits that were assigned to insure his fulfilment of the dedication to Satan, he then becomes a traitor – an ancient human spirit. As retaliation a curse of destruction is immediately launched against the saved person. You see, the demonic philosophy is something like this: if a person can’t be held to his dedication, the demons will attempt to destroy him.

She goes on to explain that in that  ritual (sin of choosing another god above YHVH)  you give over your free will and your children’s free will to Satan - you have sworn alliance to him forever. What does it look like in our lives? We are being cursed, then he hurts us through trauma and so pain sets in. He then throws us in the grave and puts the stone in place. That is the story of any Lazarus out there. Many times it becomes so dark and the tormenting so hard, that these broken parts (emotions) of man, our Lazarus’s give in to the demonic and take the nature of the father of darkness. They accept the inheritance, and live a life of death and destruction – if you can’t beat them join them. But the good news is that Yeshua loved Lazarus, and He gave his Blood for Lazarus to be set free forever. 

Here is how you deal with the curses and dedications to Satan:

I would suggest that you go to court in heaven and state Your case. Take your Lazarus situation to Him - He is the judge of the Universe. (In Rebecca Brown’s book she explains how to go to court p149). Confess the sins of your forefathers, ask Yeshua for forgiveness and cleansing. Formally renounce any dedications placed upon your life to the service of Satan, other gods or any of his demons. Renounce all covenants you entered into. Give yourself, and your generations as a living holy sacrifice unto Yeshua. Bind the demons in the name of Yeshua. And ask Him to remove the curse and all evil assignments over your life. 

I find this very interesting because I see so many parents that cry out for answers, ‘why did this happen?’ A new born baby who are in ICU from birth? Or there is constantly the one bad thing after the other. And just because it is easier to say ‘life happens’, we choose that path. But I know that is not the truth. My father went to Sangomas because of people that stole from him on the farm. They died, and blood cried out for blood. So we were in an accident, and ever since we fought against an unseen force. This is all so deep, and I do not expect you to believe any of this if your life is perfect. But, I know that I am not the only one that fights this battle with a child that is broken perhaps there is someone in your home or close to you that also lives in brokenness. Brokenness is sometimes misunderstood by the world, brokenness has different forms of manifestation like drugs, lust, abuse, anger, hatred, rejection, mental illness etc. Yeshua was so good to me; He created ‘Samuel’- an emotion part of Aldo that had the heavenly encounter. And every day Samuel through ‘Holy Spirit Wisdom’ writes and teaches me about the battle. The battle is called death and destruction. I think I am starting to understand things better. Lazarus has a battle in him as well; he needs to choose life or death. He needs to get out of the grave and face this life. Many people hide in the grave, just because they do not believe that Yeshua came to save them and can unshackle them from these curses.   

Abba says ‘My beloved, hold on to Me. These are hard trials, pains and sometimes fears and dangers. You need to stay in Me, in My presence more than ever. Reach out to Me and Me alone for comfort and strength. I AM enough, I AM all the Wisdom you need. You will feel My presence in these hard times, live close to Me, in Me. You won’t need to speak a lot, don’t try to convince others, just do what I ask you to do. Get the harlot out of you – NOW! Even if it is painful. Don’t exclude me from your emotions, your pain and your questions. Share everything with Me, be open hearted. I will never leave you nor forsake you! I love you my child, even if your name is Lazarus. I love you, and I came to give you life and life in abundance. And yes, you are right, My blood is all you need.

The answer to this is dealing with your wounds. The more wounds (Lazarus) you have the more the enemy will use your wounds against you. The key is to walk into God's light and deal with your wounds. The less wounds you have the less the enemy can operate on them. Only YHVH heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds (Psalm 147: 3).

Surrender to God and allow Him to make you whole, to give your life meaning, purpose and joy.

Love to you all. Retah and family Fight this battle with faith and joy, because YHVH is on your side.

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