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Generational Blessings

29 April 201

Aldo is turning 21 and we all ask him the same question – what do you want for your birthday? “Please speak a blessing into my DNA”, is the answer that he gave to everyone . I started praying over this and Abba said to me to take the keys of the Kingdom and to open up His will and Kingdom - imparting His generational blessings over Aldo. He fought all the curses – but now it is time for him to receive the blessings.  

(We all in our journeys with YHVH have to become free from the character of generational curses such as pride, anger, jealousy, envy – if not we are still carrying the fruit of the curses. It needs to be removed through repentance, because freedom means having the nature and character of Yeshua in us. Don’t think you can hide this evil fruit – everybody around you sees them in you – first the curse needs to be broken before you can receive your blessing. If not Yeshua’s fruit will not show.)

I made a list of areas of blessing that Holy Spirit showed me. If He prompts you, I ask that you will come into agreement with me and bless Aldo with this prayer. Let us pray:

Godly character – Aldo, we bless you with Divine character growth, with having Yeshua’s character – humbleness, faithfulness, obedience, goodness, truthfulness, righteousness, Shalom where no good thing is withheld and Love.

Spiritual discipline - We bless you Aldo, with making Godly choices all the days of your life and to establish spiritual discipline in all areas of your life (body, soul and spirit – mind, emotions and will). We bless your role in the Kingdom of YHVH, living in Holy fear with Your King, obeying His voice always. We bless you with a hunger for YHVH’s Word for ever and ever and that your generations will love Yeshua and His commandments. We bless you to be a Godly husband to your soon to be wife, Chantel. We bless you into manhood and all the Wisdom, courage and faith that come with that. We ask YHVH to impart more Spiritual blessings over you – as His child.

New Strength – We bless you Aldo with renewed strength in every area of your life. We bless your ministry with increased flames of Godly fire.  We bless your love for the King and that this love will bring healing to people as they see it in your eyes - always to His Glory. We bless you with increased Godly Wisdom, and more of YHVH’s breath in you, daily. We bless you that streams of living water will flow out of your inner being and that all around you will be able to drink andeat of this supernatural impartation. We bless your supernatural journey thatYHVH allowed you to walk. We bless you with peace, harmony, joy, health and to succeed in all you are called for. We bless you with Godly mentors all the days of your life, that you will always be humble enough to embrace guidance from Godly people around you. We bless you in growing into the fullness of your God given calling.

Protection– Aldo, we bless you with Yeshua’s perfect protection over your life - your body, soul and spirit. We bless you with knowing He is all you need for protection from all evil. Today and every day we bless you with a fresh anointing of Holy Spirit fire. We bless you with the joy of His presence in your life now and forever more.

Provision –Aldo, we bless you with the knowledge that Abba is a faithful God. He is your provider AND YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WILL LACK NOTHING! Never in your life will you need to worry about what you will eat or drink or what you will wear – remember   YHVH is no man that He can lie – and those who trust Him – will never ever be disappointed! We bless you with abundance - your cup will run over – so that you will always be able to bless others and YHVH’s Kingdom. We bless you with the fullness of YHVH in all the areas of your life and your dependant’s lives. We bless you with knowing your life is in His hands, so don’t live for yourself.

Generational blessing - Abba, We ask You, to impart all generational blessings into Aldo’s life.  Father, You know what he needs. We now take the keys of the Kingdom and open up all the wells that have been closed through sin and iniquity. You know, Abba, how Aldo has walked the journey of cleansing his generational wells – please Abba, let Your blessings flow into his body, soul and spirit. Yeshua will you please bless him will all the riches that our righteous ancestors had stored up. We bless you Aldo with Godly healing through the Blood of the Lamb in all areas of your life.

Fruit  - Aldo we bless the growth of  he fruits of the Spirit in you, and the strengthening of the gifts that Holy Spirit has imparted into your live. Aldo – we bless you with the same words Paul said to Timothy - keep on stirring up the gifts in you! We bless you with a life that is fruitful for YHVH’s Kingdom.

Desire– We bless you, Aldo, with always having a desire to please and love Yeshua with all your heart. We bless you with peace of mind and heart – knowing you just need to be who He made you to be - no one else. We bless you with loving yourself and enjoying every day.  We bless you with never comparing yourself to others but to be thankful for who you are in Christ Messiah. We bless you with just being yourself – Aldo McPherson – a strong , anointed, competent,  honorable, humble, full of Godly Wisdom, accepted  by YHVH man of God – and so shall it be.

Abba , we ask for a strong Holy Spirit anointing upon his life. A  Joel 2;  Acts – Godly Wisdom anointing. We know, it is already flowing through him, we ask for an even more intense, pure anointing that will bring glory to You and You alone. We bless you, Aldo, with purity - no mixed seed in your body, spirit, mind or soul. We bless you with Godly order. We bless you, Aldo, to be the remnant of Christ Messiah. We bless you with the abundance of God’s favour over your life. We speak this over your life and ask You, Yeshua, to seal it with Your Blood.

It is nearly nine years after our accident – and I can see how we are all changed through His Blood and Love. Thank You Abba for the privilege of loving You, being Your children and having You, Yeshua, as our hope of Glory. I am a thankful Mom, seeing how YHVH is doing the miracle before my eyes – and as He said to me years ago “Retah – your miracle’s name is LOVE!”.

We are just going to have a normal day on his birthday – enjoying the gift of life!

Remember - life is not just about breathing. You can have breath but still your spirit can be busy dying. This will make you worse off than someone who has died having lived in and out of the fullness of who He is.

Thank you for blessing Aldo and his DNA with the same blessing.

Thank you FOR ALL YOUR LOVE – Retah and family

Dear Aldo, you are the best brother in the whole wide world. I love you soooo much! You are and will always be so good to me. May YHVH bless your day and I know you will enjoy it.

Blessed 21st birthday!!!!

Blessings Josh

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