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Friends - A Gift from Yeshua

Back in Hartbeespoort, where we used to stay, Aldo had a personal trainer who became a very dear friend of his. Every day Aldo would eagerly dress to go to gym, to see his friend and to exercise with him. André, who is also a Youth Pastor, who married Aldo and Chantel.  These two have such a unique friendship. Many days Aldo would just look André deep in the eye and then he would impart a Word of encouragement and life into his friend’s life. André guided Aldo, trained Aldo, laughed with him, and cried many tears with him (even though Aldo cannot cry).

After having moved to Stellenbosch we have not found a personal trainer for Aldo yet.  Aldo prayed and prayed but we are still waiting. One day he spoke to Andre on the phone and said to him, “I really miss you!”

Well Andre prayed and decided to come and visit Aldo – riding his bicycle! From Hartbeespoortdam to Stellenbosch is about 1 500km. That is a huge sacrifice, two weeks on the road on a bicycle saddle.  The first thing that came to my mind was how dangerous it is to drive that distance alone on a bicycle. But, Yeshua protected him, and Saturday morning he arrived safely in Stellenbosch.

Saturday morning at 5am Aldo came into our room very excited. “Mom, Andre is coming today! He is truly my friend.  I missed him so much.”

Aldo quietly laid down beside me on my bed. “Mom, do you know that Holy Spirit knows me better than anyone will ever know me, and He never leaves me?” – this was Yeshua’s way of explaining to him to keep his eyes on Him alone.

Even though Aldo still struggles to communicate, he and André understand one another so well. André has learned to focus on the treasure inside of Aldo’s heart and not only his abilities. 

We all have this treasure inside of us – Christ within us, the hope of Glory. 

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of YHVH, and not of us (2 Cor 4:7).

The treasure spoken of in this verse is YHVH within us. All the treasures of heaven are ours as a gift to partake of and share with others; but, held in simple earthen vessels – you and me. How often do we see this ‘treasure’ in others? Or do we just look and judge what the eye can see?

I have learned so much from Aldo - being so humble and just being himself. He loves YHVH and is totally dependent upon Him. Even though his life is very small, he is so content and happy. I wonder many times if it is not our puffed up lives that keep us so distant from the King. I consider myself to be very, very privileged to walk this journey with Aldo, and to be trained by YHVH through Holy Spirit on this walk of faith. The walk of faith is always a walk in the realm of the supernatural. That is where you will learn to seek the treasures within, and not to ignore and disregard the person because he is not as able as you! 

But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty (Cor 1:27).

I look at André, at how YHVH uses him just to love Aldo and to be there for him. God uses ordinary men and women whose hearts are fully dependent upon Him. He then works through that person in extraordinary ways to show His love and His power. And this life is then a testimony of His glory alone. 

We don’t need to be qualified to be used by YHVH, other than our dependency upon Him. Yeshua uses simple, yielded vessels looking unto YHVH alone. Never rely on human strength, skills or experience. Rely upon the King!

Because André gave his life to YHVH as a vessel of honour, he could be used by the King to display His greatness and love to Aldo through his love.  We bought a ticket for André’s wife to come and join André on his visit. So Aldo and Chantel had a wonderful weekend with their friends here in Cape Town. I want to thank everyone that hosted André on his journey and thank you for just being Yeshua’s hands and feet to him. If you could have seen Aldo’s face, you would have seen how you blessed him to see his friend again! 

Let’s keep on seeking the treasure in all the people around us.

After many, many prayers – The Israel tour is open for bookings!  And remember, you are invited by the King to go. That yearning inside your heart – is your invitation from the King!

I bless you with Yeshua’s love . How I love Him that He takes care of even the desires of our hearts. I smile because my King smiles over us!

Love Retah and family

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