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It is Monday morning before the wedding.  A month ago Aldo asked if he could sleep in front of our bed for the last month.  So this morning he climbed into our bed and whispered in my ear( bear in mind that he cannot speak softly, so it was loud) “Mom, I’m going to miss sleeping so close to you. But it is time for me to leave in three days. Is it fine with you mom, will you be okay?”

Aldo, mom bless you as a man of YHVH, you are now grown-up enough to take your place which YHVH planned for you. Aldo, one thing you must just always remember is to stay faithful. Faithful to YHVH, faithful to Chans, faithful to your calling, to everyone around you. Faithfulness is one pure gift we can return to Yeshua in our lives. This is a responsibility that Yeshua requires of you. Aldo, don’t look at the work that you have to do for Yeshua as insufficient. Sometimes the tasks He entrusted to us do not appear to be so important or great. Be faithful to the seemingly insufficient tasks as well as the important ones. He asked you to be His hands and feet, to write down what He teaches you in your spirit. Please Aldo, always do it faithfully.  The rewards of faithfulness and obedience are so great that you will be astound at the great rewards that will be given to everyone that even do the simplest things for the King. Every day you have to reach out and accept your assignment with joy and faithfully complete what He asks of you.  When you wake up in the morning, faithfully keep on honouring Him, speak to Him, love Him, and even when you go to bed at night, He will commission you to serve Him by offerings of prayer and worship and just fellowship with Him, do it faithfully Aldo! Then you will taste His faithfulness all around you, even in the most insufficient things. Know that the enemy just wants to steal our faithfulness because he knows the power thereof. I look at the wedding and see my Abba’s faithfulness. Faithfully He sent people to help, to contribute, and so much love and help were poured out on all of us. Mam Patrys was from the beginning of our journey with Aldo. I look at her and see faithfulness. She helps like a mom with the wedding, and was there for Aldo throughout his whole journey. In difficult times she was faithful, as well as in good times. Between Tinus , myself and mam Patrys we made shifts always to stay with him throughout the years that he was so much in and out of  hospital. We knew it was time to move to Stellenbosch and mam Patrys is not coming with us. She will stay and still work for us from Hartbeespoort. Thank you for technology! But I could see how Aldo kept on asking questions about Mam, praying for her to be okay with him leaving. Then her birthday came and he wrote this letter to her.

Letter Translation: 

Mam , son (Aldo) will really miss you. Mam, it is your birthday today. Congratulations, your seven seven seven anointing will be peace. The turning matter was love. My mind is so clear, all my crying is over. Thank you that you kept on loving me. Now i have to go and do His will. 

Love you mam


A letter from mam Patrys. 

Aldo , the time has come that you must go and apply what Abba Father have done in your spirit, soul and body. We have walked a path together for more than nine years in which YHVH trained us both. Sometimes it was not easy, but we were never ever alone. Holy Spirit always guided us, always helped us and if necessary brought us in His rest. I honor you today as a prophet of the Most High God. I also want to thank you - as you have learned from me, i have learned from you. You will always be in my heart and know one thing - I will never stop praying for you! This is a new season for all of us, but I also know God's timing is perfect. You and your family will always be my family too. May God, YHVH bless you and Chantel. May He keep you, and may He cover you with His love, now and forever.  'Mam' Patrys 

I look back at the journey of how she came into our lives and the only answer I have is “step by step in faith, and faithfully love Him and obey Him”. It is all about faithfulness, not about our situation or our feelings. About walking in faith and not being moved by what you see”. Josh turned 13 in last week, as a family we all just blessed him, and took him out for dinner, there he ate his first frog. 

We are at the brink of a miracle – Aldo and Chantel will get married on 25 September on Rosh Hashanah. Yeshua gave us a promise that he will give him a beautiful wife that will love Him, the same promise was given to you as well.  He was faithful even when we were not always faithful to Him. 

Faithful is our God!

Love to all of you.

Retah and family. 

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