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Everywhere I go - I see You

Every weekend, I have the privilege to minister in another town.  Last weekend in Namibia, which has the most beautiful African skies, I looked up at night and I realized “Everywhere I go, I see You, Yeshua”.  

The next morning at the conference, I was welcomed with so much love, a cup of coffee in my hand, a warm hug – and once again I think to myself  “everywhere I go, I see You, Yeshua”. I see You in people, I see You in nature, in the sun on my skin, I see You in every helping hand, I see You in the beautiful room that the church has reserved for me, I see You in the young girl that took my Bible out of my hand and placed it on the pulpit, I see You in the old lady that greets  me politely “Good morning my child”,  I see You in a friend that knocks on my door after the conference saying “I just wanted to say hallo”.  Oh, Yeshua how I love You – Everywhere I go, I see You – and that makes me so humble”. Being in love with You, being Your friend, Your child is the very best reward in my life.

Spending time with the Father, sharing your heart – loving Him, obeying Him, trusting Him – this is where you really start knowing HIM. You see, knowing things about someone, and loving someone – having an intimate love relationship with someone- is a totally different story. Please understand today, that you may know the Bible from beginning to end, even Greek and Hebrew, but can still be spiritually bankrupt if you do not know Yeshua, Himself. There was a difference between the disciples and the theologians. The difference in their lives was this - the disciples spend 3 and a half years with Yeshua. So the key is - spending time with Yeshua – knowing Him – because knowing builds trust. 

We need to come to Him to find life – I see so many people that have all the knowledge about YHVH, but they’re missing the most important thing  -KNOWING,  LOVING, TRUSTING YHVH with all their heart, mind, soul and everything in them. It is so, so easy, you just need to give up everything in total surrender onto Him, depending only on Yeshua and His will for your life.

When problems arise in your life – do you seek counsel of man, or do you seek YHVH's face first? Do you spend your time trying to figure out what is the best for you, your children, or do you go on your knees to give everything to YHVH seeking His will in everything.

In my life – total, absolute dependence on Yeshua has been my answer. With this I am not saying that He can’t use man to help us, but make sure man never ever becomes your god or your dependency.

Always remember that YHVH desires that we always look unto Him, never relying on our own strength and abilities or depending on any man apart from Him. Be it our talents, friends, money, resources or other people – none of these should become the source of our trust. Yes, He can use these means to help us through times of need and to further His Kingdom, but ultimately, He is the only One whom we can depend on. I always say to people – please know that I am only human, with a lot of mistakes, so please don’t put your eyes on me!

Always hold on and lean on the strength of YHVH – which is stronger than man. Learn the Wisdom of YHVH, which is wiser than man.

Prov 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

We are in Yzerfontein for the school holidays. While we are here I still work every weekend, this coming weekend in Hermanus. My family are flying out on Sunday, because the school starts again on Monday. We had some good times, this week. We laughed so much at Josh, because he tried to fit into a wetsuit that he bought about 2 years ago. Well eventually he got in! – I’m just not sure how he will get out. We looked at Aldo who stares at Josh and then make his little noises (because he still can’t laugh because of the accident). And then Aldo gives us one of his very dry comments “Josh, are you sure you will be OK, what if you get tooth ache? 

It is a very nice day in Cape Town and we are on our way to the beach. Tomorrow morning I have a meeting at 6am, and then the weekend seminar starts that night. So, today is still family time! Time to have fun and enjoy it to the full.

Love to you all.

Retah and family

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