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Do you really have the revelation of the Cross?

The revelation of the Cross delivered me from all the torment and fear that bound my soul for many years. The day I understood the power of the Cross it became an anchor for my faith forever. This is so necessary to understand, that the covenant Yeshua made with YHVH on our behalf is an absolute foundation for us to understand His unconditional love for us.

When Holy Spirit imparts this revelation in your heart, you will never be the same again. He wants me to experience His love and His kindness, His amazing grace for me as a sinner. Many times we just want a touch from YHVH, but He gave more than only a touch  - He wants me to be anchored in His unshakable, unfailing love for me. That makes u huge difference in our walk with YHVH.

John 8:32  ”And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Holy Spirit wants to impart this Truth in our hearts. The day when your spirit receives this revelation of the Cross and resurrection, and it fills your heart – that day will be the day when your journey to freedom starts. From then on it doesn’t matter what your situation is anymore, what battles you fight in your mind and spirit with condemning thoughts. When you stand on this truth, you are anchored in His love forever. We are Blood bought into an eternal love covenant, and that means He loves us with an everlasting love. His love will stand forever and will never be withdrawn. The day when we say “Yes” to Yeshua, we can know that we never need to doubt His love for us. His love passed every test, even the Cross and that is why we can be so secure in His love for us. In Him we have complete security and freedom to live a Holy Life.  As we invite Him into all our brokenness, and we repent, His Blood washes and cleanses us white as snow. Then the freedom comes as He removes the shackles off our wounds. He will walk the whole journey with us, and help us step by step into freedom.

Yeshua yearns for a love relationship with us, established through covenant. Not a relationship where we just need Him but one where we will love Him with all of our hearts and minds. When we enter into this covenant, we vow to be faithful, to care, to respect and honour, obey and most of all - we belong! That gives so much security for any person, because the world rejects, but He accepts us.

YHVH is a covenant keeping God.  Everyone who believes in Yeshua has a gift of everlasting life, an abundant life in Christ.  We are legally bound in a love agreement between man and YHVH.

We cannot live this life without Him. It is impossible to please YHVH in our own strength. The only way is in living in Yeshua. Trusting in Him alone.

I look far back into my own life and see a woman that was so desperate, so broken. I never wanted people to see the real me, because we are all afraid of being rejected. I was locked in an invisible prison and could not escape. I worked harder and harder trying to find meaning for my life through a career, through striving  more and even more puffing up of  ‘self ’.

I needed help so desperately. Today I know that YHVH does hear the cry of our hearts. Yes I did cry out. But the day of our accident I desperately cried out – “Help me Abba, help me!” Everything around me shattered, my child was busy dying, my dreams, my dreams for Aldo, I was dying inside, so broken.

As I was on my face in the hospital one night, I had this encounter with Abba Father. He spoke to me and asked me to give Him everything. In the spirit I realized that I had nothing to give Him other than my broken life, my broken child – a broken messy life. On the trading floor I stood and trade all my brokenness for His love, for His life in me. He showed me the cross, He showed me the veil that was torn, and He invited me in. There I felt in my spirit how my life changed as His liquid love filled my whole being. I was so transparent in His presence and I knew that He knows everything about me. But still I could see how much He loves me – that is called unconditional love! He poured out on me His mercy and acceptance. The prison doors opened and still do as we invite Him into our broken hearts. He opens our prison doors and sets us free. To receive a sinner like me, that is called love! How I worship Him for His amazing love! Everything in me is so thankful and grateful for the cross and His resurrection power. Today I am anchored in His love through faith.

This is a free gift of love, a gift of life. Today I know that it has nothing to do with my efforts, because I cannot fix myself. I want to serve the King because I love Him, and more than that because He loves me perfectly. His goodness and kindness became part of my life. His Blood carries the power, and I can apply His blood unto all my stains of life. I stay in a condition of transparency through His Blood. And the more transparent I am, the less the enemy can touch me.

It is all about Him.  Holy Spirit takes our hand and led us step by step. Doesn’t matter what obstacles we have to face, we will make it because we are one with Yeshua – through the Cross and His covenant!

Stay in Him, stay in His light and in His love.

Retah and family.

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