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Do you desire more of His presence?

Yeshua said, ”If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” Joh 7:37, 38

Yeshua promised that the breath of YHVH would satisfy our thirst, that deep, deep longing inside of us.

People constantly asks me this question,  “But why don’t I experience Him, or hear His voice, why don’t I get my prayers answered?”

Maybe it is because we do not understand Holy Spirit, or because we don’t live in the spirit, and has our beings in His presence every day of our lives? But rather in the flesh busy to please ourselves and others.

YHVH is spirit and He wants us to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. That is where we will find Him. In the spirit, not in the flesh! It is a promise that Yeshua gave us, His Holy Spirit – His breath, so that we can experience intimacy with Him and enjoy all He has for us. That is the fullness of life, to be one with Him.

Holy Spirit is a divine gift! It is YHVH’s permanent presence with us. “And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever.” John 14:16.

We have to live with the knowing that I am never alone, I am in His presence 24/7. We are one. But as soon as we are trusting in our own efforts and strength to live this life, we will experience frustration. The ‘self, carnal life’ is a life lived in the flesh. All my broken heart pieces are living in the flesh, in self-pity, in anger, in unforgiveness, hate, bitterness, sickness and despair. In the flesh, no prayers are answered, even repentance out of the flesh - nothing will happen. When we sow out of flesh, nothing will happen. But how do I know that I have entered into the realm of the spirit?

When I cross the line in the spirit, my heart will be transparent, humbled, a broken spirit, filled with true repentance.  There will I be washed by the Blood of Yeshua and trade my sin and iniquities on the trading floor. I shall hear His soft gentle voice like never before. I come and I trade my scar tissue of my soul also called the “hardness of my heart” with His blood. I become total, total dependant on Him. In His presence is the Glory light and I become transparent. I hide no more; I take full responsibility for what I have done. In the flesh, you cannot see the condition of your heart, but in His presence and His glory light you become aware of whom you really are. In my life that was and still is always a very humble place. When I go on my knees, the tears just flow. My whole being become one with Him, His thoughts become my thoughts, His love for people , my love for people, His grace towards me, my grace towards others. And when I have no grace and no mercy, then I know that I am operating in the flesh. His presence never leaves us, it is only us that choose to leave the spirit for self. I gave myself as a living sacrifice unto Him, and my whole life became one with Him. My body became one with His. Every part of my being magnify Him, I know that I know He is with me, so I ask Him everything and speak to Him constantly. Worship can only happen in the spirit because it is done in union with His Spirit. That is where He shows us hidden secrets, and things that are to come.   

The scar tissue of our souls blocks His Glory light, His love and removes the capacity to love other like ourselves and to live to the fullness of what Yeshua had plan for us. The hardness of our hearts causes insensitivity and breaks up relationships, and there is no love found in that dimension. It is also called “strongholds” in the spirit. The enemy takes hold of your pain and builds a “strong hold – scar tissue” around it to protect that pain. There is always a circle of demons around it to protect your pain in the scar tissue. Their plan is to harden your heard so much that you can only hear what is going on in the realm of darkness, the realm of your pain.

The sad thing is that the person with the scar tissue doesn’t even know that he has it. Because you are blind, you cannot hear. You only hear ‘self’.

But praise YHVH – because He gave His only Son for you and me, and all we need to do is to call upon Him. The word of God says that those who draw near to Him, He will draw near to them. James 4:8

Yesterday was ‘Chatbox’ day and I spoke and prayed with so many people around the world. But late afternoon I had an amazing call. A man phoned and said just these words, “Help me, I need to find Jesus, now!”

The tears ran over my cheeks, because I knew that a prayer and a cry like that will always manifest YHVH’s presence. He stepped over the flesh line into His presence just with an honest cry of the heart. And in His presence, Yeshua’s light penetrates right through that thick scar tissue into the deep, deep pain of our hearts. Nothing was hidden and healing could come. His repentance was real, deep and honest, and definitely forgiven. It was not the words that he said, but the condition of his heart. I knew in the spirit we were standing together in front of the throne of grace. Tangible I could feel Abba’s love for him, and a soft gentle voice spoke to my spirit what to pray for him.

“Come like a child, come humble, come, just come!

My dear child, My children are asleep, in a deep sleep in the lap of the wicket one. I want My bride to be awake, watchful, diligent, for a time of change is at hand. Holy Spirit will guide you. My hand is always upon you, I will give you new strength for what I planned for you. My peace will fill your mind, and My love shall be your daily portion. Remember I am the Lord Your God, and in Me you have no limitations. Don’t ponder on all the “why’s”, give it all to Me, because I will use everything in your life to transform you into My likeness. I have planned ahead of you, I am your guide – just put your hand in Mine. Come like a child, I love you and I AM your Abba Father”.    

Yes, life has challenges. But let us overcome by living in His presence.

I bless you with His love

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