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Ascending to your destiny

We all have a perfect destiny, and a divine spiritual DNA that comes from the Perfect Divine gene pool. This is what brings true change in us. We see this process of change often in Scripture. Think of Jacob who turned into Israel or Saul’s identity as a murderer being changed into Paul - the one who loved Christ and brought the gospel of Christ into the entire world. This is what we can expect as His children when our DNA changes into His. 

But, just like all of us, they also, walked around the mountain many times before they made a decision to start climbing their divine destiny in Christ. Only after they found their true identity and spiritual DNA, could they start ascending their ‘divine life’s’ mountain. Most often it is our circumstances that press us to move into our rightful place in life. We do not need to view our daily walk and current circumstances as negative or difficult. No, if we understand the Father’s love for us our focus could shift to the redeeming work He is busy with. I am very sure that if it wasn’t for my journey of pain and suffering, I would not be on this mountain today. Even through tears am I thankful that I am saved out of my past life, even if the journey is never just smooth sailing.

Before finding your true identity, the journey is very tiring, until you find His ‘Divine plan’ - and you surrender all. We need to know Yeshua and accept His sacrifice, understanding the depth of it, and then take our place in ‘YHVH’s divine plan’ for our lives.

One thing I am very sure of, and that is that His plan is not for us to keep on walking round and round the mountain - getting nowhere. No, we have to start climbing the mountain – step by step and overcome each obstacle on the way. He wants us to become overcomers.

We need to be willing to accept YHVH’s assessment of who we are. So, what is YHVH asking of us? ‘Are you willing My child, to let go of the name Simon Bar–Jonah and become Peter?  Are you? Are you willing to let go of your past?

Our divine spiritual DNA was engineered to supersede the circumstances of our natural life. I have in my spirit all that I need to overcome every mountain and obstacle in my life. I have all the revelation, truth, gifts as well as the Spirit of life in me, to overrule all darkness and death in me. After letting go of the old Retah, I could start climbing my ‘divine spiritual mountain’. My bloodline identity is being changed for eternity. By taking full responsibility for my mistakes, my past, my evil DNA, I could step by step trade the darkness for Light, lies for truth, double life for a life in Christ, double mind for a sound mind- the mind of Christ. That is His life in me. In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men (John 1:4).

Once I have dealt with my old ways, my flesh, my DNA – all through repentance and the Blood of Yeshua, can I say – I have been redeemed and regenerated and I know who I am in Christ. The Retah I used to be is dead, gone and buried. The real me, created in His image and likeness, needs to be woken to take up the responsibility for my future. Then, can I start to climb my mountain, moving into my perfect destiny that YHVH has for me. No more trips around the mountain.

I often hear people say ‘Retah, I just need to find myself’. But, all you need is finding Yeshua and your spiritual DNA. Once Peter recognized the divinity of Yeshua, he found himself. That did not mean that he was perfect from that moment on. No, the man Yeshua called ’the rock’ still denied Yeshua three times. Yet, as far as YHVH was concerned, Peter would always be ‘the rock’. Peter’s life, the same as ours, was not connected to self, but to every word that proceeds from the mouth of YHVH.

Yeshua said to Peter ‘come’ (Math14:29) and he took what Yeshua said to heart – and he believed that he could do the impossible. Our destinies are not connected to self, but to what YHVH says! So, in every chaos in your life you can trade for order, for all darkness – light, because the stamp on your life of your new DNA is His divine plan and vision for your life. How the enemy hates this heavenly trading! But, why are people so afraid to trade the old for the new and the known for the unknown? The enemy keeps on whispering into our ears – you will never get out of this chaotic life and this evil DNA, you will amount to nothing. But Yeshua says, ‘Come, amount with Me. I will take you higher than you could ever go, just come. Step by step I will take you out; it is all inside of you. The weaker your flesh, the stronger your spirit is. Come! Climb with Me.’

It doesn’t matter what you come out off, or that you would have to start at the bottom – Ruth came out of Moab, I also came out of a very evil DNA, yet with a word from YHVH, and an answer on His call “come” we will all rise far above our level or circumstances. I read in the Word and see how Ruth’s losses were reversed, her reputation was elevated, and how she accomplished great things for YHVH. But you have to respond to His call, come!

The moment we respond to YHVH’s call and receive His words by faith, your spiritual DNA is birthed and your perfect destiny is activated - regardless of your past. YHVH is not looking for the ‘I know it all’ – He is looking for the one who will obey His call – “come” come up higher my child, come out of your evil DNA – “come!”

Believing is seeing, because faith enables us to see. Even if you start to climb today – see yourself at the top, in His perfect destiny for your life. I know in my life this year is the year of new things – new seasons, new visions, new ways, new revelation, new life!

1Co 2:9  But, on the contrary, as the Scripture says, What eye has not seen and ear has

not heard and has not entered into the heart of man, [all that] God has prepared (made

and keeps ready) for those who love Him [who hold Him in affectionate reverence,

promptly obeying Him and gratefully recognizing the benefits He has bestowed].

As you read this letter Tinus and I will already be at Mount Kilimanjaro, starting to climb. It is a spiritual climb, the highest mountain in Africa.

It is all about obedience – ‘come’!

I love you all.


Important announcement

10 February 2014

Our lives are shaped by our destiny in Him – therefore we have to hear and respond to the ‘step- into-order’ Words from YHVH.

Is 30:21 Your ears shall hear a word behind you saying, ’This is the way, walk in it’. Whenever you turn to the right hand or whenever you turn to the left.

YHVH is an always speaking God. He guides every step we take. Even in times of transition, tearing down and building up. He is always in time with His guidance and it is so important for us as His children to follow and be sensitive to His timing. There are so many ways YHVH can speak to us, but often I hear Him speaking a seasonal word which is like a ‘step-into-order’ call. Seasonal words are always in moments where critical choices need to be made. It is when we need to know ‘how?’ or ‘when?’ that the seasonal Word helps us cross the bridge carrying us forward during the times of difficulties and trials.  

The ‘step-into-order’ Words, act as the North star - guiding us through our life to take us into our perfect destiny and His will for our lives.  ‘Step-into-order’ Words transcend seasonal shifts and help us to start seeing the bigger picture of our lives as Yeshua sees it.  These words will always keep you aimed at your perfect destiny in Christ.

YHVH speaks to whom He chooses, in whatever manner and at any given time. I look at Joseph’s life. Only an unseasoned teenager, and he received two weighty dreams that had enormous personal and global implications (Gen 37:5-9). Joseph was not yet a mature man able to implement the visions YHVH gave him. But this young man’s dreams (Words from YHVH) carried him through long years of tribulations, and then, exactly at the right time – YHVH’s timing- it unfolded just as He promised. That’s why it is so important to obey His voice, no matter what the world says. By obeying He can take you into your perfect destiny.

The more we grow in Christ, the more we start living our identities in Christ, taking up our Kingdom positions. In this place you do not care to please man and to be recognized, living up to their expectation of what your life should look like – all that matters is obedience to YHVH’s voice and living in His Light and Truth with His fire in your eyes, purposefully fulfilling your life’s destiny in Christ.

This is what Yeshua is telling me ‘Go Retah – time is little. There is no more time to play. As I’ve said in Is 61 - I came to set the captive free and heal the broken hearted – go, go, go help my children!’

Maybe you would say ‘But Retah, is that not what you are doing?’  Yes, I believe so. But, sometimes YHVH gives us new strategies for a specific time and season – calling us to step-into-order, a new order for His Kingdome to come and will to be done.

I am a mother, who’s heart breaks when I see the children in the drug rehabs, the adults in the institutions , children (people) coming out of trauma– all losing their minds according to the world. But, I know that this is not true, they are merely crying out and acting out of their brokenness. The enemy came to steel, kill and destroy. They come out of broken families, broken lives, broken hearts. The world has no answers for them but - pills!

My step-into-order from Abba Father is ‘Retah, go, go, go, go  NOW!  and teach them. Go and help them all around the world. They are waiting and crying for help. You have walked the walk, my Spirit of Truth is inside of you. I will help you. Did I not say that you will not teach what you haven’t tasted?’

After many prayers and night watches with Abba. I heard the ‘step-into-order’ Word from YHVH – ‘it is time to move on Retah, to change direction’.

Every ‘step-into-order’ season implies new opportunities, new responsibilities and obedience. In response to His call I have started to write manuals on trauma, brokenness and how Yeshua can help us out of the darkest pit into His Glory Light to life in Him (John 10:10). With the manuals I can go to institutes and train the staff on how to help those around them to discover the Truth of Life in Him.  By writing these hands-on and practical manuals, mothers and fathers would be able to understand what is going on with their children or loved ones and will be able to help them and themselves. This is my heart’s desire to equip broken people to get healed. I am a firm believer in being radically obedient to what Yeshua asks of me.

The most significant change of this step-into-order call is to close our article 21 company as from February 2014. I will still continue to teach what Abba taught us through our daily walk of life – a call that was sometimes hindered through the expectations involved in an article 21 company.

So, how would things work from now on? With this letter I am announcing the closing of our McPherson Ministries account. From now on we will work through McPherson Publishing house. All our publications, books, CD’s and manuals will be available through McPherson Publishing House. By implication all transactions will be taxed and the income tax and VAT will be paid to the government, including those for my speaking engagements. In short we will operate as a ‘normal’ company. (All the monthly debit orders for CD’s and MP3’s have always been paid into McPherson publishing house because they are products and products are always taxed).

Being obedient to His call will enable me to walk in my divine destiny of applying my journey to help the broken hearted.  I am therefore, continuing as previously with all my speaking engagements, doing weekend seminars and Spirit Schools. You will also still receive monthly teachings as Holy Spirit leads on CD and MP 3.  I will still write books, but, will also be writing training manuals to be used all around the world bringing the Truth where I can. Our hearts are to give away as many books as possible. In 2013/14 we gave away 4 500 books to the poor and needy schools, old age homes and people that ministers to the needy. I firmly believe – that it is the Truth that sets people free and changes lives. 

We will go on and serve as normal, because it is about the condition of our hearts and not about being an article 21 company.  There will still be a place on the website to contribute, and then you will receive your MP3 just to thank you.  It is only the donations that went into McPherson ministries that from will from now on will go through Pay pal  into McPherson house.

Any contributions will from now on go to any of these accounts:

Mc Pherson House – Pay pal

ABSA  Bank

Bank no:   406 912 1647

Branch code:   632 005

Sift no:   ABSA ZAJJ

Retah Mc Pherson


Bank no:  101 294 2555

Branch No:  632005

Shift No:  ABSA ZAJJ

Aldo McPherson


Bank no:   910 199 2010

Branch no:  632 005

Shift no:  ABSA ZAJJ

I thank you for walking this journey with us, trusting us and allowing Holy Spirit to do what He wants to do with our lives.  I know He would never leave me nor forsake me. All I need to do is to obey His voice in all I do.  

Thank you for your love, prayers and words of life.


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