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Abide in My love

Matthew 22:37-38  Yeshua said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment.” (LOVE GOD)

To love YHVH is the highest priority to God forever. YHVH is love, wholehearted love. (1 John 4:16)

That is what He wants us to know and to experience – Him being perfect love!

John 15:9 As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love.

Just to think that YHVH loves us with the same intensity that He loves Yeshua makes me sit in quiet wonder.  YHVH is wholehearted love. I can ponder on that for days!

How can I love others - if I cannot even love YHVH?

How can I love others - if I cannot even love myself?

How can I love - if I don’t abide in His love?

Maybe that is why it is so difficult for us to love someone unconditionally, wholeheartedly?

The world conditioned us to be perfect and only then will we be loved perfectly. When we have an orphan spirit all our energy goes into being perfect – something that is impossible. With this spirit we will never feel loved unless we achieve perfection.

Many years ago, after our accident Tinus and I tried everything to help Aldo just to become the child he was before. We wanted him to be ‘perfect’ as before. But, he could not, because after a brain injury many things change. We had to do most things for him, and even the communication was challenging. Sometimes he couldn’t even held an understandable conversation.

One night, after about five years of battling to get Aldo as before, we spoke to each other and realized that we are not going to get the ‘old’ Aldo back.             I said, “Tinus, we need to repent to Yeshua, and we need to accept Aldo as he is today. We need to bury our old child, and embrace the new Aldo.” We prayed, and asked for forgiveness.  “Dear Lord, please help us to love him unconditionally, it doesn’t matter if he cannot do things the way he used to, it doesn’t matter if he cannot have a perfect conversation – we love him and accept him.”

I could hear my Abba’s soft gentle voice, “Retah, I love you wholeheartedly. And if you abide in My love, you will never expect anyone to be perfect before you can love him unconditionally - you will love the way I love if you abide in My love! Just abide in My love My child, and your life will never be the same. You will look through My eyes, touch with My hands, bless the way I bless, and love the way I love.”

Very early the next morning Aldo came to our room. He struggled to walk on his own, so we could hear him approaching falling over things as he came. He fell on our bed, and looked at us. He said, “I am crying now.” (he cannot cry, he has no tears – he will always tell us when he cries).

“Why are you crying Aldo? “

“I saw you and Dad last night before the Throne, where you asked Abba Father to forgive you and to help you to accept me just the way I am. Thank you that you will love me now, even if I am not perfect.”

We all cried and held each other. (Your children know if you don’t love unconditionally. Most parents’ love comes with a condition)

That was the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. Abide in the Father’s love, and you will be able to love perfectly. Such a wonderful lesson of - ‘love the imperfect perfect’ - and that became our motto in life.

I know today that it is impossible if you do not abide in the Fathers love! If you look through your fleshly eyes you will always be able to find fault in someone.

Today Tinus will walk with Aldo, his arm around his shoulders to support him. I see how he often looks him in the eyes and say, “Aldo you are my son, and I am so proud to be your father – I love you son, just the way you are!” He still imparts manners and corrections and teaches him not to interrupt when people speak. He always catches him when he falls – because that is what a Father does to all His sons and daughters that He loves. Because of His perfect love in our hearts!

Abba said to me, “Retah, whatever you do to others, do it as unto Me. Just abide in My love, and I will do the rest. If you know My perfect love, you will love your children and other people like yourself, without expecting them to be perfect before you can love and accept them.”

We love you Abba, and thank you for teaching us this truth.

We have American friends visiting us this week. What a pleasure to share the beauty of our country with them. We all share in our love for YHVH.  Abba is saying to me, “I love them the way I love you, and I love you the way I love My Son, Yeshua – so whatever you do for them, do it as unto Me!”

Remember – whatever you surrender today, is your freedom tomorrow.

Surrender conditional love – and experience unconditional love!

Love to you.

Retah and family.

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